Car numbers on scheme today

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    A class  220d

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    hi jamesg

    missing your daily new cars on the scheme there now a problem getting these.


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    He’s back tomorrow. See his replynon April 1st 😉

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    9/4/2019  cars on scheme   2099    no change  from yesterday

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    10/4/2019  cars on scheme  2099    no change

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    11/4/2019   cars on scheme   2101    Kia  2 on  model  Ceed

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    I’ ordered a nissan on motability and i was given between 4 to 5 weeks, is that normal since it’s coming from Sunderland?

    My concern is that it could be sat in one of their showroom.

    Thanks for replying

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    cooliodz that’s perfectly normal, actually compared to other manufacturers a very good lead time.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    HI cooliodz  six weeks ago asked dealership  lead time for Qashqai  tenka  +   they said join the queue about four months

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    12/4/2o19   cars on scheme  2079  Volkswagon    22  off   models  golf  2  off   golf  sv  3  off  polo  5  off   t roc  2 off  tiquan  1 off  up  9 off

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    cooliodz – My Juke was exactly 5 weeks for delivery, unfortunately the car was less impressive than the speed of delivery. My replacement SEAT Leon is 16 to 20 weeks.

    jamesg – I wonder if VW are trying to stem demand a bit to try and keep waiting times down. I’ve also noticed some price changes since the Q2 list was issued, I’d have thought they’d have had things nailed down properly when they have fixed deadlines. Or maybe it’s symptomatic of the way Motability customers are looked down on by dealers and manufacturers.

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    Wardy, give an example of a price change by VW. Up or down?


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    Persuader, the price increase I noticed wasn’t VW. One of the SEAT’s I was considering went up £300 yesterday.

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    Ouch! Sorry to hear that.

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    Hi  WardyGTC    It is quite common for manufactures to be slow to get their lists in order for the quarter  most are still trying to catch up on back orders  their ideas of fixing problem  is to have a shut down and threaten workers with p 45 s  in truth probably  planned  maintenance  or waiting for complaint  engines

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    Hi WardyGTC £300 is a lot hope Volvo V40  R line  was not on your list  up over £1400  this quarter  Look  at  my post  on this thread   on 23 rd  March hope you manage to get a car that you want !

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    13/4/2019   cars on scheme   2059  DS  10  on   model DS  3 crossback  NEW on   Ford  30  off  C  Max  13  off    Grand  C  Max  16  off Seat  1  off  Tarraco  1  off

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    Cheers James 👍


    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    14/4/2019   cars on scheme    2059   no change

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    15/4/2019  cars on scheme   2059     no change

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    16/4/2019    cars on scheme  2058  Vauxhall  1 off    model  Corsa

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    17/4/2019   cars on scheme   2056   Mercedes  Benz   2  off    model   B- class

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    James, its not just 2 B class Mercs off they have changed them all to the new one with the fancy dashboard screens. One for me to go and have a play with as my Mrs can get in the B class rather than the too low A class.

    BTW thanks for your commitment to keeping us updated

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    18/4/2019    cars on scheme  2056   no change

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    19/4/2019   cars  on scheme   2084   Audi  3  on  model A 1      Citreon   1  off    model  C 4  Tourer  1 on   Space  tourer  2  off    Kia   1  on   model  Picanto    Toyota   25  on   models  Corrolla  18  on   CHR  1 on   RAV  4   6  on

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