Car numbers on scheme today

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    9/11/2019    cars  on  scheme   2043   Citroen   6  on   model  Berlingo  ////  Jeep  2  on  model  Renegade ////

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    Firstly thank you JamesG for you continued support and updates for the Forum it’s very much appreciated. For those that take an interest on figures and facts The latest Motability sales:

    191,841 Scheme vehicle registered so far in 2019
    18,897 Scheme vehicle registrations in October 2019
    13.19% of UK registrations in October 2019 were for Scheme vehicles

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    JS  thanks  that  13.19% is  a figure that provokes  thought  with me . Why  does the manufactures  not on scheme  not see  that  it would be in there interest  to join ?

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    10/11/2019     cars  on scheme  2043    no    change      yet!

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    wow js you would think with that number manufaturers and dealers would treat us a little better. jamesg i agree you would think they would be fighting to supply the scheme.

    js do they provide a breakdown by manufacturer and model or is it just that overveiw?


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    No unfortunately it’s not broke down, sometimes the manufacturers them selves make bold statements on how many cars they supply the scheme but Motability as far as I know doesn’t publish individual figures

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    11/11/2019      cars  on  scheme   2043     no  change    yet!

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    12/11/2019     cars   on  scheme     2057    Kia  14  0n    model   X-ceed   8   on   Sportage   6  on  .

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    wmcforum   inside   information   on  the   X-Ceed  give me heads up  when  3 series  BMW  comes  on  or XC-40  D4   auto.  lol

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    13/11/2019   cars  on  scheme   2050    Citroen   10  on  model   Grand  C4  Spacetourer ////

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    13/11/2019    cars  on  scheme   2067    Citroen   10  on   model  Grand  C4  Spacetourer ////   Sorry  just  a brain  fart !

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    14/11/2019   cars  on  scheme    2053   Toyota   14   off.  models  Corolla  6   off .  Prius  2  off .   Yaris   6  off.

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    The must be updating the Motability site I cannot access it the moment.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Works for me.

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    15/11/2019     cars  on  scheme.    2072     Fiat  6  on  models  500 X  4  on.  Panda  2  on. ////   Ford  12  on  models   Galaxy  3  on.   S-Max  5  on.  Puma  4  on. ////  Automotive  Group  1  on  model   Panda.////

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    16/11/2019     cars  on  scheme     2072     no  change .      yet!

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    17/11/2019     cars  on  scheme    2072     no  change   yet !

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    18/11/2019     cars  on  scheme    2072   no  change     yet!

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    19 /11/2019    cars  on  scheme    2064    Citroen   10  off   model   Grand   C4- Spacetourer  ////  Jeep   1  off ////  Dacia   4  on   model   duster ////   Skoda    2  on   model   Superb  ////  Volkswagon   3   off   model  T-Roc  ////

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    The  Jeep  1  off  above    the  model  is  the   Compass.

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    20/11/2019  Cars  on  scheme   2098    Automotive  Group   1  on  model   Trafic     and    1  off  model   Panda ////    Citroen  10  on   model  Grand   C4  Spacetourer  ////  DS   3  on  model   DS  3   ELECTRIC   CROSSBACK   ////  Vauxhall  21    on   model   Corsa    Including   CORSA  – E   ELECTRIC  ////

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    21/11/2019    cars  on   scheme    2094    Citroen   3  on   model   Grand  Spacetourer   ////  Dacia   7  off   model   Duster  ////   Fiat   1  on  model   Panda   ////   Automotive   Group   1  off  model   Panda   ////

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    THE   Car   Numbers  On  Scheme   To-day    Thread   Has  Now  Been  Going  For  A  Year  . I  Have  No  Idea  what sort of traffic  it produces     So  it  would  be nice to recieve   Feedback   from  as many  people  on the Forum  as possible .  Good   and  bad.   In  anticipation   jamesg  !

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    Well I’m new to the list but it has been very helpful.

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    James I would assume your thread gets a lot of traffic. I visit it regularly but seldom post anything on it.

    I post lots of threads and many get no, or little response. I have seen threads I have posted pass through with no response only to read another thread referring to my thread that passed with no response, if that makes sense🤪

    So to sum up, just because you don’t get written response never assume people are not reading your thread.

    It is nice to get posts on any thread posted and I will, in future, respond when a car of interest to me is added.

    Once again thanks for the time you spend every day putting your thread together 👍.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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