Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    It’s the first thing I look at when I view the forum, which is most days, please keep it up, it’s great thank you James

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    The  thread will continue . The  numbers far exceeded  what i expected . Thanks  WMC .  Another  two  years   will complete  the cycle .  Before hopefully // not getting  any  younger \\  Starting the next  cycle  !  Genuine thanks  to every one on the forum and hope  what car you want  comes on . Special  thanks  to  JS, WMC  ,POPS ,  BRYDO,   And  Catturbo   he was the one  that asked  if i could put on THE  MODELS ! jamesg

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    I’ve been following this forum for a while now but especially this thread, I’ve only just registered so I can say please don’t stop as it makes it so much easier to see any changes rather than have to scroll through their web site ourselves.

    I’m due to change next June and can’t tell you how excited I was to see 2 more electric models on the scheme.

    Not sure yet if there’s a bit to introduce myself but for your info, 29 years in a chair, only came back on the scheme in 2014, on my 2nd Nissan Leaf and doing 20k a year in it.


    Stephen but get called Rhodgie (pronounced “road-G” or “row-G” as started by my niece before she learned to speak 😂)

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    22/11/2019     cars  on  scheme    2100    Peugeot   6  on   models   3008   2  on    5008  2  on    Traveller   2  on.

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    Which Mobility Car

    James, any time you want/need a break I am happy to stand in for you. I just need a few hours notice so I can update my spreadsheet.

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    Which Mobility Car


    The ‘Car history’ thread is a good way to introduce yourself.
    We are all a little fascinated by electric cars here and would love to hear the ramblings of an expert, the good, bad and charging challenges of an electric car driver. Welcome, and we should step off James’ thread. Lol

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    Yes  thanks .  And  to think  that i thought the traffic  through  the thread  was about  six  or seven .

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    Superb job by our main man James. Cheers.

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    Steady Pops or he’ll be wanting paid lol.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    23/11 /2019   cars on scheme   2110  SKoda  10. On  model   Kamiq.

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    24/11 /2019     cars on scheme 2110  no  change    yet

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    25/11/2019.        Cars  on  scheme  2110.     No  change.   Yet.

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    26/11/2019     cars  on  scheme    2110    no  change     yet!

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    27/11/2019      cars  on  scheme    2110     no   change     yet ,

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    28/11/2019    cars  on  scheme      2104     Vauxhall    6   off     model,s    Corsa   4   off   Crossland  X  2   off ////

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    29/11/2019     cars  on  scheme     2104   no  change     yet!

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    30/11/2019     cars  on  scheme     2099     Nissan   1  on   model   Micra  ////  Vauxhall   6  off   models    Astra  1   off   Corsa   4   off   Crossland X   1   on    Mokka X   1  off ////

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    This is a brilliant and useful thread. Like many others, it is the first site I visit when starting up the pooter. Will be ordering new vehicle within a few months and it is really useful to see exactly what is on the scheme (and to hope that someone, somewhere will be really nice and include the VW Polo gti!)

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    Yes  that is what i want something to  cheer us up  Q3,  A4,  3 series   Golf  GTD   etc!

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    1/12/2019    cars  on  scheme   2099   no  change   yet!

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    James – totally agree; something more cheerful needed. What about simply making the engine on the BMW s 2-series coupe more realistic? The 2.0 four pot is well within scheme limits at about 180bhp and price ain’t bad. It would be so much better than the three-cyl mini engine.  With rwd, it would be a modern version of a Nissan 200sx (Aaaah – memories!)

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    The Mini Countryman is available with that engine so cant see why the BMW variant cant be on in the 1 series or the new gran coupe or older coupe

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    2/12/2019     cars  on  scheme   2099     no   change     yet!

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    Every day on this thread is like opening an Advent  Calendar  and the Chocolate has already  Gone !  Do  you,s  not work in December  Motability  ????????????????

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    Totally agree James. This quarter has been a non-event.

    Will we ever see the scheme with great cars again.

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