Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    not one auto fiesta

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    turbocatt hi nobody  seems  intrested  unless  it,s  a Volvo,  BMW,  or  Merc.  Ford  put  on  104  cars  and  you are  the only one to comment  on it good  to see you post. Hope  your  keeping well.

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    James I bet a great number of the lurkers are interested, many are helped by your thread, and others, but don’t actually post anything. That’s the way I started by just reading and then I took the jump and never looked back.

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    104 fords on, not a single auto available to u25s, cracking news

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    Was going to flag up the lack of Fiesta automatics but Turbocatt beat me to it. Interesting to note that the Fizzy is one of the few cars actually still available with two doors which many of us find makes it easier to get in and out. Understand that they handle very well but 9 secs is pretty slow to get to 60. Which, together with lack of an auto, is why there’s a Mini on my drive and not a Fiesta.

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    My first motability car was an Auto Fiesta back in 2003.

    It was a right lemon.

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    tharg, beat me to that point theres a lack of 3 door cars full stop. much easier to get in and out of and then when they do appear no autos. same for the puma no autos.

    given most usa cars are autos nowadays i find it bizzare that ford dont have autos on their initial launches they only come out months later.

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    15/8/2020    cars  on  scheme    1970    Skoda    10   on  model   Octavia.

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    16/8/2020    cars  on  scheme     1970    no  change.

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    Thanks jamesg 😊 I lurk and check daily. Hoping for some more electric cars on the scheme with a bit more range.

    Totally unsuitable for us but I love the Honda e!

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    Came across a couple of examples of how other Countries are encouraging EV use.

    Germany have a €9,000 (£8144) grant as well as other generous enhancements. So good is the arrangement that a Renault dealer there is offering the EV version of the Zoe on a 2 year lease for nil upfront charge and nil monthly payment. You would have to pay for insurance and breakdown cover.

    Not quite so good in France only a €7,000 (£6,334) upfront grant. But you can still get a lease deal on a Zoe for £79 per month.

    Makes the UKs £3000 grant look a wee bit anaemic dont you think?

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    Thanks  Ellie hope something  comes on that suits  sooner  rather than later.

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    Daf  Hi  wonder  if  charging points  are  more or less  in  the above mentioned  countries  compared to the UK.

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    17/8/2020    cars  on  scheme     1970      no  change.

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    hi james i just went on to motability to look at cars there (1pm)  and there was 1,970 cars available so they added a few extra since this morning

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    1,970 🤔 isn’t that what he said and has been the same for 3 days now 🧐🤷‍♂️

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    well that made me laugh , sorry about that james i must have been sleeping , think i should get my eyes tested

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    18/8/2020     cars  on  scheme      1962     Arbarth    1  off   model   595  ////    Toyota   7  off  model  Pro-Ace  Verso.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    What a shame to see the Abarth disappearing ☹️
    Thanks, as ever, for posting James.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Thanks, as ever, for all your work, James. Sad to see yet another interesting vehicle disappear.  The Abarth sounded completely impractical but potentially enjoyable.

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    Maybe they’ll put the competitzione 180bhp version on again? It was on briefly a few years back. I have an Abarth now on the scheme, great fun but very impractical lol

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Shaine, they sound amazing. Very nice. 🤜🤛

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    How does this work….

    Honda civic not listed on the mobility site anymore, but still showing available to order through Honda mobility site?? Which one is correct??

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    Carl contact your local dealer they will be able to advise if you can still order the Civic.

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    Anything fun and sporty is being removed.

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