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    chris morris

    Hi present setup is fine tiguan with boot hoist for gogo scooter the 60%rear split down scooter goes In Fine Leaving The 40%free For Grand Child But My Second Granddaughter is Due Soon And I Need A Auto With Abigger Boot So I Can Have Rear Seats In Normal Place And Get Scooter In But All The Large Auto Suvs Are A Big Advance Payment Any SuggestionsCant t Order Next Car Till July Many Thanks

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    Would you think about a wheelchair accessible vehicle , this Citroen blaze XL  has the space you require . Not sure what you call expensive advanced payment’s a link to one of the companies that make WAV’s….


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    The ap on a wav are extortionate altho you can keep the car longer I believe.

    Your best bet might be hive the grants team a call and see if there is a possibility of some help, family is one of the criteria apparently but don’t hold your breath.

    At least there’s time for prices to change between now & then

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    How about Mitsubushi Outlander that’s quite generously sized. What do you mean by high ap’s one persons expensive is a Mother’s bargain.

    The MG HS is a very affordable car on the scheme too

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    Speak to Motability. If your situation requires a WAV, They can give a grant, means tested, and they can supply some preowned WAVs at nil deposit, Limited availability, but worth an ask

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    It’s the same rock and a hard place I find myself in every renewal time along with the automatic gearbox and the only way to get around it is the large SUV with it’s larger AP’s unfortunately or a plumbers van with nice seats but even those can be expensive AP wise.

    Grants might be a way forward but its something I’m hoping to avoid as I don’t like being cross examined about my needs and having to explain to folk who deal with disabled folk why I need to carry a fully assembled pavement scooter in the boot along with grand-kids in the back and why a zero AP electric car would not suffice. 😊😢

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    I found it cheaper, easier, and quicker to change the scooter that I was trying to get in the car, to a SupaScoota Sport, than change the car. Maybe worth a look for you as it can be folded or easily broken down into component parts. I’ve even seen it fit into the boot of a Smart ForTwo.

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    hi what a good idea about a foldable scooter i use the one in the car for hospital appointments and when shopping but still not cheap 2k + new could look secondhand I do like the look of the supascoota though thanks for the info and link I prefer to have no bigger car then the Tiguan if I can

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    There are 4 wheelchair accessible vehicles on the Motability scheme for around £1500 Advance Payment.

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    I hate having larger cars too but until Tardis type cars become a reality larger cars is the only way to carry a fully assembled pavement scooter.

    The fact that the scooter has to be loaded fully assembled sort of tells us something like “we can’t dismantle the scooter into it’s five component because of our disability.”

    I’ve test driven a folding scooter and the idea of a folding scooter with smaller car is an area I’ve looked at but I have some reservation about them in the way that more moving parts, parts that carry our full body weight, doesn’t look to me to be very stabled or reliable with something that’s used every day and gets knocked about in its use bearing mind that these sorts of scooters are a lot more expensive and unlikely to have any suspension than standard pavement scooter so the likelihood of more money for a product that doesn’t last as long as a cheaper product.


    Then again even a folding scooter you need full dexterity and balance to pull levers and sliders to get the scooter into an useable state and automatic folding scooters cost more than the AP would be on a Rolls Royce.😁

    Apart from getting a plumbers or electricians van a large MPV or SUV is the only way to go for me as thing stand at this moment in time.




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