Car accident shambles

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    My motability car was hit by a car that left and didnt leave details. There was a witness who told me what happened an i got the car registration.

    I called RSA motability who put all the details on the system and nationwide contacted me about repairs. When i contacted nationwide they didnt do the repairs anymore so phones RSA who said they would contact me when a new repair centre was available.

    fast forward 2 months and no contact from RSA so i called and they said my file was still with nationwide. They have now given my file to a local repairer. I am annoyed as they should have contacted me. I know I can chase it up but i have been ill.

    I called enterprise who will be giving me a courtesy car. But they have told me this will be a credit hire car and if they can’t get the money off the other insurers then i would be liable for the hire cost.

    Is this the correct way that the hire car should be done? Surely the hire car and repairs should be dealt with by RSA and i shouldn’t be liable for any costs.

    Has anyone else had a credit hire car through RSA Motability?

    Appreciate any help. Thanks

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    I’ve had two courtesy cars due to my car being off road due to repairs after an accident but on both occasions the other party admitted full responsibility for the accident so there were no charges or even suggestion of charges for the hire car.

    The only charge they did threaten me with was the excesses charges but that was waived when the other party admitted fault.

    Other than that they do take credit card details for if you don’t refuel the hire car before returning.

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    thanks for your information.

    I rang RSA and they say the credit hire is the correct way in my case as when a car goes for repair they normally give you a small car but enterprise can give a better car.

    Its just a pain that i have to go through all the details over over again.

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