Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    Noo I wondered where the Touran I was looking at earlier in the week had gone, I was planning on going in to look at it in the next few days and everything.. 🙁 if it’s gone from the list, does this mean I can’t even take an in stock order? Gutted. Thank you for keeping this up to date x

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    I have noticed that on the motability website the car I look for does not show up on the advanced search. Have you tried both?

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    Bubbleunicorn    Hi  there  is   7  Tourans on motability   search   From    £899  –   £1299   5   Manuals    2 Autos    if the one you were looking  at is on the list  take  the motability  Ref –  no   down  . Hope  you get  what  you want.

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    13/10/ 2019    cars on scheme    1990    or    1993   with   VW   Transporter   Shuttle   on .     no  change        yet !

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    After looking at James list i started to look at cars this morning while having breakfast and still sleepy thought i would look at the WAV vehicles  instead (i do not need one yet)


    I certainly woke up quickly,  i can not be leave the AP is so high, just over £36000 on some  so no price cap,  so when it suits motability , so if the can put vehicle on t this price with clearing no price cap why is there so much going on about advance payment on non WAV and certain vehicle can not be on because they fall out with the cap.

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    Thank you L600MAT and Jamesg for taking the time to help.

    Unfortunately I need auto so that seems to be where the choices have gotten limited, really disappointing to find you can have more options and diesel in manual but not auto now especially when so many on the scheme need auto.. does anyone know if it’s worth  stock trying to find somewhere with stock orders of the models that were still listed a few days ago, or do dealers have to stop offering them the minute they’re pulled from the search?

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    14/10/2019     cars  on  scheme   1990   or    1993      with  VW    Shuttle   on        no   change   yet  !

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    15/10/2019     cars  on scheme    1990    or     1993    with   VW  Shuttle   on     no   change     yet  !

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    WMC   I enjoy reading  your reviews .   Could  you write  one on the  VW   Passat   .

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    James, I appreciate your updates, thank you.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Thank you James, very kind. I will put it to the very top of my ‘to do’ list.

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    16/10/2019     cars  on  scheme   1992    or    1995   with   VW    Shuttle   on .      Suzuki   2   on    model   Ignis  .

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    17/10/2019     cars on scheme   1992   or   1995    with    VW   Shuttle   on  ////    no   change     yet  !

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    18/10/2019    cars  on  scheme   1992   or   1995   with  VW  Shuttle on ////   no  change .      yet !

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    Which Mobility Car

    WMC I enjoy reading your reviews . Could you write one on the VW Passat .

    Here you are James, sorry it took a while, there was a lot to look at and read.

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    Thank   you   very  much.

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    19/10/2019     cars  on  scheme   1992   or    1995    with    VW    Transporter   Shuttle   on .  No  change   yet !

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    20/10/2019     cars  on  scheme    1992    or    1995   with    VW    Shuttle   on .     no   change  .

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    21/10/2019      cars  on  scheme    1992   or    1995    with   VW   Shuttle   on  .      no  change    yet !

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    22/10/2019      cars  on  scheme    1981     or      1984    with    VW   Shuttle   on ////    Audi     11  off    model  A3 ////

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    I think Motability need to get better commitments from manufacturers.

    Audi A3 Black Edition only put on the scheme recently but today removed.

    How can people plan test drives etc when this happens.

    Back to the drawing board.

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    Yes   Elliot   its  not good .  For  me the Black  Edition   40    was on my list .  That  is  why everyone needs  to have a long list .   While motability  operate   this  system  we can not plan anything  To  everybody  on the scheme    if  you see a car on the scheme that you want  that suits your needs  and within your budget   and you can  order  just go for it .   Its  here today  gone tomorrow!

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    23/10/2019      cars   on   scheme      2004       Citroen    1  on    model  C-4  Cactus  //// Renault   19   on   models   Koleos    4   on .    Traffic  Passenger    15   on  ////

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    hi jamesg,

    how long do you think before the juke comes back on the scheme? its just had a revamp so i suppose they will want to max their “normal” sales before they let them come to us.

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    mitch   With the Juke been a mainstay   on the motability  scheme  i cant see it been long  January    at latest   unless  anyone   knows  otherwise .

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