Car numbers on scheme today

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    Hi catturbo  no movement  since Sunday  i was thinking of putting no change  on days of no movement lets see what this week brings if no change then the IT guy must be on holiday it has given me time to look at the WAVs shocked  to find AP of  £48705

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    15/2/2019    cars on scheme  2160    no  change

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    thanks jamesg


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    16/2/2019     cars on scheme     2160      no  change   conspiracy  theories  welcome

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    17/2/2019    cars on scheme   2160   no   change

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    18/2/2019   cars  on  scheme   2160    no   change

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    19/2/2019    cars on scheme  2179     Citreon  2    on    Nissan    14   on   Suzuki    3   on

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    happy to see back to normal jamesg


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    I had always thought the the quarters list, was fixed for the quarter, hence, the quarter i’m due to order, i’ll look at the start, and begin my selection process.  It is only through this site that i’ve realised that isn’t the case!  Hopefully, i’ll remember next time!

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    yes catturbo  lets hope something comes on that will bring a smile to our faces

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    JS (justsaying)

    It’s been a while now but manufacturers have been able to negotiate getting cars on mid quarters and obviously cars go off because of availability/discontinued etc, what is better is some manufacturers have managed to get cars on the scheme pre production availability and straight away, where as before they Usually didn’t appear until at least 3 months later.


    can I just say a big Thank-You from the forum. We appreciate the time you take to keep our members and lurkers alike informed, your time and effort may well make a difference to someone’s decision that effects thier next 3 years, dealerships are often behind the times and unaware of vehicles added so your updates are gratefully received, I personally like to see your updates and be able to check which models have been added.

    Thank you


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    hi FloozW  hope you managed to get a car that you like   8 years ago i did not have a computer or smart phone  ended up with Honda Civic  1.8 basic trim  then BMW  120 d  sport   then  BMW  120d  x drive  wanted the  X1  25d  but couldnot afford  the  advanced payment if i go into a car showroom i suffer from shiny metal syndrome  since finding this site have a lot more confidence in my selections   there is a one man crusade  for electric cars and has nearly convinced me or should i say brainwashed  me    so much information from other posters if you ask great site

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    Thanks  JS

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    20/2/2019   cars on scheme  2171   Seat   1   on    Vauxhall   9   off

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    21/2/2019  cars on scheme  2175  Citroen  3   off   Ford  6   on  Honda  1  off  Renault  2  on

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    22/2/2019    cars on scheme   2166   Citroen  9   off

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    23/2/2019   cars on scheme   2169    Vauxhall   3   on

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    sits here hoping the kia proceed appears on the scheme, I will take up my early termination offer of my 32mpg 1.5 bmw 318… its awful mpg

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    ProCeed is an excellent car.

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    24/2/2019    cars on scheme    2169     no    change

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    Hi  Rico    the Pro – Ceed    will be  a good addition  to the scheme   hopefully  it will appear  soon as usual we will have to wait to see what trims they put on  the GT trim  was on scheme on old model  but came off when cap on BHP  200 came in the Pro – Ceed  GT  has    201 BHP  I will definitely be looking out for it the GTline  S looks good lets hope that the Aps are reasonable  !

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    25/2/2019     cars on scheme  2169  no  change

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    26/2/2019    cars  on  scheme   2164   Mazda   5   off

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    27/2/2019   cars on scheme    2174   Suzuki   1  on    Volkswagon    9   on

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    i see Vw golf gtd removed?

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