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    Whilst in my local Aldi, whilst waiting at the check out I noticed and read the Special Buy Posters. I noticed a Vehicle Fault Code Reader (OBD 11) advertised for £16.99 (OBD 11 has been talked about on a thread recently) not being mechanically minded myself I have no idea if that was good, but I decided to pick up the upcoming  Special Buy magazine anyway on the way out.

    depending on your interests at times thier are some good deals and things of interest at a more affordable price,  I thought I would share and start a thread of deals that might be of use to our Forum Users , and this coming week at Aldi has some Accessories that might be of use for the Car. Particularly of interest other than the fault finder may be.

    Heated Car Seat Pad £9.99 Car Boot Tidy £3.99 – Full Car Cover £9.99 – Car Mats £14.99. Lots more things too. I’m definitely getting a boot Tidy or two.

    With the cold weather due the Heated Seat Pad could be popular for those that missed out on heated seats or only has drivers side heated. Please add to the Thread Any deals you come across that might be of use to or help our Users.

    Full List

    Picture of heated Seat Pad.


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    Thanks for the info and link JS.


    Just ordered a heated seat pad and 2 x boot organisers online. Orders over £20 qualify for free delivery so I also chucked in a solar powered PIR light.

    Cheers ?

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    I am a member of the Ford owners Club. With full membership you get a Halfords discount card with 15%. Comes in handy. So anyone with a Ford might be worth a look at.

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    You get 10% off in Halfords if you hold a Defence card.

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    I’m still looking for an excuse to need the 2 in 1 car creeper & Seat at that price it’s got to come into use somehow, I can’t decide on which size boot tidy so may wait to see them in store, not car related but I could have so much fun with the Halloween Electricity Box it looks amazing, that’s going on my list for sure ha ha

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    I picked up one of the boot tidy things about 4 months ago, very good indeed, very sturdy once opened out and doesn’t collapse when moving it about, I did look for another but sold out in all 3 of my local stores.

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    Nice to know Vinalspin, The magazine states pre order 29th and on sale in store from Sunday 6th. I’m leaning towards Two smaller tall ones as it looks like they have a handle on them and handy to put the dogs stuff in and a blanket and drinks etc, being able to take it out the car would be a bonus, the other one would probably be full up with first aid pack and all the other stuff that just accumulates and poxy shopping bags.

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    Yeah, mine is full of the junk that used to adorn the back seats, I keep all my “poxy” shopping bags in the seat back pockets of the front seats(why I need 8 of them I’ll never know).

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    As my memory has been jogged by another Thread I thought I would update this one.

    The heated seats are still available and another user says “the wife likes them” so that’s got to be a seal of approval. i ended up getting the long boot tidy which at £3.99 is brilliant, a relitive with small children, because of the low sun now picked up a set of the blinds are thinks they are good value. The latest offerings that might be of use at this time of year are the various car covers, and for those   That use the vehicle less often in the colder weather or maybe use a scooter less often may be interested in the solar battery maintainer (if we get any sun). I don’t know about these but please check if suitable for scooter or vehicle as I know some manufacturers don’t recommend using them, I know a few caravan users have them, so may be able to give more details as to suitability. A few other things available too.

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    Just a word of warning if you buy heated seat mats that plug into the car’s 12v socket, also buy some spare fuses.

    The current draw when first plugged in can often blow the fuse protecting the 12v socket. Manufacturers no longer expect the sockets to be used for a conventional cigarette lighter and have often either multi-d other electric gizmos through the same fuse, or lowered the wattage rating of the fuse. Thus the heated mats can blow the fuse

    It is a pain booking the car into a dealership for a 2 second fuse replacement, much easier to do it yourself or get a friend etc to do it as the socket is useless until the fuse is replaced.

    My former Citroen was forever blowing the fuses when I got one of those heat mates from Lidl.





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    OBD 11 is a specific brand with an app to alter features on your car etc.

    This wont accomplish the same thing

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    Picked up one of the larger boot tidy’s to go with my smaller one, just a good quality but can fit more crap in.

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    I think I’ve lost my boot tidy lol it was used to put some shopping in when I forget to take bags with me and took in the house, it’s now seems to be a under stair tidy permeant fixture, so if they don’t have any in store I might well order online, to be fair I could do with a couple for the shed and at that price they are very universal as to use.

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