Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    James can’t believe you work it out with a pencil……………. just like the constipated mathematician ?

    I’m here all week ………….sorry for that one guys but someone had to say it lol

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Its  a pen   you must have gone to school in the sixties  the joke is that old  !

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    Too pedestrian for me James.

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    Alfa  Giulia ?

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    The problem with the Alfa is that the super is a basic model and everything is an extra.

    If it was the model up then it would be a no brainer for me.

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    mazda 6 looks like a good deal,only one auto though.

    reminds me of the mazda xedos. jag looks and went like stink cost me my only points, i only had it a year had to get rid or i would have been walking lol. so quiet you didnt realise how fast you were going. a few years ago now seems like a lifetime.

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    Yes  nice car for the price like that blue colour  its a big car

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    2/7/2019   cars  on scheme  1965      SEAT  4  on  models  Arona  2  on   Ibiza  2  on     SKODA  1  on  model  Octavia    TOYOTA  3  off    model  Yaris    VAUXHALL   11  off   models  Corsa  3  off   Crossland  X  8  off    FORD  3  off   models  C-Max  2 off   Grand  C-Max  1  off   PEUGEOT  1  off  model   2008

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    Yes James guilty as charged went to school sixties and seventies lol but good jokes never get old unfortunately that wasn’t a good joke.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    3/7/2019    cars  on scheme   1948    Citroen  1  off   model  C-5  Aircross    Ford  13  on  models  Focus  3  on  Galaxy  1  on  Grand   Tourneo   5  on   S-Max  1  on   Tourneo  Connect  3  on     Peugeot   26  off  models  108  2  off   2008  7  off   208  2  0ff   308   5  off   308   sw  6  off   5008  1  off   Rifter  3  off    Volkswagon   3  off        model   Tiguan

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    Have noticed the Hyundai Kona automatic, did make its way onto the scheme, in the premium GT trim, the top model 175bhp 4×4. However, only models in stock available, so only runout cars available, was one of the ones I would have considered when looking, but not quite enough room for me.

    Did notice the manuals were available for a while, but not auto’s which is what I need. No doubt there would be plenty who did not need quite as much space, would have looked if auto’s available earlier. Not when updated versions will be out, just hope auto’s will appear then for others.

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    Does  anybody   no if BMW  X1  was at Birmingham ?

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    No it wasn’t

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    4/7/2019    cars on scheme   1947    Volkswagon   1  off  model  Sharan

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    Will we see the a3 saloon on the scheme or the new focus st ?

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    Hi Rspeck94   Dont see why not both have been on before the diesel  Focus  ST  and the A3  saloon when  hopefully  soon  no reason why not

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    5/7/2019    cars on scheme   1949    Audi   2   on    model Q2

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    Diminishing choices, now under the 2000 barrier, by some distance.

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    Yes  i agree but it will go back  over the 2.000   BMW  1 series   X1   3 series    Gla  Ford  and  Vauxhall   are  150  to  200  cars below  there peak   what  worries  me more is the  number  of cars that  are down as been   available  on scheme when you ask  you are told  9 months   1 year  or there aint none in country  or sorry we have stopped making them   my ghost car theory .     fwipperie  to us the  over  2.000  cars used to promote the  scheme it is bad when it goes under  but motability  would just add the WAV totals  and you are over  2.000 !

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    6/7/2019    cars on scheme  1949    no  change    yet

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    There are a lot of new cars being launched in the next few months so hopefully the numbers available will look a little healthier soon enough.

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    thing is its really 2000 varients of cars, the number of different models is much less and some its just a different pack fitted eg mini have  the countryman classic,sports and exclusive and then the same cars with a comfort/something else pack. not really a different car.

    picky i know, i will leave now lol.

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    7/7/2019   cars on scheme    1949   no  change

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    8/7/2019   cars on scheme   1949  no  change

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    Since  7/3/2019    Car  models  that are no longer on scheme  for one reason or another     BMW  1  series            BMW  3  series   BMW   X1    Citeron  C4  Space  Tourer     Fiat   Dorio    Ford   Grand  C-Max   Alfa    Mito        Honda  H.R.V   Kia   Carens    Kia  Niro    Mazda  3   Merc  CLA    Merc  Vito   Renault  Twingo  Skoda  Rapid     Skoda   Superb   VW  Passat   Some  will come back on and  some wont.

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