Car numbers on scheme today

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    mitch  i just  do it my way  if any body can do it better  feel free to do so   i started the thread  thinking i might be helping  others in there search  for new car   i do it for myself anyway  looking for a car that i aspire to roll on next Monday   is excell  not a Toyota  trim  lol

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    lol, nowt wrong with pen and paper jamesg. its always my first port of call even with the advent of spreadsheets.. the website is certainly one of the most frustrating ive come accross, especially as to their clasification of small medium and large cars etc i find when doing a search what i would consider small in medium and vice versa. you do a fantastic job i certainly wouldnt have the patience, well done.

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    hi jamesg

    keep up the good work james,there are many of us on here who are watching for your updates

    from early morning,saves a long time looking through all models and manufactures, and,we don’t care how you do it.


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    25/6/2019   cars on  scheme    2077    no change    yet

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    Hi all & Hi James there is actually one change today.

    After speaking to Motability several times and telling them that the B Class’ ABI on their site was incorrect they agreed and finally updated it to their site. So from today an under 25 driver can now order the all new B Class. Well the B180 AMG Line. On the down side it does have a high advance payment. I hope I’ve helped a lot of under 25’s who were interested in this or let’s  say a ‘premium brand car.’

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    Muhammed   there is no change in the  car numbers on the scheme    the change that we are talking about is the  ABI  on the  Merc B- Class  well done for getting motability  to sort there error  and getting that car  so that under  25s  can lease    Wish  i  was under  25   i will say it again  well  done

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    26/6/2019    cars  on  scheme  2079    Seat   2  on    model   Arona

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    27/6/2019    cars on scheme   2079   no change    yet

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    28/6/2019    cars  on  scheme   2080  Merc    1  on   model   B- Class

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    29/6/2019    cars on scheme  2079    Merc   1  off    model   B- Class

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    Nick M

    Great thread this James ???

    keep up the good work ??

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    Thanks  Nick M

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    30/6/2019   cars  on  scheme  2079   no  change   yet

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    1/7/2019   cars  on scheme   2203       will post models  when i have them sorted

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    1/7/2019    cars on scheme  2072     wish they would  make their mind up

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    jamesg, i think the difference was duplicates, didnt sleep well last night so was looking at the search on and off and there were a number of entries that were duplicates.i think there were 4 basic mini 3dr classic autos at one stage. sad i know lol.

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    James looks like you could be in all day sorting this out ?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    1/7/2019   Model  changes     ALFA  1  on  model  Giulia     AUDI   13  off models  A1  1  off  A3  8  off  Q2  4  off   BMW  5  on models  Series  2   3  on   X2  2  on   CITROEN   4  off  models Berlingo  1  off  C3  1  off  C3  Aircross  4 off  C4  Cactus  1  on   C5  Aircross  1  on    DS  models  Ds3  Crossback  2  on  Ds 7  Crossback  2  off  DACIA  1 off  model  Duster  1  off   FIAT  7 off  500  1  off  500c  1  off  Panda  1  off  Dobio  4  off   FORD  10  off  models  Feista  1  off  Focus  3  off  Galaxy  1  off  Grand tourneo connect  5  0ff   Mondeo  4  on  S Max  1  off  Tourneo connect  3  off  HONDA  5  off  model  Civic  HYUNDAI  4  on  models  Ioniq  2  on  Kona  1  on  Tucson  1  on  JEEP  models  Compass  1  on  Renegade  1 off   KIA  20ff  model  Stonic  MINI  models Mini  1  off  Countryman 1  on  MAZDA  6  on  model  CX5   MERCEDES  11  on  models  Aclass  11  on  Bclass  3  on  GLA  3  off  NISSAN  41  on  models  Juke  3  on  Micra  11  on  Qashqai  7  on  XTrail  20  on  PEUGEOT  1  on  models  108  1  off  308  2  on  308sw  2  on  Partner Tepee  2  off  RENAULT  2  on  models  Clio  2  off  Grandscenic  2  on  Zoe  2  on   SEAT  22  on   models  Arona  3  off  Ibiza  3  on  Leon  20  0n  Tarraco  2  on  SKODA  17 off  models  Fabia  13  off  Karoq  2  off  Octavia  2  off  TOYOTA  27  off  models  Aygo  6  off  C/hr  4  off  Corrolla  3  on   Prius  3  0ff  Yaris  17  off  VAUXHALL  26  off  models  Astra  4  0ff  Insignia country tourer  1  off  Insignia grand sport  11  off  Insignia sport tourer  10 off  VOLKSWAGON  2  on  models  Golf sv  1  off  Sharan  1  on  Tiguan  2  on  VOLVO  11 on  model  XC40  11  on.

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    Numbers certainly are yo-yoing today, now says 1978 on scheme.

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    Great work James.

    As a straw poll my advanced search criteria gave me 81 results in Q2 and now gives 55 results in Q3 telling me that there are fewer automatics and/or AP’s have risen on many cars.

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    Well done James I admire your commitment the next couple of days often see numbers shift around between categories etc.

    Thank you from the Forum (and myself)

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    1/7/2019   cars on scheme  now   1978   THIRD  EDITION !!!!!!!                       AUDI    3  off   models  A1  2  off  Q2   1  off    CITERON   6  off  models  Berlingo  1  off  C1   1  off   C4 space tourer  4  off     KIA  8  0ff  model Carens    NISSAN  49  off  models  Juke  5  off  Micra  14  off  Qashqai  10  off  Xtrail  20  off    PEUGEOT  6  off  model   2008    RENAULT  6  off   models  Twingo  4  off   Zoe  2  off    SEAT   8  off  models  Arona  2  off  Leon  6  off   SUZUKI   8  0ff  models  Swift  1  off  Vitara  7  off

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    Which Mobility Car

    I do hope no one was on their way to get a Kia optima PHEV, 35 minutes has to be the shortest stay on the Scheme ever!

    James – My head is spinning, you must be in turmoil.

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    James I’m not sure you’re time is best utilised today watching the bouncing ball that is the motability website. Maybe best to leave it until things settle down.

    I don’t know about you guys but I would be happy for motability to spend some money and get a web site fit for purpose.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Think Shawn got it right  you ve  got to laugh  or youll cry   i will  get a chance this evening to look at the cars properly   got to go out shortly ran out of ink need a new  pen and some painkillers   for my head   hope that someone took down ref  no for  the  Kia

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