Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    Which Mobility Car

    Thursday 15th July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1400      Change +5

    Toyota +5

    Toyota Aygo 71bhp petrol +5



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    Which Mobility Car

    Friday 16th July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1388      Change -12

    Citroen -1

    Berlingo XL 1.2 110 petrol manaul ‘Feel’ removed £895AP


    Peugeot -11

    Rifter (sister car to Berlingo) Removed from Scheme


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    Are we seeing the fewest number of cars on the scheme?

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    with a shortfall of cars available i suppose they will give priority to cash customers

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    Ray Penn

    It’s not a great surprise that the scheme is in a bit of a mess.  We have an almost perfect storm.

    Income from the charitable side is down due to the pandemic.  There is a worldwide chip shortage (allegedly).  Manufacturers can’t run at full capacity due to staff shortages caused by the pandemic – anyone seen the headline from Nissan in Sunderland?    Some manufacturers have put APs at ridiculously high levels in order to keep vehicles on the scheme but knowing that the majority of us don’t have £4k+ available, it suppresses sales and allows them to meet delivery targets.  We still need to sign post Brexit trade deals with several car producing countries; including China, Brazil, South Korea, and the United States.  This causes uncertainty on pricing.  Everything coming in to Great Britain from the EU needs extra paperwork and this is on a per vehicle basis for factory orders.  PIP assessments are ridiculously behind schedule due to the pandemic, so new claimants are waiting longer than ever.  Personally I have been waiting for more than 13 months!

    Hopefully things will get back to normal soon but we cannot use our own metrics on when that will be.  The pandemic will continue for at least the next two years in one form or another thanks to the incredibly slow roll-out of vaccines globally.  I’d like to think that Motability could do something about it but I think we all know that, in reality, that ain’t going to happen.

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    I think that’s a very fair analysis Ray.  Like all sectors of society, we have to ride out the storm. There are others worse off..

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    Which Mobility Car

    Saturday 17th July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1388      No Change


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    Only 17 days ago, Motability were proudly boasting the following in their ‘news’ section dated 1st July 2021:

    Latest prices for the Motability Scheme

    Who said a week is a long time in Politics? Well, two weeks and three days is an eternity on the Motability Scheme it seems.

    I wonder if the number of vehicles available can (will?) go even lower?

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    this quarters motability list of new cars  available

    1 manual and 1 automatic

    will the list ever increase again

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    …and that will be a three wheeler in blue.😁😥

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    …and that will be a three wheeler in blue.😁😥

    Metallic paint free of charge 👍

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    1387 now so 1 as just been removed

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    Has anyone ask them why the quality available has went down  and why it so frequently





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    Ray Penn

    Apparently it’s “commercially sensitive”.

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    What does that mean

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    Glos Guy

    Whilst there are chip issues etc that doesn’t fully explain the full magnitude of the drop. It used to be over 4,000 cars! The way that the scheme is going I can see our new car being the last we get from Motability, which would be a shame. We really struggled this time and of the cars on our shortlist only one ticked almost every box. I can see that choice being even harder in 3 years time. £10k sacrificed benefits plus AP plus cost of options to get the spec you want is a big outlay for something that is a compromise.

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    That’s why I extended my lease Glos Guy . I’ve got another two year’s to save for a car or hope motability get BEV’s on that suits my needs and I like.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Sunday 18th July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1387      Change -1

    Fiat +1

    Tipo Cross hatchback 1.0 petrol manual £995 Advance Payment


    Vauxhall -2

    Astra -1 petrol

    Corsa -1 petrol



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    Which Mobility Car

    Monday 19th July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1387      No Change

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    I’m seriously considering leaving the scheme and buying myself a used Lexus SUV.  With these APs and the lack of choice it’s not easy to stay.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Tuesday 20th July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1387      No Change


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    I have just spoken to my VW dealer as I was going to start the process of replacing my Tiguan for another one, and he said that VW informed dealers last night that all Golfs, T-Rocs and Tiguan will be pulled from Motability this quarter, because of chip shortages.

    I have no reason to doubt him, but if it’s not right then don’t shoot the messenger!!

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    I’m beginning to get frustrated now with car shortages, micro chips, covid, Brexit etc… what an absolute shambles Great Britain has become.

    The cars available are outrageous, and AP’s are also, outrageous. I’m due to renew, this is my third extension, next May will be the 5th year and why, because sod all has become available that suits my needs.

    I think Mota need to have a sit down and think about how things are going to be managed moving forward. The relationships with dealers are so negative towards us also, it’s just got 💩 all of a sudden.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Wednesday 21st July  –  Vehicles on the Scheme – 1380       Change -7

    Skoda -7

    Skoda Karoq, 5 petrol and 2 diesel removed, no longer on Scheme. Karoq is due a Mid life upgrade.


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    Road to sub 1000 begins

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