Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    Brydo  X-C-40 20+ mpg petrol  thats not a lot is it

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    Martino it’s a bit much of a guess but it is a very heavy and safe car. I have the xc60 and was quoted at high 50s but getting low forties for our diesel. I think 20+ is reasonable guess for the petrol version of the xc40. If anyone has one and can shed some light on what they get then it would be great to hear from them.

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    7/10/2019     cars  on   scheme    2002   or    2005      with    VW   Transporter   Shuttle  ////  No   change     yet !

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    8/10/2019      cars on scheme     2002    or     2005    with   VW   Transporter   Shuttle     no  change        yet  !

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    9/10/2019     cars  on   scheme     2002     or     2005       Citroen   4   on    model   Berlingo  ////    GM  Coachworks    4   off    model   Berlingo  ////

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    Which Mobility Car

    James, I have been lobbying Motability about the presence of GM Coachworks in the list, they claimed that they had some unconverted Berlingo to sell. I believe it was no more than a glitch in the system. I have also been pushing them on the VW shuttle. They claim it’s a run out item, stock only but they are available to order but not appearing on the advanced search due to some background data. Blah blah.
    Hopefully they will be off the search soon, not by any IT housekeeping but because the stock sells.

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    Thanks   that  is GM  Coachworks   sorted   for the time  being  !

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    10/10/2019        cars  on   scheme     2000    or    2003      Fiat   2  off    model    500  L   ////

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    james thanks for that , you’ve tell us good news that theres lots of new car on and advance payments are all down , not  bad news theres yet more cars taken off  lol  martin .

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    Hi  martino  i  have not told  you good news that there is more cars on and the APs have  all been  reduced   where did you get that from  ?     As for  the cars off today  i am  not going to loose any sleep over  2  FIAT  500  L   .   IF  YOU ARE ON ABOUT   A RANGE ROVER  THAT YOU NEVER MANAGED  GET !  Phone  motability   i have no  imput  into what  cars come on and off  !  Dont shoot the messenger  lol

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    i was just trying to be funny no offence intended ,

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    martino   no worries   i just get paranoid   sometimes.   Will try to answer your  posts   in the future  with  more  respect  .  jamesg

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    11/10/2019       cars  on scheme     1994   or   1997   with   VW   Transporter  shuttle    on  ////  FIAT   2  0n    model   500L  ////   Hyundai     3  off   model   Ionic  ////    Volkswagon     5   off    models    GOLF    24   off   GOLF  SV   6  off     TOURAN    6  off         PASSAT    31   on   ////

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    A nice  selection  of  Passats  on   R-Line   190   bhp      S-E-L   190  bhp    No  GOLFs   left  !

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    Woah, Passat back on. Ooh, I hope it hangs on until next year. ?

    This and the R Line Tig are definitely on my shortlist. However, I’m not the luckiest of people. ?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Its nice to see an estate with a half decent engine back on the scheme, but not a massive fan of the Passat, find it a little boring.

    Hopefully more estates to follow.

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    12/10/2019    cars  on  scheme    1990   or   1993     With  VW  Shuttle   on  ////   Renault   4   off   model   Twingo  ////   Ssangyong     3   on   model   Tivoli  ////    Vauxhall    3   off   model   Astera   1  off    Grandland  X   1  off    Mokia   1  off    ////

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    12/10/2019 cars on scheme 1990 or 1993 With VW Shuttle on //// Renault 4 off model Twingo //// Ssangyong 3 on model Tivoli //// Vauxhall 3 off model Astera 1 off Grandland X 1 off Mokia 1 off ////

    Had to re-read the Renault part. Was thinking when did Renault 4 come back into production? I know they have a concept car based on Renault 4.

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    Hi James, I’m new to the forum. I placed an order for a VW Shuttle two days later it was cancelled as VW stopped making them to get ready for the new T6.1 Transporter / Shuttle.


    Can you confirm if the new Shuttle will return to the scheme?

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    Wazza   im  pleased  like me, you got there in the  end .

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    L600MAT    Sorry  i cant confirm  that will be up to motability   give them a phone . There  might  some stock  left !  ask  them  when  you phone .They are still showing  on the New improved  up  to date  search  tool  !.

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    VW searched through all UK stock apparently and could not find one. I told them I did not mind which colour and it was the standard SE spec.

    They have told me that it should come back but I was just hoping to get confirmation.

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    Interesting to see that’s it on the website. When I checked yesterday it was not there so maybe that’s a good sign.

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    L6OOMAT   ITS  still  on search  now  !   Phone  motability   as soon as you can   and  welcome to the site .  If  you  need  motability  Ref – no   i should be able  to get it for you.

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