Cancelling and Re-ordering

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi All,</p>
    Happy New Year! How much of a pain is it to cancel and reorder when delivery is expected in 2 weeks?


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    No. Was pretty straight forward.

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    Glos Guy

    Well done. That’s great news. I shall certainly take a more assertive stance with the dealer and Motability should I ever be in that position again, as both refused hands down when the current car dropped £500 between order and delivery.

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    Well done kitty. Great choice of car too I think you got a lot of car for your money. Enjoy.

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    What should i do i signed for a new Renault Clio and in the colour i wanted which is on the order form i signed for and the ap is £295 anyway i was told now by the sales manager that the blue colour was sold to someone else and that they still have a blue one that’s due in the uk on 23rd oct but it has a boot liner that i would have to pay £77 if i want that car i am a bit put out as he said theres a met red one i could have.


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    Kerry Buchanan

    In answer to @daveblue I’d be inclined to hold the dealer to the price quoted on the original order. It’s hardly your fault the car was sold to someone else, so you shouldn’t be having to pay the difference. Admittedly I’m a complete newbie to motability as this will be my first car, so hopefully someone more experienced will chip in with correct info.

    However, this thread made me go and look up my car (Seat Ateca 2.0 DSG TDi 4 drive Xcellence Lux) on the motability site. The AP has risen from £1,999 to £2,299, an increase of £300. The car is due this week sometime, and now I’m panicking. So what is the current experience on the forum? Will I need to pay the higher rate or will Motability honour the AP that was current at the time of ordering?

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    You pay the AP you ordered at.

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    Say thank you for the free boot liner and there better be a full tank of fuel in it for the inconvenience.

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    tell them to take the boot liner out its only a rubber matt


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    @daveblue please don’t be at the mercy of unscrupulous salespersons or dealerships, you orderered your vehicle, don’t except any variations unless it’s in your favour and even if it is certainly don’t pay for it, dealerships selling ordered Motability vehicles unfortunately is becoming All to common. Phone or email the dealership and say your only willing to stick to your original order any variation from that they need to talk to Motability. Something doesn’t sound right a boot liner can be taken out and transferred to another customer. Call Motability tell them your unsure of of Dealerships motives and not happy they have admitted selling your vehicle (not exceptable) if nothing else comes of it you will end up with the vehicle you ordered and hopefully Motability will fine the dealership.

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    Many thanks JS and all i have emailed them and told them what you have helped me with and guess what a phone call came back withing an hour and they have told me they have found a blue one with tech pack and it comes within the grant payment so will not have to pay anything which im very happy with.They have tried to sell me a superguard paint and interior protection which for motability customers can have a special price of £199 which i would have to pay for is that worth having?


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    Whenever I have been offered the paint and interior protection I have turned it down my view is it might be worth if it was my car and I was keeping it long term. However I only intend to keep the car for 3 years and Motability  allows for fair wear.

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    I don’t know where I read it but I’m sure I’ve read somewhere it’s against Motability rules for dealers to try to sell you extras such as paint protection along with anything else.

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    I’ve never been offered it in 20 years would never have it just for 3 years

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    I think the reply to the salesman’s offer  of superguard paint and interior protection is…….. thanks but no thanks 🙂


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    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

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    I have been looking at getting a Peugeot Rifter when I am due to renew which is on the 31st of this month, in reality it would have to be in early November as Brexit day is not going to be ideal to place an order as everything will be up in the air one way or the other.

    I spoke to the mota rep at Robins & Day Sheffield and asked if I was to order in November and the AP’s reduce in Q1 2020 would I be able to get it at the reduced rate to which he replied “There is no way I can definitely guarantee you the lower price if you were to order sooner”. I thought it was a 2 minute job on the back office system?

    The other thing I managed to get out of him is the wait times for ordering a new car, 6 Months!!! really? 6 Months?!? how can it possibly be that long, it’s not like it’s a best selling model and there’s a huge queue of people trying to order one, that would mean it would be coming some time in June 2020 and my lease finishes on 31st January 2020, no way I can go another half a year with a car that Seat can’t/won’t fix, I am going to have to leave the scheme and buy used instead, great that Motability is so up with the times and still only give you 12 weeks to order a new car.

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    It is a two minute job to on their back office system, I would suggest his comments were aimed at any levy that may be passed on due to Brexit, nothing to do with AP changing. Any dealership not willing to do it is not worth dealing with and probably trying it on as if the Ap goes down I would bet they cancel and reorder and pocket the difference.

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    Smile Pay the lowest AP or walk away.
    You owe the dealer nothing, most will happily smile and lie straight in your face.

    As Js says if it’s simply changing a few figures then it’s hardly worth them loosing a sale over.

    They are just betting that we are desperate and will believe anything.


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