Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    6/3/2020      cars  on  scheme     2088     no  change

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    7/3/2020     cars  on  scheme      2080      Nissan   1  off  model   X-Trail  ////    Renault   7  off  model  Captur  ////

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    8/3/2020      cars  on  scheme       2080      no  change

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    9/3/2020      cars  on  scheme      2080      no   change.     Yet !

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    10/3/2020     cars  on  scheme      2081      Nissan    1  on    model    X- Trail

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    11/3/2020    cars  on  scheme      2089      Fiat    8  on    models   500c   5  on    Panda   3    on

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    12/3/2020     cars  on  scheme     2094     Fiat  1  on   model  500 c  ////Ford  1  off   model   S-Max  ////Nissan   2  on   model,s  Qashqai   1 on   X-Trail  1  on ////  Volvo  1  on   model  XC- 40  ////   Hyundai   2  on   model    Kona  ////

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    Yeah b4 xc40 is on but I see Motability have a mistake on the website, they have it diesel when it’s petrol, but never mind just glad it’s back! Even if it is in Henry Ford Black!

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    they don’t normal make a mistake

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    13/3/2020     cars  on  scheme      2094      no   change.

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    What is going on with Motability today now saying 2085, go on search 2094 then refresh back to 2085! Is it me that’s having a funny turn or them?!

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    The Zoe is back on the scheme, 6 of them.


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    13/3/2020    cars  on scheme     2085      Kia   16  off   model   Picanto  ////  Peugeot   2  on   model   208  ////  Renault   6  on   model    ZOE   ////  VOLVO    1  OFF   MODEL   XC-40  ////   yes  Vinnie   thecar search  has  been  updated 3.5  hours  late   if it hadent   been  for reading other  thread  we would not have  correct  numbers .  Thanks  Vinnie  you  saved  the  day.

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    You’re welcome James, you do a great job under difficult circumstances, Motability’s little person inside the computer must have been having a loooonnnngggg tea break 😂

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    You would think that with all the money they have at their disposal that Motability could at least get the computer search to work properly.

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    I didn’t think 🤔 the xc40 b4p would be on long.


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    Landyman   you  were right  it will be back on   in  4  months   no customers   old persons car .  going to be less old  people  about    lol.

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    And when it comes back on it will have a massive increase in AP

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    Jeff Schofield

    Wow the Zoe is very expensive compared to the Corsa-e and e-208. But cheaper to buy outside of the scheme.

    Don’t believe the 240+ range, so far tests have come back nearer to 200, plus it’s slow & very inefficient on the motorway!

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    The Zoe models listed on the Motability site bear no relation to those for sale on the official Renault site.

    Whoever is in charge of the database really does need a good rocket somewhere dark and personal.

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    The search is useless. Half the time if ypu search for 7+ seaters it ignores all the larger ones like Spacetourer, Traveller, Transporter etc if you then search specifically for those vehicles they show up but an indirect search is hopeless. I miss the good old days when you could download the entire list & search offline yourself.

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    14/3/2020   cars  on   scheme      2101      Kia    16  on     model    Picanto  ////

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    This is getting ridiculous. The same qty of models coming off one day are back on the next, or pretty soon after.
    The car search tool needs some serious maintenance from Motability. It’s bad enough trying to sort through what cars genuinely leave the scheme but these ‘ghost’ cars are making choosing the right car nigh on impossible.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Yes  it is hard  .What  will  it be  like  on quarter  change ?

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    15/3/2020      cars  on  scheme      2101      no  change      Yet !

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