Car numbers on the Motability Scheme today

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    Which Mobility Car

    It retains the 1949 on mine when I go through the pages (page 2, 3 ,4 etc) – am using Firefox on win-10 if that helps any. As I postecd above, it only reverts back to 1930 for me whenever I try to change the search to get it to price with the WPMS prices!

    Thanks @bigdave, a cache clear did the trick.

    I have reported this issue to Motability but as they are working from home it could prove problematic. To be honest I have reported it on a number of occasions, but the fact that it now affects WPMS should add some gravitas.

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    good cause this list is so bland nothing exciting

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    Throughout the day it looks like one dealer is giving false information to some people whilst telling others not to expect the new one for another 2/3 years.

    My Shuttle had a build week of 13 (March 23rd)

    VW UK emailed me to say that the build was at confirmed status. (No idea what phase that is) as others have been told if its on the production line.

    I ordered a Shuttle last year and that got cancelled because of the new version, so I panicked a little.


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    5/6/2020    cars  on  scheme   1949    no  change   yet.            We  have hidden cars on the car  search     3   Volkswagon   Transporter  and   20   Renault   Traffic,s   of  which  4  are  visible.

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    Jamesg AKA “The car number whisperer” great to have you back.

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    Thanks  Brydo  and  everyone  who posted  and  was glad to see the return of the car search however  disjointed  it is.

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    Message to jamesg…. on the Motability car search it’s listing only 11 xc40’s….. on Volvos own site there appears to be more.

    Just my little input – glad you’re back sir !

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    6/6/2020     cars  on scheme     1949      no  change.

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    all audi’s have been removed,  dealers are not open as yet?

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    My  Audi  dealership  has  been open  since Monday.

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    Bryan  it  will sort itself  out  ?  Unless  they  have  motability    Ref   number  you  cant  order.   Glad  you  are  posting  keep up the good work.

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    7/6/2020    cars on scheme   1949    no change  yet.

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    8/6/2020      cars  on  scheme     1949     no  change.

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    9/6/2020      cars  on  scheme    1934      DS    15   off    model,s   DS3  Crossback   11  off    DS7  Crossback   4  off       At this  moment  DS  is off the scheme ?

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    It’s ironic, I’d just settled on the DS electric, no doubt it will come back at a much higher price.

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    The complete removal could be a prudent one, the negotiation teams would be just about finalised in readiness for Q3. so DS may of asked for removal so no confusion if AP are to change, they will either reappear with new price changes applied or maybe wait until Q3. As negotiating is finalised this week (as motability send the magizune to print 2 weeks before) expect a few changes from now until then.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    That makes sense JS. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    It’s been happening as long as I’ve been following this forum… entire ranges disappear for a few days then reappear with a different AP

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    10/6/2020      cars  on   scheme     1934     no  change.

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    10/6/2020     2nd   edition.     Vauxhall    7   off  model   Insignia  Grand   Sport .

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    11/6/2020    cars  on  scheme      1927     no  change  yet.

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    12/6/2020      cars   on  scheme      1927     no   change   yet.       This number  includes   16   Renault   Traffic  Passenger,s   and   3  Volkswagon    Shuttle,s .    These  cars  can  only  be  accessed   through  the first   car  search  and  not  the  advanced  search.

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    looks like Dacia gone too, should you want one.


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    no sorry….. looking at automatics none in the Dacia duster range


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    13/6/2020     cars  on  scheme     1927     no  change  yet.

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