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    Which Mobility Car

    We did this when the forum first started but it could do with a reboot.

    Mine started well but quickly went downhill (unlike the Fiat Uno):

    Mini 1275GT (Yellow)
    Fiat Regatta (1.6 twin cam)
    Triumph Spitfire
    (The motorcycle years, mostly spent on a BMW R100RT)
    Peugeot 405 (Company Car non turbo diesel – so slow accelerating)
    Fiat Uno
    Renault 5
    Renault Clio
    VW Golf 1.8
    Mercedes 200D W123
    MGBGT (why oh why)
    Vauxhall Vectra
    Honda Accord Estate
    Citroen Berlingo
    Ford Galaxy
    VW Sharan
    VW Van WAV

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    Early starter,had just passed my motorcycle test 2months after turning 17 when my mother put in for my car test as a Christmas present(£7). 2 weeks before test I started my driving lessons,had 4 and passed first time with BSM in a Toledo.

    Motorcycles around 60

    Cars around about 60

    was sort of semi motor trade in spare time,had trading standards chasing me for it anyway ?

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    my first post…:)

    1986   new  honda mtx80lc stolen in yorkshire

    1987   76 escort 1300 Gl stolen and crashed

    1988 new mz125 crashed it after 3 weeks

    1988 honda mbx125 lc 87 rode it into the ground within 6 months despatch riding in london

    1988 yamaha rd125lc 87 plate loved it until i had a go on my mates kawasaki that could do 100mph where the yam was flat out at 80mph

    1988/89   kawasaki ar125lc e reg crashed it and moved back to yorkshire no vehicles

    1990 honda c90.. despatch rode on about 6 different ones between 90 and 93 2 were stolen 1 crashed ..used to buy them from the company i worked for pay them off @£50 a week for 20 ish weeks then get a new every year also owned in this period of time was a yamaha rd125lc and a kawasaki gpz550

    1993 honda cg125 new did 60k miles on it in 14 months ..i’m a big lad 6ft 3 and 20 stone and this bike performed great did 65/70mph flat out everywhere and was still running on same engine 7 years later with 85k on it

    1994 kawaski gt550

    1995 yamaha xtz750 h reg sold in 96

    1995 volvo 740gle 90 reg did 100k miles in my ownership burst a radiator pipe on the m6 leaked all the water out and boiled the head gasket

    1997 rover 827 vitesse 90 reg loved this car speedo had 150mph on it and the needle used to go past it and stop at a little pin (on private land only of course ) ..came out of an autoparts store with service kit to find a ford orion embeded in rear

    1999 sierra 1.8gl 90 reg bought as a stop gap while insurance sorted the rover

    1999 sierra xr4x4 2.9  90 reg great motor head gasket failed

    1999 toyota previa 2.4gx

    2002 rover 620 vitesse s reg engine failure within 7 days ownership (145mph..private road of course )

    2002 granada scorpio 2.0 96 r reg

    2002 rover 825si t reg head gasket failure

    2004 citroen xsara vts 168bhp engine same as pug306gti underated fast car (got an indicated 150 mph private road of course) traded for saab

    2004 citroen c8 2.0hdi  04 reg bought as family car traded for galaxy

    2006 saab 900 talledega t plate convertible traded my xsara for this as wifes 40 birthday present i ended up using in winter as she preferred family car in winter..was set on fire by vandals

    2006 ford galaxy 2.3 auto 01 on y plate

    2007 mondeo diesel  99 v i think  bought as a stop gap whilst saab insurance was sorted as i was commuting from yorkshire to london at this time

    2007 vauxhall omega 2.5 elite t plate with lpg kit ..had problems with lpg kit intermittent running

    2008 omega 2.6 mv6 lpg fitted 52 reg ..much better lpg kit ..equivlent of approx 60mpg on the m1 smashed it in the snow

    2009 omega 3.2mv6 estate bought as a stop gap bought the last mv6 from insurance and was going to refit lpg kit but then spotted a 3.0 elite estate with lpg for sale so sold the mv6 estate and broke the saloon

    2009 omega elite 3.0 estate lpg v reg still own this it’s parked on my brothers drive

    2012 mercedes e220cdi 52 reg

    2014 mercedes s320cdi 54 reg

    2017 seat ateca 1.4 dsg first mobility car..really happy with it covered 20k miles which includes 3 return trips to benidorm..


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    crikey my memories not that good these days.

    When I was a tiny kid I helped my mate build banger racing cars.

    My mates dad gave me a zephyr to do up  I drove it up and down a private Rd near our flats.

    But my first proper car was a Vauxhall  viva then a triumph Toledo 1300, then upgraded to the dolomite 1500.

    My mates dad had the triumph 2.5 injection.

    Mk1 1100l estate

    mk2 escort lx

    Then a Austin maxi sold after a week for a profit?

    Then a 1275 mini.

    Then mk 1 escort 1300s

    a mk1 Capri

    then a Coritina e type. Which had been brush painted.

    Datsun sunny for a few months

    Datsun sunny  160jsss

    an Opel monza estate?

    A ford Sierra 2.0 L terrible car

    a mk 2 escort harrier loved it.

    a ford Granada X estate 2.8 loved that car

    Volvo 760 turbo estate 7 seats  that was great too kept it years

    a Citroen synergy kids were coming fast lol.

    Lancia bets my mate sold me to do up  at weekends

    then a galaxy brand new  1.9 tdi

    Plus a mk2 golf 16 v for my weekend toy, bought it for the wife in my name  ??

    A Ford Focus mk2 ST 2005

    Vw touran 2006 ?1.9 tdi

    then vw touran 08?Sport 170 tdi dsg

    then touran 2012 sport 184 ps dsg fully loaded.

    An Audi B5 S4 estate fast 2.6 twin turbo

    ford focus mk2 Rs 2009 amazing car

    then a new Audi RS6 estate 2012 rocket ship got 3 points the first drive home. ?

    Oh I had a jag f pace 3.0 for company car, plus a company merc estate 2.7 tdi

    Mx5 with bsm turbo conversion

    Then this Tiguan SEL tdi fully loaded kids are out getting shopping in it now.

    Probably missed loads  oh my fs1-e Yamaha 50 with baffles removed. My only bike  should have kept it

    Next scheme  car 3 years time?




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    Always been a bit of a petrol head owning bikes and cars


    Garelli 50 owned as a tennager going around field etc

    Yamaha YZF750 x2

    Honda Fireblade x2

    Honda fireblade

    Ducati 1299 (dealer delivered it on the Friday sold it on the Sunday)

    Alfa Romeo Alfasud TI (loved these cars and had a few, never had any trouble with them)



    Lancia Beta coupe (quite a few of them)

    Lancia Beta HPI

    Lancia Beta Spyder x2

    Vauxhall Astravan SE150 (I was building my own house at the time)

    AUDI TT (first new car, Mum died suddenly and at a young age 54. so I decided you can’t take it with you. So I ordered one when they first came out)

    Bmw 330 CI conv

    MK2 Audi TT 3.2

    Porsche 911 Carerra S (same buzz I got from bikes)

    Porsche 911 991.1 Carrera S

    Lancia Integrale Evo 2

    There were lots more in between but these are the ones I kept for more that 12 months. My dad was a car trader and I worked for him for a few years when I left school, so insurance was never a problem. I bought a lot of cars to sell on in those days.

    The Ducati. I had been having some problems with my legs not doing what they were supposed to do. I got the Ducati and went for a ride on the first dry day after i got it, which was the Sunday. I hated it, I was worried about dropping the bike everytime I came to a stop, because my legs would not go down quick enough, that’s why I put it for sale including my leathers, helmet boots etc as soon as I came home. I reluctantly realised no matter how much I wanted to remain a biker, my body was not up to it.

    The 911 was my last daily driver, I was still working so I was using it everyday, but then I had to give up work so it ended up just sitting in the garage doing nothing, so I sold it.

    The integrale was bought because I always wanted one and it was to be a garage queen, sitting in a dehumidified chamber, and because no matter how long it sat in the garage it was just going up in value. I kept it for 18 months and made a nice profit. I got sick of having to move around it in the garage so i sold it, but I wish I had not because it was a fantastic example of the legend, and I only ever got positive attention when I drove it. The Porsche were mainly not very positive attention, wanker as a drove past. people shouting rich bastard etc. I was brought up in a 2 up 2 down with an outside toilet about 50 metres at the end of the garden. No central heating, a geezer on the wall for hot water and a bath in front of the coal fire on a Sunday. This is when everyone else in school lived in houses with central heating and indoor toilets, and I was being called a rich bastard.

    Now I am 54 and I rarely drive.






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    Right here we go

    morris oxford

    renault 12ts

    renault 12tl estate

    escortmk 1.3 gt

    escort mk1 mexico

    ford transit mk1

    ford transit mk 2

    austin allegro

    astra van

    nissan d21 pick up

    ford sierra 2.0 l

    mk4 cortina 1.6

    mk5 tincorna 2


    vauxhall astra 1.6

    vauxhall nova 1.3

    vauxhall frontera sport escort mk5

    vauxhall frontera sport

    ford focus

    hyundai tucson 4×4

    nissan juke tekna


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    OK new to forum, Including some from my childhood (1977- present)

    Vauxhall Viva Estate

    VW Beetle + VW Camper

    VW Passat

    Volvo 240 GL + VW Transporter

    Volvo 240 GLT (Was Hit by a van which bounced into a lorry wrote that off but not the Volvo!!)

    Volvvo 340 GL (Whilst 240 GLT repaired)

    Volvo 440 Si

    Volvo 240 Torslanda

    Renault Grand Scenic Dynamic S

    Renault Grand Scenic Dynamic

    Ford Fiesta Zetec (Wifes)

    VW Fox Urban

    Mazda 3 Tamura

    Skoda Yeti Elegance (Personal Favourite)

    Seat Ateca  SE (Worse Car Personally

    Hyundai Tucson SE (Hire car (Ateca damaged in Stationary hit and run) very impressed)

    Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dci Dynamic S x2,
    Skoda Yeti 1.6TDI Elegance, Seat Ateca 1.6TDI SE 150,000+ miles of Happy Motoring.

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    OK new to forum, Including some from my childhood (1977- present)

    Commer Camper van

    Vauxhall Viva Estate

    VW Beetle + VW Camper

    VW Passat

    Volvo 240 GL + VW Transporter

    Volvo 240 GLT (Was Hit by a van which bounced into a lorry wrote that off but not the Volvo!!)

    Volvvo 340 GL (Whilst 240 GLT repaired)

    Volvo 440 Si

    Volvo 240 Torslanda

    Renault Grand Scenic Dynamic S

    Renault Grand Scenic Dynamic

    Ford Fiesta Zetec (Wifes)

    VW Fox Urban (Wifes)

    Mazda 3 Tamura (Wifes)

    Skoda Yeti Elegance (Personal Favourite of myself and my wife)

    Seat Ateca  SE (Worse Car Personally, but made worse by poor dealership)

    Skoda Citigo Monte Carlo

    Hyundai Tucson SE (Hire car (Ateca damaged in Stationary hit and run) very impressed)

    Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dci Dynamic S x2,
    Skoda Yeti 1.6TDI Elegance, Seat Ateca 1.6TDI SE 150,000+ miles of Happy Motoring.

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    I am getting on so i may have missed a few but i will have a go ,i will start at 22 year old as i had one every two or three months before then at less than £30 each that lasted no time or were bought to do up

    i have always had motorbikes and still do having two Triumphs , a Thunderbird and a Daytona , i also have a Transit ampervan (1990 44k miles no power steering !) and a saab convertible (1999 HOT )

    1972 Viva sl first car from work

    1974 Victor FD 1800 sl not the best but it had a great interior (worked at a vauxhall garage)

    1977 Ventora 3300 company car .very luxurious for its day

    1980 VX 2300GLS  company car ,great car …

    1983 i had to buy my own as i left the company and joined the fire service , 1975 ventora

    1986 Granada (1982 3 litre Ghia) fell to bits with rust eventually but was a good car

    1990 Rover Sterling i liked it (1987)

    1994 Rover 800 coupe (1992) loved it it had a honda v6 and full leather ,great car

    1999 Vauxhall Omega  new and the best car i have ever owned 2.5 diesel estate cd leather etc

    2004 Vauxhall Omega estate V6 CD ,brilliant car ….

    2006  Freelander V6 last of the polder style , got a great deal and no it didnt give me grief , HSE model

    2009 Freelander HSE it was a good car but had a couple of issues

    2011 Range Rover (2006) V8 Vogue , brilliant suv no problems and loved it

    2014 Range Rover (2010) V8 tdi once again no problems and avery good car

    2016 retired through ill health and first mobility car Kia Sportage ,awfull car , 8 times in garage ,rattles inside , bad finish , i have a list of issues including the dealer who never resloved them

    2019 Citroen C5 Aircross ….awaiting delivery and i think i will be pleased , i love the look and drive and the amount of equipment on the flair plus is mind blowing …

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    Current Car Kia Sportage KX4 (worst car i have ever owned) waiting on a new Citroen C5 Aircross Flair plus

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    All Autos !

    1994- MG Metro 1.4si- nippy !

    1997 Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia-  cosy !

    2000 Ford Focus 1.6 -1st modern car

    2003 Peugeot 306 1.6 Terrible car had to give it back after 2 years!

    2005 Mazda 6 – classy and a great car, dodgy electrics

    2008 Volvo v70 2.4d- very long and did not have parking sensors -so within 3 weeks i had reversed into a wooden post, crunch!

    2012 BMWx1 2.0 d m sport- FAST !

    2015 Volvo XC60 2.0 Se Lux- this is the best car i have had on the scheme by a long way. Please Volvo get it back on the scheme i am sure you would have a great take up!

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    Kerry Buchanan

    Morris Marina x 2

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Subaru 4WD something or other estate

    Mini Mayfair


    Toyota Tercel 4WD estate (very unreliable)

    Toyota Carina (work vehicle, but lovely)

    Toyota Corolla

    Ford Escort (work car; wrote it off in first week on adverse camber bend)

    Vauxhall Astra (work car)

    Vauxhall Cavalier


    Peugeot 309

    Mazda 626

    Mitsubishi Shogun (auto)

    VW Passat (work car)

    Land Rover Defender

    Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

    Mitsubishi Shogun (auto)

    Volkswagen Golf Estate

    7.5 ton Ford Eurocargo lorry

    Skoda Octavia Estate

    Jeep Grand Cherokee (auto)

    Volkswagen Passat Estate (DSG, sold today)

    First Motability car:

    Seat Ateca DSG 4Drive 2.0 (due to be collected from dealer this week sometime, hopefully)

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    Des Futcher


    Cortina MK3 (Brown)

    MK2 Escort

    MK1 Astra

    MK2 Cavalier CDI (why o why!!!)

    MG Montego ( strangely loved it )

    MK1 XR2

    MK2 XR2

    MK3 XR2i (loved it)

    Peugeot 306 D turbo

    Toyota Carola verso

    Toyota verso

    Peugeot 3008

    Ford Kuga

    Vauxhall Mokka X


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    My first car brings back fond memories.

    Mini 1.1 club man ♥️

    Austin allegri… worse car ever built 🤣

    Mark 2 Escort, best car pound for pound I have ever had ♥️

    Vx cavalier Sri

    Vx cavalier Gsi 150

    Porche boxster

    Mercedes c class advangarde


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    heres my list

    renault 6 tl

    cortina mk 3

    escort mk 2 mexico

    capri mk 2 3lt

    cortina mk 4  2.0s

    mustang 2.3 turbo

    rover sdi v8

    opel manta gte

    montego 2.o td

    cavalier sri   x2

    volvo 360

    renault laguna x 2

    fiat tempra

    ford orion

    rover 623

    escort xr3i

    peugeot 205 gti

    bmw 518

    omega estate                                                                                                                                                   vectra v6 sri   x2

    mobility scheme cars-

    vectra c sri

    insignia sri

    bmw 3 series 318d

    mazda 6 tourer



    honda cb 250

    cb 750

    cb 900



    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)
    Seat Ateca FR Black Edition 2.0tsi 190 dsg 4drive Nevada White

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    hillman imp

    golf c

    fiat regatta

    ford orion ghia

    toyota mr2

    rover 200 conv

    mazda xedos 6

    nissan 200sx

    ford scorpio

    hyundai sonata

    citroen c3


    mercedes c class conv

    mgtf stepspeed

    citroen xsara

    citroen c4 grand picasso

    mini 7 3dr auto cooper chilli

    the best were the mr2,maxda xedos 6 and the mgzt.

    the mr2 i would not  be able to get in/out of nowadays but either of the other 2 i would have in a heartbeat.

    so comfortable and went like stink.

    monday i pick up a mini countryman cooper s exclusive auto with the comfort/nav+ pack.

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    Not a huge list, a couple of surprises bearing in mind I’m 6′ 5-1/2″ (I was a lot more flexible when I was young and stupid!)

    Mini with wide wheels, engine blew and replaced with an Morris/Austin 1100

    Datsun 100A Cherry

    Datsun 160J SSS – Frameless doors, vinyl roof and painted like Starsky & Hutch (it was like that when I bought it, honestly!)

    Austin Montego – Awful company car, went through wheel bearings and front tyres every few months

    Ford Sierra 1.8 estate – Smashing car

    Ford Sierra Saloon

    Citroen BX19 TGD estate – First new car I bought, smashing car

    Rover 216

    Citroen BX14

    Citroen ZX

    Hyundai Atoz (don’t laugh!)

    2005 came onto Motability

    Ford C-Max (1st Motability car)

    Honda CRV with Sat-Nav and Sub-Woofer, Motability again, kept it for 5yrs

    Nissan Qashqai new 2014 model – bloody awful car, 1.5 diesel manual, terrible MPG, stalling pulling out of junctions etc. Motability agreed to early lease termination.

    Ford Kuga Titanium diesel, smashing car, killed by hailstones and multiple bodged repairs by Nationwide car repairs.

    2015 transferred to PIP and lost mobility award due to lying Atos assessor.

    Honda Jazz – loads of room once in, getting in/ut a different story!

    Skoda Yeti diesel

    Current car

    Skoda Yeti petrol on 3yr PCP lease at £189pm, couldn’t resist a bargain!

    2020, got my mobility award back so coming in May/June – VW Tiguan R-Line Tech, diesel manual 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    David McInally

    Ford Fiesta CVT (87)

    Metro Clubman

    Mk 2 Nissan Micra

    Rover 100 (hated it!!)

    Hyundai Accent

    Toyota Corolla

    Mk1 Mercedes A Class (heap of Junk)

    Mk1 Nissan Note

    Mk2 Nissan Note

    Nissan Qashqai (my favorite)

    Suzuki S-Cross

    Toyota CHR (current car, love it!!)


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    Ford C Max TDCI

    Vokswagen Golf mk7.5 dsg

    Volkswagen Golf mk8 dsg

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    Great thread!  Have had large chunks of my life without owning  vehicle, but have had a couple of interesting ones.

    Vespa 50 scooter (at age 16-18 –  didn’t get car licence till aged 32)

    1955 Morris Oxford (from 1986 for about 10 years)

    Suzuki 50 scooter

    (also drove a variety of work pool cars between 1988 and 2000)

    Bedford CF2 Campervan (2002-2005, also used for general shopping, etc – partner had a small car)

    Drove the Toyota Camry automatic that my dad had bought new in 1990 for a total of about 9 months between 2006 and 2019 (its still being passed around family members and going fine)

    Ford Ka

    Vauxhall Agila (first motability car)

    Hyundai iX20 (current motability car)

    will be getting a new motability car this year.


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    My car history is long and varied-

    Escort mk3

    Vw Beetle 1303s

    Escort mk1

    Opel Kadet

    Toyota corolla GT

    Renault 21 Turbo

    Fiesta 1.6S mk3

    Peugeot 306 d turbo

    Renault 5 campus

    Nissan 200sx

    Renault Laguna

    Mini Cooper (2002 bmw made)

    VW Bora

    BMW 328i

    Ford Mondeo Zetec S

    Seat Leon FR mk2

    Bmw 330i convertible

    Subaru impreza STI RA (jap import)

    Renault laguna estate

    Vauxhall Astra Sri

    Mazda mx5 mk1

    Honda civic type R ep3

    Bmw 335i coupe

    Honda civic type R fn2

    Vw Golf tdi 1st motability car

    Vw Passat estate 2.0 tdi motability

    Seat Leon cupra R mk1

    Bmw 120d m sport motability

    Volvo XC60 D5 SE LUX motability

    Abarth 595 motability

    Seat leon fr motability

    2 more due to be added soonish lol

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    Passed my driving test in 2011 and have personally owned a:

    2008 Ford Mondeo Hatchback 1.8 TDCi 6-spd manual. This was a hand-me-down with 72k. Retired due to excessive MOT repair bill as of December 2019

    2005 Nissan Murano V6 – 106k but gearbox was defective. Recycled now.

    2017 Vauxhall Astra Hatchback SRi 1.4T – stolen @ 22k

    2018 VW Golf 1.6 TDI SE Nav Hatchback – stolen by Father @ 7k

    2014 BMW i3 – Stolen by younger sibling @ 44k

    2018 VW Golf 1.4 TSI SE Nav Hatchback DSG – Actually stolen from work and recovered on a remote farm 50 miles away from home, written off @ 5k

    2019 Jeep Renegade 2.0 MultiJet Limited Auto 4WD – sold @ 20k to dear friend who crashed it into a ditch

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    Passed age 17, 2001

    Mk3 Fiesta 1.1 F Reg

    Escort, K reg

    Mk3 Fiesta SI 1.6 M reg (still got it 17 yrs)

    Bmw E36 1997

    Mk4 fiesta 1998

    Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi 1998

    Combo van 1996

    Combo van 2004

    Alfa 147 2006

    Bmw E46 2005

    Vw T5.1 camper (still own)

    Bmw X1

    VW Tiguan Rline

    BMW 4 series coupe m-sport

    M4 Comp (current car)


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    Volvo V70 r design 2.0D 136PS  AP £2700 Sep-09 – Oct-12

    BMW X1 X-Line 4×4 2.0D 180PS AP £2500 Oct-12 – Oct15

    Ford Focus Estate ST 2.0D 180PS £1800 Oct – 15 – Dec 18

    VW Golf Estate GTD 2.0D 181PS £2200 ordered Jul-18,  cancelled Dec18 after VW confirmed Est arrival was May-19

    Honda Civic Sport Plus 1.5 VTEC 180PS £2000 Dec18 – Dec 21



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    Doogie doughnut

    Bikes first ;

    CB5oJ with an XR75 pipe (for my 16th birthday)

    Suzuki TS125

    Suzuki GSX250

    Yamaha RD500LC (wheelies in any gear!)

    Yamaha RD350YPVS

    Now for the cars

    Mini Clubman held together by body filler

    Fiesta MK1 1.1L

    Astra 1.6L company car

    Rover 214 SLi company car

    Cavalier 2.0 auto first Motability car

    Cavalier 1.8 auto mota (so slow, yawn!)

    Vectra 2.0 auto mota

    Mondeo Zetec 2.0 mota

    Mondeo Zetec estate 2.0 mota

    Vectra Mk2 2.2 auto mota

    V70 2.4D auto mota kept for 5 years

    V70 2.0D3 auto mota kept for 5 years also, still got it

    probably a Superb Estate 150 auto but haven’t ordered yet, would have liked the PHEV but don’t think it’ll be back on the list


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    Impossible for me to list all the cars that I’ve had but the highlights are –

    Triumph Dolomite Sprint – bought as standard but had it bored out and rally tuned with Webber carburettors and a massive exhaust. Absolutely knocked you back in your seat when accelerating hard and left everything on the road standing.

    Opel Manta GTE – white with white alloys. Really looked the part and was a hit with the ladies.

    Citroen C6 – an incredible car that took comfort to another level. Had double glazed windows and reclining rear seats. Was way ahead of its time.

    Citroen DS3 Sport – a little pocket rocket that I had modified slightly for more power. Fantastic to drive and really looked the part too. Much nicer than the abomination that bears the same badge these days.

    BMW 4 series – great to drive, it handled like it was on rails and very comfortable for such a sporty car.

    BMW X1 25D – not my car but my wife’s however driven regularly by me. Great grip being 4 wheel drive and a gem of an engine and gearbox.

    I’ve also had 7 BMW 3 series and they have all been great cars.

    Plenty of duds I could mention including –

    Austin Princess 1800 HL – incredibly slow and hydrolastic suspension that used to break every time you hit a pothole.

    Rover 216 – conked out every time it rained.

    Ford Orion – I had 2 of these and both were absolute rubbish. They were company cars.

    Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 – another car that was unbelievably slow and one day the brakes caught on fire whilst I was stuck at the traffic lights. Thankfully it was a company car and they decided to replace it immediately after the event.

    Daewoo – not sure of the model or engine. It was a company car and every time you switched on the aircon the engine virtually died due to lack of power.

    Vauxhall Grandland X – one of the worst cars I have ever driven. Enough said.

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    Fiat cinqcentio

    renault (I think) punto

    peugot 306

    skoda felicia

    ford galaxy

    renault grand scenic


    Citroen xsara Picasso

    Audi Q3

    BMW 1 series

    (waiting on first motability vehicle)

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