Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    That’s true James.

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    Brydo  great  to  have  you  back  hope  you  and  the Mrs  are  well.

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    I’m good James but covid is driving the wife crazy, even though she hardly goes over the door. She listens to the blessed Nicola Sturgeon (lol) every night to hear how many are infected and the rising numbers are affecting her mental health.

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    16/10/2020     cars  on  scheme     1649      Vauxhall  3  on   model   Crossland  X  ////  Volkswagon   11   on  model  Tiguan  ////

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    Woah. Return of the Tiggy!

    And Elegance trim. That’s new. 👏👏

    Thanks James. Hope you’re doing good. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Thanks Wayne  not to good  thanks  for posting  on the Tiguan  thread .  Just a little bit  annoyed  that  nobody from that thread  including  wmc  had  bothered  looking  at  cars on scheme today thread  posted at 6.55  this  morning!

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    Sorry to read that mate. Sending well wishes to you.

    Don’t read too much into that James. It’s very possible that people only had time to check one post or that a notification for that thread was keeping it going. By far, yours must be the most viewed thread and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say one of, if not the, most important to us, especially with the daily erratic changes that Motability make.

    I always turn notifications off because I don’t like my inbox going crazy so when I respond to people, it’s because I’m checking the chat. Plus yours is the first post I check. 😂

    Take care mate. And I truly hope things pick up for you👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Tig back on .Good news for those drooling over the Wolfsburg wagon. But quite a hike in prices some good level of specs too
    Good hunting (Waidmannsheil)

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    Which Mobility Car

    Thanks Wayne not to good thanks for posting on the Tiguan thread . Just a little bit annoyed that nobody from that thread including wmc had bothered looking at cars on scheme today thread posted at 6.55 this morning!

    I’m sorry James, while I try my best, sometimes mornings can be a bit of a pinch point in my life.

    Not helped this morning by someone, who will remain nameless, deciding to pour some washing up liquid into the dishwasher to get rid of the smell!


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    Foam Party!! 🎉🎆🎇✨🤿😑

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    I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to James for all the work he does. Truthfully, before I started reading this thread I still believed that advance payments and particular vehicles on the scheme only changed once a quarter. It has been a revelation that they can (and do) change daily! So, thanks again James!

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    I, like many others I’m sure, check this thread daily…. all the others I’ll glance at the subject line to see if it’s worth reading right away or it can wait till later

    Jamesg you’re a star 🌟 👏👏👏

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    17/10/20    cars  on  scheme    1649     no  change.

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    any body know when the new Peugeot 3008/5008 will come back on mobility 

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    18/10/2020     cars  on  scheme    1649     no  change.

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    19/10/2020    cars  on  scheme      1649     no  change.

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    Thank you James. Good morning matey boy.  👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Cheers, James.Much appreciated. Been a bit, er, occupied is the best word, I suppose, as you know. May need to scan the lists actively depending on how quickly Madam’s 15 in incision heals. Worried that Mini suspension might be a bit much. So, probably a Golf..?

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    20/10/2020   cars  on  scheme     1649     no  change.

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    Tharg   A class   MERC  220 D   AMG  LINE  AUTO  or  the  BMW  3  series  2.0  so  get  saving  or  while  you are  looking  at  the  golf   have  a look  at  the   T- ROC .  Dont   rule  out  the  MINI  just  get  the  4  wheel  drive  model  better  ride .

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    Thanks, James. The 220D is a surprising find, buried away in the middle of the A-series listing. Didn’t think it was on list at all!  T-Roc was short-listed last time. Beemer v tempting but worry about ride. Would probably have had the 4×4 Mini if it had been on list when I ordered last time. IF, quite a big IF, I do need softer ride I’m going to take serious test drives in the actual car I want. Madam T might be ejected from hospital this p.m. so I’ll set the Cooper on boring-soft-not-bumpy setting and see how it goes.

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    Pleased to say that Madam is now home. Obviously knackered but coping well. Cooper probably staying with us – no complaints about ride home over Worthing’s pothole switchback. Perhaps there really is a “soft” setting in the beast.

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    Glad you have madam  back spoil  her  which i,am sure you  are doing.  So  pleased for  you both.

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    21/10/2020    cars  on  scheme      1649   no  change.

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    thanks jamesg, my first port of call each day lol.

    ignoring any personal needs is there a sleeper on the scheme at the mo that represents real value for money in your opinion.

    personally i have to say i havent really found something in the last year that ive thought thats a bargain.

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