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    Will my new Motability car come with car mats as standard?


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    I doubt it.  The only car I have had was my Seat Alhambra 3 and a half years ago.  You maybe lucky if your dealer is feeling kind.

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    Toyota’s come with fitted car mats, not the thickest though. Similar quality mats for previous Astras cost me in the region of £70.

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    BMW and Volvo do. I think our previous Nissan did. Hyundai didn’t. If you can’t persuade the dealer to throw them in, go eBay.

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    Edward Akerman

    You should do as i do, i always ask them for mats and a full tank of fuel if they want my custom, never been refused yet and i have been having cars since 1985.

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    My VW came with mats.

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    ;TLDR Got mats eventually on day of pick up after a small back and forth with the manager.

    I mentioned mats being included with my current car and got the dealer to agree to it in front of his boss who was watching the deal. When I went to pick up the car it had been forgotten about and I said I wouldn’t put the pin in until I got them as promised. The dealership manager said he understood I was promised them and threw them in the car personally as I watched.

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    The Mazda didn’t have mats and we have bought mats already for the VW!!

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    My first 2 scheme cars came with mats as standard, although I replaced them both for rubber mats as the carpet ones get filthy with all the rain/slush/snow. Refitted the original mats at handover, all lovely and looking brand new.

    The Kia Soul EV didn’t come with mats, but a quick nudge of the dealer saw them and the funky boot liner thrown in for free. Sadly the mats are not rubber, so its off to e-bay for replacements.

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    i got mats but dealer threw them in as i wasnt expecting them. he also diamond coated the vehicle

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    My Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition came with very nice red trimmed mats,i thought too nice to get them dirty,so i bought some genuine Ford rubber ones for my model,best thing for keeping muck and water out of the footwells.

    The genuine supplied carpet mats can stay out of the car until the car goes back at the end of lease.

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    My car on order comes with mats but only because its not a base model and I’m paying a whopping AP so unless its specified for the cars trim level there will be no mats.

    Something I’ve never understood with Motability is that they pay for metallic paint because it helps preserve the car for when its sold on yet like my current car that never came with mats now after more than 3 year wear has a hole in the cars main carpets where my foot pivots between the gas and brake.

    My previous VW Golf SE had no mats but being a very popular model was easy to get cheap mats for online but my current car being a KIA Carens and not so popular, mats where hard to come by so a hole in the carpet it is.

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    Glos Guy

    I literally cannot remember the last car that I had that didn’t come with carpeted mats as standard. It must be decades ago. I’m amazed that some manufacturers are such cheapskates as to make people pay extra for them.

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    Xc40 yes however they are cheap nasty rubbish, better than nothing I guess

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    Current Golf GT came with them.  Not fancy, but serviceable.  They’re floor mats.

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    The XC40 mats certainly aren’t the plush carpet that BMW supplies.  Volvo’s excuse is they are made from recycled bottletops or some such.  They seem to do the job though..

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    That explains it then recycled bottletops = crap car mats 😆..


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    I’m on my 6th vehicle and only 1 came with mats.

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    Depends on the spec of the car. We had a VW Polo S that didn’t come with mats. Last 3 Skoda’s all had mats. We picked a car up once and there were no mats in it, the spec said their should be mats, dealer tried telling us it didn’t come with them. We got them in the end, the cynic in me thinks the  dealer took them out to sell or give someone else.

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    Every car I’ve had on the scheme was supplied with mats, a Ford C-Max (Titanium trim), BMW X1 (SE Trim) and the Peugeot 3008 (GT trim) which I have now all had fairly decent mats.

    My daughters Fiat was supplied without mats.

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