Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    mitch  leave  it  with  me  get  back  to you  tomorrow .  The  last bargain  imho  was the  Volvo  V-40  at  £199  ap  no  longer on scheme.

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    mitch  that did not take very  long  less  cars  than  normal  i  could  not  find a bargain.  But  one that stood  out  was the  Vauxhall  Astra  1.4  Turbo  Elite  nav  Auto  Ap  £3749 !  They  must  be  having a laugh?

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    mitch that did not take very long less cars than normal i could not find a bargain. But one that stood out was the Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Turbo Elite nav Auto Ap £3749 ! They must be having a laugh?

    James, as you probably know, prior to the takeover of GM Europe (including Vauxhall), the Vauxhall Astra automatic used to be a cheap ‘staple’ on the Motability scheme and sold by the bucket-load for many years.

    The cynic in me thinks the new owners, PSA, are deliberately over-pricing Vauxhall vehicles in an attempt to move sales to their more ‘French’ badged/produced vehicles.

    PSA can then claim that Vauxhall are no longer selling as many vehicles, so it is becoming un-economic to continue having plants in the UK.

    In other words – a prelude to the closure of Vauxhall in the UK.

    Or am I just being a tadge too cynical?

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    BigDave I agree with all of that and I like the way you think

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    No  BigDave  i agree with you wholeheartedly .

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    @mitch Well, given that a “bargain” is in the eye (or wallet) of the beholder, I did a selective search on the scheme for APs of 0-250 quid. Dunno if they’re bargains but there are some Golfs and Leons for 250 or less. There’s at least one Octavia (so long as you don’t want a quick engine) and, surprisingly, there are some quite adequate Minis. Stretch the upper figure to £500 and you can get a 2.0L Cooper S auto. Other end of scale (if you can manage a manual box), zero AP will get you a 1.5 Cooper. OK, they come without all the knobs and bells and whistles, but still seem some value for the dosh.

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    ah but tharg at least mini’s do come with knobs and buttons lol.

    i cant be doing with all that touchy feely screen nonesense.

    i have been quite impressed with some of skoda’s offerings (bring back the yeti), my brother in law had a succession of them as company cars, a yeti, a octavia and last time a superb. he raved about them.

    £3749 for an astra that must be a misprint.

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    Mitch – agree re the touchy screen. Try to avoid the Mini one myself. Gods know what the Golf one is like. Others here say it’s impossible, even dangerous, and won’t take voice inputs (Mini is the same, tried talking to her but, like most ladies, she just ignores me).

    Agree about Skoda. Had two Superbs, one Dieselgate model, one 2.0L petrol with 230ish bhps. V quick and V comfy. Scheme’s Supe’s today are woefully underpowered. Hence the Cooper S – only thing to match their performance.

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    my countryman has the voice input thingy for the satnav i havent even looked at it i just spin the dial much more satisfying. the rest of the stuff i ignore unless something goes wrong. my music i have on a usb and i use the satnav thats it. my phone gets switched off when i get in the car so unless i want to listen to test match special the rest doesnt get used lol.

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    Yes  there  are  cars on scheme that are value for money i  like the  Mini Cooper S.  I did the search only  looking  at  auto,s as that what i require now .   The  0- 250  not that  many  auto,s   but i would be able to get a car that would get me from a to b .  Some people struggle to afford  cars in even the lowest range .Some  of  the  cars  that are value for money are at the high  Ap  range but i still have  not found a  BARGAIN ! But  if anybody  knows of one please  let every  on the Forum  know.  BigDave  i  did not take into consideration  the money  of  Aps that you and other  posters  find thank,s for that.  I picked up my Audi A1 S Line Special Style Edition  S Tronic  on the 18/o6/2020  Have done  only  420 miles  so far thank,s  to this bloody  COVID.

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    22/10/2020     cars  on  scheme     1637     Audi   12  off  model   Q2.

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    James, the Audi Q2 stayed on the list longer than I expected.

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    Mitch – can’t get my voice thingey to work at all. Don’t use radio or music thing or satnav and I don’t have a mobile so it’s  not really vital. However, would like to tell it to close message on touch screen which comes on to tell me that I’ve turned off (or on?) Traction Control. Think I’ll probably turn off the centre screen altogether. Simpler and safer.

    James – give it a week and there will be no Audis left on scheme. Shame, seem like decent motors. How’s your by the way? I know 400ish miles isn’t really enough to tell but does it go as well as I suspect it might?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Lets hope the facelift Q2 comes back on quicker than the new A3. It’s a top seller for Motability, especially for under 25’s.

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    According to Motability the A3 isn’t coming back

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    Lord Muc

    James, looking for a bargain are you including the GCB, and any discount you can get.

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    Think  AUDI  might be tight  with  there  discounts  to motability ?

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    Lord Muc  hi  how would you include  your  GCB  getting  £ 600  pounds  from  motability  and spending  it on  a car does not  or would  not in my opinion  count as a bargain  but  discount  that is another story. What  bargain  have you spotted  ?

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    Tharg  yes  it goes well  i am not spinning  wheels  at junctions any more in auto  but i drive it in  Dynamic  mode  most of  time but do need  more miles on clock  not me but  the car. It looks good in the garden with the  bronze  Wheels lol.

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    Good to hear, James. With that amount of bhps up front there’s going to be some scrabbling. Spinning fronts was about the only fault I could say my Superb had. The Mini, however, just refuses to scrabble, despite its light weight and bhps. It’s only a “software” LSD but it works brilliantly. I’ve now got about 1,400 miles on clock and things are easing a bit. Suspension is easier in both hard and soft settings and the engine spins more smoothly.

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    Hi landyman there is some good  Q2s  left  on  if or when they come off i do not  know.

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    Audi  last year had  90  odd  cars on scheme.  Will they  get to that figure again ?

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    I doubt it Jamesg but what’s your opinion mate?

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    John  hi  no  I do not think that Audi  will even get to 45  cars on in the future  A1  Q2  A3  all  with smaller engines  no  A4  no  Quattro !

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    23/10/2020     cars  on  scheme     1643     Honda  8  on  model  Civic  ////  Vauxhall   2  off   model   Grandland   X

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