Car insurance after Motability

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    What happens to your No claims etc while you are on the scheme?

    If I decided to leave the scheme after 3 years would I have lost all my NCB?

    And are any claims that I make during the Motability insurance carried into my non-motability record?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions.

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    Glos Guy

    Not dumb questions at all Harb. Firstly, a lot of insurance companies will still honour your No Claims history for three years after you cease to have insurance in your own name. Secondly, a number of insurers will take into account a claim free history with Motability, as they do with company car drivers leaving their schemes. It is therefore unlikely that you would need to ‘start again’ with zero no claims history if you shop around.

    Unfortunately, any claims that you make whilst driving a Motability car do need to be declared, but the impact of this will depend on the nature of the claim. I had to make a claim recently but nobody was injured and no other vehicle was involved. I did some dummy quotes declaring and not declaring (to see what the impact would be) and the difference was negligible.

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    I left the scheme in 2019 after DLA to PIP transfer went very bad. I never made a claim with Motability, but got proof of around 12 years NCB. This was 2 separate ones for me and my wife which was better than regular insurance that doesn’t offer NCB to named driver.

    LV accepted it without issue. As a side note, non original wheels must be declared. LV said that so long as the size is the same, they don’t need notifying.

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    Direct line accepted my years as a scheme driver along with my expired no claims privately from years ago. Letter from RSA via email was all that was required.

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