Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    Thank you for all the info. Nice fact of the day, and so true about that heated windscreen. A lot of lives saved by Volvo.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Sunday 22nd November 1713 vehicles listed. No change.

    Fact free Sunday.

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    Every time I see its fact free Sunday I can’t believe how fast the weeks gone

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes time goes so fast Aberdeen Angus beef today done in slow cooker with roast potatoes Brussels carrots broccoli mustard glass of cider cheese cake for pudding

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Monday 23rd November 1713 vehicles listed. No change.

    Fact of the Day

    There are 30 different manufactures on the Scheme offering 142 different vehicles. Ford and VW both offer the greatest choice with 10 different vehicles, Ford at an average of 27 choices per vehicle and VW at just 7.2.  Mitsubishi offer 4 different vehicles at an average of 3 per vehicle but Abarth win the smallest ratio prize with 1 vehicle in 1 choice.

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    It’s strange that Abarth stopped selling the cabrio version and also the automatic option in both models, even though they are well under the price cap.

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    Hi Gordon Abarth uk told me motability would not accept the insurance group 30 that  turismo is now in automatic as the 145 bhp is still on the scheme is group 29 insurance and Abarth stopped selling that in automatic and for the people on here that want Tesler on the scheme even the basic version is in insurance group 48 the res are in group 50 so they will never be on the scheme unless they produce a mini cheaper type car.


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    its cheaper to get an Abarth off the scheme. just buy a Kinder Surprise Egg.

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    Ah OK, thanks daveblue, that explains it. Yes, I will buy a few Kinder eggs and see if I can get one from that LOL.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Tuesday 24th November 1741 vehicles listed. Increased by 28, all petrol.

    Kia +28

    Picanto +13

    Rio + 8

    Stonic +7

    Picanto see a new 1.0 litre engine with lower CO2 output and power, now 66bhp, the 99bhp is now an option on the GT-Line

    The Rio and Stonic get the new 1.0 litre 48v mild hybrid engine with 118bhp as a six seed manual or 7 speed dual clutch Auto. Sadly it comes with a price hike too, the Rio that was £399 AP with the old 118bhp engine is now £899 with the new mild hybrid one.

    The Stonic gets a new range of trim lines and a bit of a mid life pep up, which again attracts a premium, prices now range from £399 – £2499 AP that used to be Nil – £749 AP.


    Fact of the Day 

    Kia was founded in December 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry, In 1952, they changed to Kia Industries. Kia went bust in 1997, during the Asian financial crisis. In 1998 Hyundai acquired 51% of the company, outbidding Ford. Huyndai now own a 33.8% stake in Kia.

    Kia has four plants in South Korea, as well as plants in Mexico, Vietnam, Slovakia, USA, China, India and Pakistan. Together they produce 2.8 million vehicles annually.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Wednesday 25th November 1741 vehicles listed. No Change


    Fact of the Day 

    Ralph Teetor, the man who invented cruise control was blind.

    Teetor’s driver had a habit of varying his speed based on whether or not he was speaking, which caused inconsistencies. In response, Teetor began working on an automotive speed control device. He received a patent for the “Speedostat” in 1945. The device was later renamed “Cruise Control,”

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    I vary my speed based on whether or not MrsW is talking at me…

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