Car Service Every Year?

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    Hi All,

    So I’ve just rang BMW to book my car in for a service, this is the second year end of my lease so it is my second service for my current BMW 218i. Due to Covid 19 I’ve only don’t about 7000 miles this year and so when talking to the lady taking details for my booking she asked me if my vehicle actually needed a service or if anything was showing on my dashboard.

    I just found this a little odd as I’ve always serviced my car once a year whether it’s a Motability car or not and thought this was just a normal thing to do?

    Am I correct in thinking my car is due for a service irrelevant of whether I’ve done 1000miles, 7000miles or 15000miles?

    Thank you

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    In this day and age service intervals are determined by milage and not simply time duration, so don’t worry, it’s normal

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    It depends which is met 1st miles or time?

    My old golf was put on a longlife service plan, after i did 10k in the first 6 months they did a mini service. Then it was 2 years or 20k miles, not one year or 10k. I did ring Mb and they said yep that was the case. So i called them when it was almost near 30k and I was about to drive across europe and back and they serviced it. The service manual might tell you, but not all cars have them thesedays.

    if you don’t do the miles the dealer prob will contact you like they do for the final mot 3 months before the lease should end.

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    My car is coming up to two years old next week and dealer rang last week to book it in for service this Friday.


    First year service was just to check all the nuts and bolts were still tight but at least on the coming service they should change the oil so doing something.

    I normally wait why they do the service but don’t fancy sitting in the showroom for two hours with a mask on so there collecting it.

    Car’s computer is saying service in 6 days but its only saying that because I set it up when I collected the car two years ago because that escaped the handover checks but important thing for we Motability customers is to get the service book stamped so make sure they do that.

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    I have always got a courtesy car, as i need a car to get about and do the daily stuff and they kept the car for most of the day on every service, i ever had on the scheme for the last 9 years and with 3 different dealers. The only time i ain’t is when i popped in for a wiper or for the mot, but last time they needed to do a software update and they said it would take 3 hrs at least to do just the update and then rear brakes needed changing also, then they did mot… So if i have to wait until, they have a car available, then i wait.


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    Courtesy car is not an option for me rox I’m afraid to say because the car is adapted for my disability and I’m yet to see a loaned car with those features.😁

    I dislike having the car taken away as you have to spend the rest of the day keeping a lookout for its return but this is the first time I’ve had it collected so I will see how it goes Friday.

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