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    Joe London

    Hi, a personal review of the BMW X1 Msport, 25D. Extras are led lighting, parking assist, adaptive suspension. In Estoril Blue.

    Previous Audi Q3…

    After 2 weeks, its nothing short of a chameleon, it really is a sports car, SAV/SUV, estate, and an old fashioned GT, it corners on rails, goes like a rocket, it knocks you back in the seat when fired, it is so nimble, point and shoot comes to mind, the power comes on like a turbine, you have to be careful on roundabouts, as it shoots off the line like Usain Bolt, it can catch dozy drivers off guard. The sports seats are certainly the most comfortable and fully adjustable, with electric lumber support to keep squeezed in when taking a fast corner.

    The ride floats over speed bumps, and is smooth as silk on 90% of roads i have tried it, in comfort mode with EDC, even the concrete section of the M25 it’s not too bad. The car is incredibly well insulated against noise, you only notice it when you open the window, as I did when Storm Doris was in full swing, couldn’t believe a full blown gale was going on, it was like the car was glued to the motorway, in sport mode, no buffeting or sense of losing connection with the road. The steering is very direct and a lovely car to ride in, and fun to drive, esp., on the motorway, where the power really comes into play.

    The interior is very premium finish, with the nice LED, cocktail bar lighting around the dash and doors.
    The boot is massive, and with hidden space for all my medical kit, hidden away underfloor, due to no spare wheel.
    The LED headlights are a superb, with a corner function to illuminate your turn, the led light signature at the rear is cool as well.

    It also came internet enabled as standard, which the sat nav uses data for traffic alerts, the sat nav is not too bad, and you can zoom out to see where you are on the planet, google earth style, it is about 90% as accurate in traffic compared to Waze or Google maps, due to their vast data collection and Waze aggressive routing Algorithm, as opposed to BMWs own. I don’t know why, as the car has internet, they just don’t hand it over to googles servers and be done with it. The internet is a bit of fun, while waiting for someone and you can’t find your phone, with news and weather reports and a basic browser.

    The infotainment system, is very good, I have a 32gb slim USB, with my tunes on it, and its responsive and sounds fine, it can connect to your phone as well, and has a decent DAB radio as well.
    There are other functions I have not explored yet.

    I still can’t get the hang of the key, as its massive, and not easy to keep in a pocket, it should have a stow slot or something, instead of slinging in the cupholder. I haven’t mastered the auto sense wipers, they seem to have a life of their own, like the Q3!!
    I Don’t like the parcel shelf, as it’s a two-piece system, and not easy to stow when removed, I think it should be a roller type.

    I modded the puddle lights to led projector and I like the bling effect for the gag, and changed the yellow indicators to silver coated, to make the headlight array uniform, the blink yellow, so OK, just no fried egg looks. I am looking to get some tints or sunblinds for the rear soon.

    Overall it’s great fun to drive, which my Q3 wasn’t, I look forward to jumping in and having a very long drive, I wasn’t sure of going for another SUV type, and was torn by the MB CLA, but I am very happy with my choice, and the deal I got from Snows of Portsmouth.

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    Thanks for such a good review Joe. I read it with particular interest as my X1 is due for collection in less than two weeks. I’m buzzing having read your thoughts on the actual driving experience. Cheers!

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    Joe London

    Pops, for some reason, I think the car needs a couple of days of good driving to settle it in, and to test your driving skills. You wont catch this car out. maybe its the tyres, but road noise goes, the suspension settles, driven sedately, its like a limo, but let the beast off, and wow!!

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    Good review Joe .?

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    Thanks for the good advice. I noticed the tyre noise on my test drive, but that was with 19 inch run flats. It’s good to know that it takes a couple of days to settle in. Thanks again for that.

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    Joe London

    Pops, I was to understand that the run flats were now a paid extra, I didn’t want a spare, as i wanted the extra space in the underfloor, they supply a mini compressor and tyre fill stuff, you are covered by motobility, as a priority, and you have BMW cover as well. I couldn’t lift the massive tyres anyway!!

    PS The car also comes with a red SOS button secreted on the interior light array, which triggers a priority call to BMW, and they coordinate, a rescue team, based on your GPS location.. assuming you can get a data signal, either that or its for the ejector seat!!!!

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