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    I ordered a mobility car a few weeks ago and was asked by dealer to put down a deposit. I was not told it was non-refundable and nothing on the receipt he gave me says it is. I want to cancel the car as Ive realised its probably not going to be the right one for me.

    Will I get the deposit back?


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    Yes young Steve I did

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    Thanks for reply, I just have a feeling they will be really awkward over it


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    How many weeks ago did you order the car.????????

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    According to Motability, it’s a “non-refundable upfront payment”.

    Good luck.

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    Mine was a week before motability cancelled order because did over phone young Kit sent my £49 back on to credit card

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    My understanding is if the car is not in the build stage yet then they might refund you.  Take note they don’t have to it is down to the dealer and motability tend not to get involved in this area.  The dealer may very well say you filled out the form to say this car suited your needs ect ect. But work this one out. If it was a large deposit say 1000 and you take the car and find it’s.not suitable for you motability will allow you most of the time to do an early term and you lose upto 250 but they carry the ap over to the next car on a pro rota basis. Little weird that they let you do that but no cancel before hand for a refund. Again u can cancel but down to dealer. Maybe if their is a delay on car you might get away with it. I never pay ap up front just in case something goes wrong.

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    I have had seven mobility cars over 20 years and have NEVER been asked for a deposit when ordering. Any AP has been paid on collection, and only if I am happy it’s the correct spec, undamaged etc.,  if a salesman asked me for such a deposit on ordering I would walk out, maybe it’s because I’m a tight Yorkshireman!!

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    Glos Guy


    Don’t be mislead by the responses you have received regarding the AP being non-refundable. You have not paid the AP, you have paid a deposit – two entirely different things.

    The dealers attitude will depend upon the stage of your order BUT if they play hard ball then refer to the “Cooling off period” which you are entitled to exercise. You will probably find mention of this in the small print of any agreement that you have signed. There are several levels that you can go to above that (threatening to raise the issue with Motability, the manufacturers UK head office and the Financial Services authorities) but I don’t think you will need to get to that stage.

    Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

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    Tell me,but who has mentioned about the ap being non-refundable.???????

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    Glos Guy

    Read the 5th post

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    Should you have not said response as it’s only the 5th post your criticising and not others.????

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    Could you also please advise on the “cooling off” period as I’m confused about that one.??

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    Glos Guy

    You are being extremely pedantic. I offered Steve what I hope is practical advice in response to his question. I note that you did not.

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    You do seem to be full of your own self importance don’t you Glos Guy.

    Actually I was asking him a question to get more facts to give the right advise/help unlike yourself.

    you quote cooling off periods then the FSA just please enlighten me.

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    Can I please remind All posters to avoid becoming personal with one another. We are a forum for advice, opinions and general chat, All advice and opinions are welcomed, some times posts can be misread and misconstrued, we welcome new viewers and posters on a daily bases and wish theirs and existing posters visits and experiences to be a good one, we are with the help of Everyone a friendly Forum, please let’s keep it that way.

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    Just saying it’s not getting personal as I was asking for clarification on the cooling off period & FSA in regards to the very little information the op gave at the start of thread and also I think it’s not good form to criticise other posters advise/help.

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    Richard Hewett

    If you read the small print the dealer is entitled to ask for the AP upfront it does not matter what happened for the last 20 years times change.when I ordered my Focus st in March last year the dealer wanted the AP and the money for the extras before I was allowed to order the car £2350 when I phoned mobility they said yes the dealer is entitled to it so I paid they ordered.

    I  cancelled a order just as the car was being delivered to the dealer I ordered a seat Leon st 184 dsg it was fine on my 15 min test drive but my friend bought one I went out in it and after about 1 hour of sitting in the passenger seat I was getting cramp and bad back pain,I phoned mobility and they said it was best to cancel before I take delivery and I got a refund of my £200 deposit but the dealer was not best please.


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    Hi I ordered the car two weeks ago



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    Steve,if it’s a car they have in stock they might have already registered it in which could be a problem for your deposit .

    if it’s not a stock car and has to be built should make it easier to get your deposit back.

    Having said all of that if you explain the reason why the car is not suitable to the dealership I would of thought they would do the right thing.

    Best  of luck and please let us know how you get on. 🙂


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    The only reason I am concerned is because the  manager at the garage gave me this lecture about them being charged £500 by VW to cancel an order. It does seem far fetched to me but  I don’t know how the motor industry works.

    Im contacting them again today , will  let you know how I get on

    Thanks for replies so far and support


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    Steve,That excuse you been given is utter rubbish tbh as mistakes happen as I was asked by my VW dealer if I wanted to cancel as he would refund me in full and that was 8 days after ordering the car which hopefully is being built.


    PS, I won’t go into why he asked if I wanted to cancel as this is an open forum and eyes are everywhere.


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    Just to be clear, the FSA is no more, it no longer exists, and there is no cooling off period when a new car order is placed on site.

    The AP is a different thing to a deposit being placed.

    The 4th reply by TonyD has the information from Motability’s stance to Steve’s question which is that it is non-refundable. That’s not to say that dealer won’t refund, just that they are not legally obliged to.

    I just hope for Steve’s sake the dealer feels the giving a refund is better customer service. I believe the a factor that will decide is if the car has gone in to build (which is unlikely as order only placed 2 weeks ago), and if not it should be a simple cancel with no costs involved for the dealer.

    Perhaps that’s where the dealer is getting their £500 cancellation costs from, and applies only once the car has gone in to build?

    Good Luck Steve, have you an eye on a alternative?


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    I paid £49 yesterday when ordered my Golf at Johnson’s Solihull should I have paid him the £49 when I pick up the car ? I’m sure I have done in the past £49 was total advance payment was £549 but got £500 off

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    I’ve had no problems paying the AP upfront when i’ve ordered in the past Mike, i’m one of these like it paid when i order so i know i’ve done my bit. Previous dealers have said it’s up to me, can pay on order or when i collect.

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    I was not asked for a deposit upfront just informed I need to at the time of completion along with my pin no. Our dealer was excellent keeping us informed all the way and checking the car suited our need, we test drove a demonstrator car and tried our mobility scooter, walker and crutches in the car.

    Our dealer also made sure we could safely enter and exit the vehicle. Some dealer are better geared up for Mobility customer than others.

    We did not get a discount, however that was back in May last year, but our car came with the optional Black, dual air-conditioning, sat navigation, electric hand brake etc. at no extra cost.

    At time of collection our dealer came and pick us up, plus on collection we found the car fuel up.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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