Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    Which Mobility Car

    Production of the new Juke started in Sunderland on the 14th October I believe, they will be itching to get it on the Scheme, expect it any time.

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    i went to a launch event at nissan worksop and they were saying dealers will get their first cars 1st week nov, but they didnt know anything about motability hence the question.

    i dont officially change till sept but needs may mean an early change i was quite impressed its a bit bigger than the old one with a better boot. lots of tech for the geeks.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Facelift Koleos makes for a good buy if you can cope with a cvt.

    Renault Koleos

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    24/10/2019       cars  on  scheme   2003     Renault    1  off   model    Traffic   Passenger.

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    Which Mobility Car

    James, Looks like we have another glitch, Renault Trafic passenger not showing on advanced search. 2003 showing on main search, clicking on all manufacturers within advanced search shows 1986.  I’ll report it but wanted you to be aware.

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    Hi  wmcforum   yes  i am  aware .   What  i have  done  and will continue  to do  is give  the higher  number   off the two  searches  .  This was common  practice  a few  years ago  where one of the searches    showed  a difference of   19  for  over a year  ?   The searches  need to be  calibrated .  Yourself   JS   and  myself   know our  way  round  the  searches but  a lot on the forum will not .   They  have  also taken away the // reset // on the first search  which  i can live with   but it would be better  if they replaced  it .  If  you want me to put  both  numbers  on  i  can . jamesg

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    Which Mobility Car

    You seem to have everything under control. Astonishingly!!!

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    wmc give a Scotsman anything to do with numbers, especially where money is concerned, and he is on it “like a car bonnet” as the Geordie’s say, excuse the pun lol.

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    Yes  Brydo  Quicker  than  the time it takes  you to get a round  in.  lol

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    James I bought a round once ……. never again lol.

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    25/10/2019     cars  on  scheme    2003     Citroen    2  off   model   Berlingo   ////    GM  Coachworks     2   on   model   Berlingo   ////    The   2003   figure   includes    14   Renault    Traffic  Passenger  Vans    Plus   3    VW  Transporter   Shuttles  ////

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    26/10/2019     cars  on  scheme    1996      ////  Renault   Traffic   Passenger  vans    14   off   ////   Nissan   7   on   models   Qashqai    2   on     Juke    5   on  .

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    Just  noticed   Renault   Kadjar   diesel   1.7   blue  Dci  GT- Line   4WD   148  bhp    only   2    1.7  diesels  on   both   manuals .   shame  !

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    27/10/2019     cars  on  scheme   1996      no  change .

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    28/10/2019       cars  on  scheme   1996     no  change

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    29/10/2019       cars  on  scheme     1995       Citroen  2  on   model   Berlingo  ////   GM  Coachworks    2   off   model   Berlingo   ////  Nissan   1  off   model   Juke  ////

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    30/10/2019      cars  on  scheme     2005      Audi   11  on   model    A3 ////  Nissan    1  on   model    Juke  ////   Renault   10  on   models   Koleos   4  off   Traffic   Passenger   14   on  ////   Toyota   11   off   model  Corolla  ////  Volkswagon   1  off   model  Transporter   Shuttle  ////

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    if brexit is not happening 31 oct do we think there will be much change, BMW told me the other prices want change till january

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    Any  ones  guess  ?

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    James Grant

    31/10/2019   cars  on  scheme    2007   Mercedes    1  on  model   B-Class ////  Renault  1  on  model   Traffic  Passenger ////

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    James G

    Lets  see  what  happens  by  Saturday  ?

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    1/11/2019      cars  on  scheme    2001    Skoda    2  off   model   Superb  ////  Renault   4  off   model   Traffic  ////

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    2/11/2019     cars  on  scheme   2001     no   change   yet !

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    3/11/2019     cars  on  scheme     2001    no  change     yet!

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    4/11/2019    cars  on   scheme     2001    no  change   yet!

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