Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    Thanks from me as well James. Enjoy the Audi.

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    James, sorry to see you go, as your daily updates have usually been my first point of call on the forum.

    Have a happy retirement.

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    thank you James for everything, all the best!

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    Mornings well done James Ill do the updates from now what I do how do get nunvbers

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    Happy retirement James.

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    Martinod   So  you  are  the  chosen  one!  on  this site you have  always  tried  to help  other s  in  my  opinion .  27/10/2020   cars  on  scheme     1652     Skoda  8  on  model   FABIA.  I  will get back to you sometime  to-day,  Get  your  self  1  large  jotter  i  medium  jotter  packet  of  pens  and a ruler .

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    Which Mobility Car

    On the one occasion I covered for James, I constructed an excel spreadsheet that I am more than happy to share.

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    Hi james

    Strangely I did not write that ,

    i wounder if it’s s difference

    Martinod Because I have noticed a few times that Martino has writen  something and iv thought I don’t remember writing that


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    Thank you James you for your hard work, like many on here it’s the first thing I check in the morning.

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    Thank  you all for  your  kind  words  and  support  for  my  thread .May  I  wish  you  all  well and  keep  safe.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I’ll get my excel spreadsheet updated so we won’t miss any number changes.

    Thank you again James, this thread remains yours and is here if you find retirement is not for you.

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    Thanks  wmcforum  i know that you are busy  with caring  duties but  i do need  time out so  thank  you.

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    Which Mobility Car

    James, you could have given me the heads up on the hidden Transporters and Vauxhall Vivaro. Took me an age to get the numbers to balance. LOL

    You have a little relax, I’ve got this. Hopefully!

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    Well  done  i am impressed.

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    Thank you James for a job well done. Enjoy your retirement

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    Lord Muc

    James, well done. You have been so helpful to me, and others, and like others, you were the first post I checked when visiting the site. Cheers and thank you.

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    @wmcforum, big shoes to fill my friend, I’m sure James will be watching and marking you out of ten lol.

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    The  5-4  Vivario  any  body  would have a problem  with  the  Shuttle  you  would  have got right away . Driving  down to Cornwall  with  the  Beach Boys  blaring  out Surfing  USA.

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    To Cornwall, James? In your Little Deuce Coup, no doubt.

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    Tharg  not  me  but  wmcforum!

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    Which Mobility Car

    Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 1652 vehicles on scheme – No Change

    Fact of the day:

    Kia are the only manufacturer on the Scheme to offer a vehicle in every power option: diesel, petrol, hybrid, plug-in and electric.

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    Sorry, James. Misunderstood your post.

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    wmcforum thanks for taking over are you going to have a new fact of the day every day , that’ll be interesting but  maybe hard for you

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    Love the Fact of the day

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    Fact of the day – brilliant idea. Love it. Hope it is not too much work.

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