Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    And me

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Thank  you  all .   All i can say is that i am very humbled   and  emotional at this  time    thank yous  all

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    Hi vinalspin  i will take on board  your  constructive  view   and will try to  get better

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    I concur with all the above James, probably the most important thread on the entire forum and always my first destination.

    If I seem a little strange, that's because I am.

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    5/8/2019     cars  on scheme     2007      no change          yet!

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    6/8/2019     Cars  on scheme    1961     Mercedes      27     off       Models      A-Class       7   off      B-Class     14   off     GLA     6    off     ////    Vauxhall      19     off    Models    Corsa       3    off      Insigna    Sports   Tourer    15  off      Insigna    Country    Tourer    1    off   /////    Citroen   7    on     Model   Berlingo     ////   GM-Coachworks     7    off    ////

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    Heh heh heh, what I meant was more like this.

    6/8/2019 Cars on scheme 1961  Mercedes 27 off Models / A-Class 7 off / B-Class 14 off / GLA 6 off / Vauxhall 19 off Models / Corsa 3 off / Insigna Sports Tourer 15 off / Insigna Country Tourer 1 off / Citroen 7 on Model / Berlingo GM-Coachworks 7 off

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    Me  Thinks  my better   lol

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    7/8/2019     cars on scheme    1964     Ford   4  off   models      Galaxy  2  off   S- Max   2 off  ////  Mercedes  27  on   models   A- Class   7  on    B- Class   14   on   GLA   6   on  ////    Seat   18   off   models  Leon  16  off    Tarraco   2  off  ////    Volkswagon    2   off   model   Up!  ////

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    just wanted to say a huge thank you to James. I read this forum a lot without really having anything to offer. About a week ago I ordered the Seat Tarraco Xcellence with an AP of £1099 which is a lot of money for me. A few days after that I caught this thread and two Tarraco models had been added. I went to have a look an the Excellence first edition had been added randomly at £499 AP. Quickly managed to change my order and save myself £600 and added a panoramic sunroof. Thanks a lot James. Wouldn’t have known this without you.

    (incidentally I see that model has been removed again and it was only available at that price for a few days so I’m super super grateful!!)

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    Hi  Jack  so pleased for you .  glad  the thread  helped  but  you  acted  so quickly  so pat yourself on the back  and   enjoy  (panoramic sunroof as well)

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    Thank you for providing the easy to understand information.

    Unless I missed it somewhere can someone explain why certain models are removed? Reasons such as discontinued model, quota full I can understand. Any other reason?

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    HI  Wazza  the CAP  on  insurance  RRP   BHP  and  what ever other red lines they have given themselves   does not help   but does not answer  your  question  it takes a lot of man hours to create that  Motability  number  !   i could put forward loads of conspiracy  theories  but i think it would be better to throw this good question out to other  members of the forum   i would like to know the answer as well     HELP  please

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    Any change to a vehicle wether it be to the AP/spec/insurance group/models change/facelift etc etc will result in its temporary removal or appearance on the car search as Every Vehicle Model gets issued a VTN.

    VTN = Vehicle Type Number (Unique number given to each car on the scheme to identify it)

    so they either take it off to correct details or in some cases put the latest additions along side existing ones , but any change even trivial  requires a corresponding VTN which naturally takes time as it’s this VTN that determines the exact model type value etc, motability use the VTN throughout for all calculations etc etc etc.

    well that’s my view on it anyhow.


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    Thank you for the updates. It makes sense.

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    8/8/2019     cars on scheme    1966      Toyota    1  on   model     Rav  4   ////      Volvo    1  on   model   V-40  ///

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    9/8/2019    cars on scheme    1964     Kia    2   off   model   Ceed  ////

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    10/8/2019     cars on scheme     1964     no  change

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    11/8/2019     cars on scheme     1964       no  change

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    12/8/2019       cars  on  scheme     1964      no   change       yet

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    13/8/2019     cars on scheme     1964    no  change   yet

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    14/8/2019     cars on scheme   1964     no   change          yet

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    Which Mobility Car


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    congratulations jamesG, lol youve arrived.

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    15/8/2019    cars  on scheme     1964   no  change         yet           The   car  search  has  been  cleaned  up  and  a change of  IT  person   i think its the one from  last  year    so  less frequent  changes   but i think  that he  is quite  good at what he does or maybe he is covering for  holidays    ?

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