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    I ordered a mobility car a few weeks ago and was asked by dealer to put down a deposit. I was not told it was non-refundable and nothing on the receipt he gave me says it is. I want to cancel the car as Ive realised its probably not going to be the right one for me.

    Will I get the deposit back?


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    May i ask who the dealer was?

    Be good to know the good ones as well as the ones to avoid.

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    I would say go back to dealer get your order number you can then track it on v.w site to see if it’s been built yet or started to be built if.not. v.w should not charge dealer any fees. I’ve never heard of this before. Any ap or deposit paid upfront are 1 and the same. Your asked for the deposit towards your ap however it’s worded that’s what it is for. I think you should be fine in getting it back as long as your order has not hit production yet  motability don’t get involved in this side of it and just advise you to deal with dealer . On another note. We all try and give our views and advise sometimes we think we know best and it can be heated to say the least. But really no need for anyone to get personal not saying it’s happened in hear but feels like it’s going that way. Everyone take a deep breath and relax. We are here to help each other not put each other down

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    Of course you can Trev

    Kieran Crosbie



    01691 654141

    We were in the process of moving at the time Furrows sent a driver all the way from Owestry to our new address 75 miles away.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know, the garage seemed to avoid answering my calls or emails so I went in today and they instantly asked for the card I paid with and refunded me.



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    Well done Steve. Bet that’s a weight of your mind. It is a mine field making a decision that we have to live with for 3 years.

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    Well done Steve and the looking and deciding at cars all starts again. 🙂

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    Glos Guy

    Well done Steve. That’s great news. All too often, dealers trade on fear rather than fact! Enjoy the new search.

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    Glos Guy

    Well done Steve. All too often dealers deal in fear rather than fact. Enjoy looking for your new car.

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    Well done Steve. ??so what now what are you ordering??

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    I also think well done to steve – in his circumstances i would have psid – a as it was only £49 – b because i was getting a £500 discount and it locks them in

    Anyway you got the result you wanted so well done

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    Hi –

    Not sure what we are ordering yet. Problem was we ordered the Tiguan r line and sat in one that had leather seats.  Two weeks later they has the correct r line trim without leather and my wife found it uncomfortable.  If we had wanted leather it would have been a further £1700 for the leather and heated seats.

    I think we might wait until the next quarter and see what comes on the scheme.  I’m surprised the Kia Sorento is not on because that starts at £28000 and the Tiguan r line started at £32000.


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    I’d say if its not too inconvenient then waiting it out is definitely the way to go. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see a different landscape next quarter. I’m curious to see if Hyundai loosen up with the Tucson offerings for instance, and it would be good to see Skoda coming back down from the moon with their pricing.

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    I agree. I think they are waiting for march registrations to pass (that makes the most sense). Then if it’s as poor as it has been, then we’ll see a drop.

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    Yes I agree that does seem to be the trend when dealers don’t hit their targets then they look at motability side of things as it’s an easy sale. Q2 should be interesting to say the least. Happy it all worked out for you Steve and dealer refunded. Most don’t ask upfront but somedealers have been burned by customers changing their minds at the last min and that’s why some do ask now. I think we should all be allowed to change our minds before the collection date if a better suited car becomes available as things are changing on a weekly basis now which gives us more hope to find the ideal car that we want.

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    Mercedes miffed

    Disappointed that the Motability dealer has been so unhelpful and ordered a car which he knows I’m unhappy about. I also think that Motability aren’t helpful, despite so many people on here singing their praises. I’m cancelling and saving the PIP award to buy a car that I will own. Motability need to stop being so greedy – same goes for Mercedes-Benz! Poor service received.

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    Sorry to here that

    the whole WLTP thing has caused issues across the whole industry, it is hopefully just about starting to recover, as a result and with sales down there are some great PCP deals about at the moment. Good luck and let us know how you get on. I’m sure your findings will be of interest to many.

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    i got mine back in full fron Honda. Even though the small ptrint on the receipt said non refundable.


    Just stay polite, tell them you’ve spoken to motability and they say if you don’t get a full refund contact them again.


    With motability you you can cancel up to three times in 7 years, if you’d already received your car, then there may be an admin fee of up to £250. Plus you loose any good condition payment when handed back.

    Good luck.

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    Think yourself lucky, two manufacturers have recently cancelled my orders as they couldn’t fulfil them.

    Firstly I ordered a diesel BMW 3 Series x-drive auto in August and the order was input correctly etc and accepted by BMW and Motability. Four weeks later BMW decided they couldn’t build it as production had now ceased (there is a new model just coming out but not available on the scheme). So that was the end of that and Motability ‘re-set’ my aplication status.

    So, after a change of plan and much rapid car searching, a diesel Renault Koleos Signature Nav 4wd Auto was ordered from the Renault dealer in September. I got a phone call yesterday to say, sorry it is no longer available as Renault have now changed the model and specs (inferior to what I had ordered) and this new updated model is not available on the scheme! Checking with Renault showed there was none of the old spec in the country.

    I spoke with Motability who were very helpful. Due to the circumstances of the two cancellations (neither of which were my fault in any way) they have offered to extend the lease of my current vehicle for two years. However, at any point during that time if I see a car I would like, I can order it. Which is pretty fair to be honest.Plus I will receive the appropriate GCB etc if I terminate the extension early,

    However, I think I will keep my current vehicle (Hyundai Tucson 4WD Diesel Auto)  for another two years as it still fits my needs perfectly.

    I just hope the next car change is a bit smoother. I will avoid BMW and Renault though!


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    Hopefully Mike the new Hybrid 4×4 Tucson will make an appearance at some point. And with the Premium Se already on it’s a great choice for many, I’ve still got over two years to go but at present I would find it hard to replace the Tucson Premium, so taking the extension sounds like a win win situation for you.

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    Yes JS,

    The ‘diesel mild hybrid’ Tucson 4WD Auto could well interest me. The big question is of course, will it appear on the scheme, and if so when?

    I am on very good terms with my local Hyundai dealer and I will be having a day long test drive in one when they eventually get a demo car in (and all the sales chaps/chapesses have had their play with it).

    On paper it could well be one for the future.


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    Which Mobility Car

    The New Kia Sportage with the 48v ‘Mild Hybrid’ system has sneaked onto the Scheme so the Hyundai should be added at some point.

    The Sportage is £3749 AP in top GT Line S trim.


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    Interesting. I must admit I’ve found the sportage styling strange in the past but do like the look of the new face lift model.

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    Diane williams

    Hi my daughter ordered a car last month with ford no deposit given she may need to cancal due to health issues

    The car is being made now and ready in 3 weeks if she canals will there be a charge.

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    Diane, there should be no charges for cancelling at any time before delivery. Just give Motability a call and then inform the dealer. It’s not a big deal, happens all the time.

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    Diane you can cancel right up to the point of entering  the PIN number after the dealer has shown you around the car.

    There wont be any cost involved and the dealers will simply sell the car to someone else.

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