Cancelling and Re-ordering

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi All,</p>
    Happy New Year! How much of a pain is it to cancel and reorder when delivery is expected in 2 weeks?


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    What is it your wanting to do? cancel and re ordered different model or cancel re order same car due to price change

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    It’s the price change.

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    If it’s down to the ap being reduced you should be able to renegotiate to the new lower price. 🙂

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    Then speak to your dealership it’s just a simple case off cancelling present order and resubmitting it, they should be fine with it as they get paid the same no matter what the AP.


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    Ok, thanks! I’ll speak to them tomorrow as I imagine they’re closed today 🙂

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    Be willing to push it. Some sales persons are or can be very dismissive. Make it clear you were given false information by them and motability and as a result never got a choice of colour etc but your are willing to stick with your order as long as the AP is reduced further.

    and get them to clarify the reasoning for false information regarding stock

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    Why on earth did you order December ? My local dealer if ordered December if came down would have it at new price

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    Thanks JS, I certainly will be pushing that point. I’m just a little nervous as I’m not used to haggling or being pushy!

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    Glos Guy

    In spite of what others are saying, I think you are unable to do that as your car will already be built. Our current car dropped £500 between order and delivery and neither Motability or the dealer wanted to know, even though it was well before build date. They said it was a case of you pay the price that was applicable when you ordered. Some you win, some you lose. Technically, if you could cancel and reorder you would start all over again and be waiting another 3-4 months. Is that worth the saving, even if you could agree it?

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    It’s a uk stock car. slightly different than factory build cars that been allocated a Vin number, although even then right up to the point you enter your PIN number there is no deal or contract that can’t be changed/cancelled, dealerships reallocate cars all the time it will take them less than 5mins your cancelled car will show as available on their live system for the few seconds it takes to reallocate it either to you or someone else, even if in build que it keeps it place and expected delivery date remains the same, but as said some salespeople can be dismisses don’t be afraid to push it though as you only ordered a week or so ago and was misinformed they really have no choice. And as mike said his dealer, as was mine willing to guarantee lower amount if vehicle reduced in AP

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My story is the complete opposite from the one above</p>

    the AP on mines dropped by £500 over the weekend( 2 years ago )  and I never thought for a minute I wouldn’t benefit from this price drop.


    I emailed my dealer saying thanks for the delay as my car is now £500 cheaper , he said he would double check then came back shortly afterwards to confirm that it indeed had dropped from £2999 to £2499

    This was Audi, not exactly renowned for their generosity

    good luck though ??


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    Oh by the way , I never mentioned cancelling and re-ordering


    i just put it a short email that my had dropped by £500 and that I was delighted with this

    he confirmed shortly afterwards

    sometimes it’s how you say things rather than what you say


    but again good luck

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    Very true winston

    and it costs Nothing to ask (imply lol)

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    If it’s dropped by say £100, and the dealer says nothing they can do with the AP and only choice is cancel and reorder, then i would ask for some extras instead, tank of fuel and full set of floor mats for example.

    But at the end of the day, you were happy with the price when the order was placed, how would you feel if the price went up and dealer asked you for the difference?

    Sorry to sound harsh, but it’s like when booking a holiday, once the purchase is made, don’t go back looking at the prices afterwards. You were happy to pay the price, so leave it at that and move on and enjoy your purchase.

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    Totally disagree with you Trev

    i personally think anyone would be a fool not to do whatever they could to obtain the lower AP price

    its not about being “happy” when it came to initial AP asking price


    there isn’t a negotiation on that. It’s set for example £3k.

    But if the AP has been reduced by the time your car is built, shipped and ready to collect then I think it’s only fair you pay the current asking price ( unless it’s increased )

    this is exactly what my rep at Audi told me when ordering mines a couple of years ago.


    My AP was £3k and my build time was 4 months – but he told me the good thing was if the AP was reduced during that time then I would pay less and if the AP was increased then my AP payment would stay the same at my time of order , so it was a win win

    Again this is an Audi main dealer, not renowned for their generosity to say the least

    but it’s just common sense, like buying a guitar and then it arrives from USA and u notice the they are now selling the same one for £200 less, you’d be daft not to pay the full price

    holidays are completely different

    Each to their own, but it’s the principle that’s at question here – it doesn’t sit well with me morally that someone would pay the higher amount because they ordered it a few months ago


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    Fair points there Winston,

    But Ap’s aren’t set in stone, and can be negotiated on if the dealer wants your business. Sometime’s discounts on Ap’s are commonly advertised on dealers websites, open for all to see.

    That’s where my line of ‘happy’ with the AP came from, as personally i would have done the due diligence prior to ordering and ensured i was getting the best deal i could at the time.

    Likewise as you state, agreeing with the dealer prior to order if the Ap was to reduce in the next quarter before you took receipt of the vehicle, then you would pay less and if the AP was increased then your AP payment would stay the same……something i never thought of, but will bring up when it comes to my next renewal if the dates from order to receipt pass in to the next quarter. Thank you

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    Good stuff, I can only go on my own personal experience and share it in the hope that we all get the best deal possible

    too many greedy companies out there hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable

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    Hi, I ordered a Kuga Titanium and was due for delivery in January.

    ive cancelled mine and am ordered  the Vignale and sign paperwork  on the 3rd January.

    I had no issues cancelling and reordering. I think it might be up to what your dealer is like. Good Luck.

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    What about if you paid a deposit but want yo cancel and go with another brand, is the deposit refundable or do you loose it?

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    You have signed no contract until you collect the vehicle and personally input your PIN so all deposits etc are to be refunded. No ifs buts or any other way of putting it. It’s LAW. If you were to sign up in advance and sign an agreement stating none refundable deposit then that’s different, but we dont!

    Kitty ignore the negativity your within in your rights just pop into dealership and casually point out the situation, you are more than capable and strong enough to make your point it will be fine and your leave there no matter what the outcome feeling proud of yourself.


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    Where is the negativity justsaying as all I can see are people’s opinions and advise which is what this forum is all about surely.?????

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    What you don’t seem to realise is that we always want good service from dealerships and don’t you think dealerships would expect the same ,so your going to a dealer quoting all sort of laws and regulations before she has even spoke to them is not a good idea tbh as all kitty needs to do is talk calmly and straight forward to begin with.

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    Ive been their seen it done it many times I always push for the best deal. And this is a weird one from my personal experience I have changed my mind at the last minute  before and was told by motability that I would have to pay 250 because the car had been ordered and built and on way to dealership  I way as I have not entered pin yet they said once it’s built and on way to dealer then it would be treated as a full cancellation on their end and they have to arrange the admin side as car is already v5 to motability ect ect . AS it turns out dealer only reg the car within minutes of me telling them i wad going else where as found a better car at a lower ap. Anyway after a few days motability came back to me and waved the 250 as I should never have been told I needed to pay this as I did not enter pin however I was advised by them that they are within their right to charge upto 250 if the car has been built to cover admin costs and a note will be added to my file so to speak to say I have have been told this. Other times I’ve been able to get a lower ap with price change. I have found it really depends on dealer and who you speak with at motability as some will bend the rules a little and some won’t. Always try and get lower ap and no harm in asking what so ever but if you push it they can charge that admin fee then ask your self is it worth it. I too am thinking of changing cars and canx the order I made 10 days ago but but I run the risk of handing this car back now and being without until next car arrives as lease up and they won’t extend. So everyone is different and you gotta do what’s right for you.

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    Just spoke to the dealer. Going in later to cancel and reorder. He was ok about it.

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    Well done Kittywife,I take it you did not have to quote any laws did you.????

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