Car search diary during lockdown

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    As I’ve now been given the go ahead by Motability to change vehicle, the daunting process of sourcing one during lockdown commences. I now need to join the exalted ranks of the SUV Owners Club having never owned nor driven such a vehicle before.

    Like a lot of you, my choice after some research, throws up most of the usual suspects: BMW X1, Audi Q3, Volvo XC40, VW Tiguan and Ford Kuga.

    I thought I would get the ball rolling last night and emailed the local dealers here in N Ireland of all these marques to enquire about stock availability of the models listed. I know most of you order from factory but I would be happy enough to find something from stock that ticks most of my boxes.

    3 of them replied early this morning:

    BMW: don’t keep any stock of X1 and would be 10-12 weeks for factory order

    Audi: 5 x Q3 S Line 35 TFSI 150 PS Manual (2 x Mythos Black, 1 x Glacier White, 1 x Daytona Grey and 1 x Navarra Blue) arriving within 2 weeks. £1599 AP (£99 online reserve)

    Volvo: 2 x XC40 T3 R Design auto (Thunder Grey Metallic and Glacier Silver). £2799 AP

    VW and Ford: no reply yet

    Not too much to be going on with but even so I think I would be well happy with any of those subject to a test drive.

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    When I picked up new vehicle in October I also did not receive a handover pack and also no owners manual thought it may have been due to pandemic so downloaded manual online.

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    How are you getting on with the kuga? Any niggles or issues? Comfortable?

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