Car numbers on scheme today: Archive 22/11/2019 – 4/2/2020

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    2054 cars on scheme Dacia have put on 21      22\ 11\ 2018

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    Hi all & Hi James there is actually one change today.

    After speaking to Motability several times and telling them that the B Class’ ABI on their site was incorrect they agreed and finally updated it to their site. So from today an under 25 driver can now order the all new B Class. Well the B180 AMG Line. On the down side it does have a high advance payment. I hope I’ve helped a lot of under 25’s who were interested in this or let’s  say a ‘premium brand car.’

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    Muhammed   there is no change in the  car numbers on the scheme    the change that we are talking about is the  ABI  on the  Merc B- Class  well done for getting motability  to sort there error  and getting that car  so that under  25s  can lease    Wish  i  was under  25   i will say it again  well  done

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    26/6/2019    cars  on  scheme  2079    Seat   2  on    model   Arona

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    27/6/2019    cars on scheme   2079   no change    yet

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    28/6/2019    cars  on  scheme   2080  Merc    1  on   model   B- Class

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    29/6/2019    cars on scheme  2079    Merc   1  off    model   B- Class

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    Nick M

    Great thread this James ???

    keep up the good work ??

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    Thanks  Nick M

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    30/6/2019   cars  on  scheme  2079   no  change   yet

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    1/7/2019   cars  on scheme   2203       will post models  when i have them sorted

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    1/7/2019    cars on scheme  2072     wish they would  make their mind up

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    jamesg, i think the difference was duplicates, didnt sleep well last night so was looking at the search on and off and there were a number of entries that were duplicates.i think there were 4 basic mini 3dr classic autos at one stage. sad i know lol.

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    James looks like you could be in all day sorting this out ?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    1/7/2019   Model  changes     ALFA  1  on  model  Giulia     AUDI   13  off models  A1  1  off  A3  8  off  Q2  4  off   BMW  5  on models  Series  2   3  on   X2  2  on   CITROEN   4  off  models Berlingo  1  off  C3  1  off  C3  Aircross  4 off  C4  Cactus  1  on   C5  Aircross  1  on    DS  models  Ds3  Crossback  2  on  Ds 7  Crossback  2  off  DACIA  1 off  model  Duster  1  off   FIAT  7 off  500  1  off  500c  1  off  Panda  1  off  Dobio  4  off   FORD  10  off  models  Feista  1  off  Focus  3  off  Galaxy  1  off  Grand tourneo connect  5  0ff   Mondeo  4  on  S Max  1  off  Tourneo connect  3  off  HONDA  5  off  model  Civic  HYUNDAI  4  on  models  Ioniq  2  on  Kona  1  on  Tucson  1  on  JEEP  models  Compass  1  on  Renegade  1 off   KIA  20ff  model  Stonic  MINI  models Mini  1  off  Countryman 1  on  MAZDA  6  on  model  CX5   MERCEDES  11  on  models  Aclass  11  on  Bclass  3  on  GLA  3  off  NISSAN  41  on  models  Juke  3  on  Micra  11  on  Qashqai  7  on  XTrail  20  on  PEUGEOT  1  on  models  108  1  off  308  2  on  308sw  2  on  Partner Tepee  2  off  RENAULT  2  on  models  Clio  2  off  Grandscenic  2  on  Zoe  2  on   SEAT  22  on   models  Arona  3  off  Ibiza  3  on  Leon  20  0n  Tarraco  2  on  SKODA  17 off  models  Fabia  13  off  Karoq  2  off  Octavia  2  off  TOYOTA  27  off  models  Aygo  6  off  C/hr  4  off  Corrolla  3  on   Prius  3  0ff  Yaris  17  off  VAUXHALL  26  off  models  Astra  4  0ff  Insignia country tourer  1  off  Insignia grand sport  11  off  Insignia sport tourer  10 off  VOLKSWAGON  2  on  models  Golf sv  1  off  Sharan  1  on  Tiguan  2  on  VOLVO  11 on  model  XC40  11  on.

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    Numbers certainly are yo-yoing today, now says 1978 on scheme.

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    Great work James.

    As a straw poll my advanced search criteria gave me 81 results in Q2 and now gives 55 results in Q3 telling me that there are fewer automatics and/or AP’s have risen on many cars.

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    Well done James I admire your commitment the next couple of days often see numbers shift around between categories etc.

    Thank you from the Forum (and myself)

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    1/7/2019   cars on scheme  now   1978   THIRD  EDITION !!!!!!!                       AUDI    3  off   models  A1  2  off  Q2   1  off    CITERON   6  off  models  Berlingo  1  off  C1   1  off   C4 space tourer  4  off     KIA  8  0ff  model Carens    NISSAN  49  off  models  Juke  5  off  Micra  14  off  Qashqai  10  off  Xtrail  20  off    PEUGEOT  6  off  model   2008    RENAULT  6  off   models  Twingo  4  off   Zoe  2  off    SEAT   8  off  models  Arona  2  off  Leon  6  off   SUZUKI   8  0ff  models  Swift  1  off  Vitara  7  off

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    Which Mobility Car

    I do hope no one was on their way to get a Kia optima PHEV, 35 minutes has to be the shortest stay on the Scheme ever!

    James – My head is spinning, you must be in turmoil.

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    James I’m not sure you’re time is best utilised today watching the bouncing ball that is the motability website. Maybe best to leave it until things settle down.

    I don’t know about you guys but I would be happy for motability to spend some money and get a web site fit for purpose.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Think Shawn got it right  you ve  got to laugh  or youll cry   i will  get a chance this evening to look at the cars properly   got to go out shortly ran out of ink need a new  pen and some painkillers   for my head   hope that someone took down ref  no for  the  Kia

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    Thanks for your work in this thread James. Can’t believe you do it with pen and paper, what a gent.

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    Volvo  V-40  R-Line  Edition   T3   auto  £199   its  a sleeper     £30.000   Car

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    Isn’t the T3 the slowest one they make.

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    Hi Tomas  no they do a T2  and a D2  its a good  offer and the Ap is resonable   compared  with a lot  of  offerings on the scheme imo

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