Can motability really keep the present cap

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    Hi Brydo,

    I agree if Motability wants to keep up with the times they need to look at making the scheme greener which means more hybrids need to be introduced and thus the price cap needs to be raised. I would support a restructuring of the price cap which remained the same for petrol/diesel but allowed a higher cap for electric and hybrids this would be good for scheme users, the planet and hopefully give Motability some positive media publicity. I am against introducing higher APs for hybrids as I appreciate there are Motability users who could not raise the finance to meet this. I also feel the government has a part to play here as it it is all very well introducing legislation to remove petrol and diesel from the roads but Joe Public must have a reasonably priced alternative otherwise they are going to continue to run “dirty” engines.

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    Well said BigB and welcome back, totally agree with everything you have written.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I too am very interested in the Tonka Rav4, with a particular drive for the hybrid. It appears to deliver decent mpg, and of course looks totally bonkers …. but in a good way.

    Bring it on motability.

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    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I looked at the RAV4 but they took it off the scheme, agree if it does come back only will probably just be the base model, as that is what they had on before.

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    Hi, what is the price cap and did it change from 2018 to 2019? Thanks

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    Not sure what the price cap is , a couple of the cars I am looking at are around £36,000 to buy.

    I haven’t seen any that are significantly more than that.

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    That is one seriously ugly car, and £36k for Toyota.

    You can get a decent German car for that money.

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    Stewart, thankfully, beauty is on the eye of the beholder.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    German cars are often poorly rated for reliability Stewart. Check the facts not the preconceptions.

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    Motability can only increase the AP if it’s vetoed by the Daily Mail because after all they think it’s tax payers money paying those AP’s. ?

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    Stewart, I currently have a 2015 BMW 218d Gran Tourer, not on Motability after I was pip’d.

    It has had the following

    New pads front and rear after 24,000

    New rear pads 12,000 miles later

    New EGR valve

    Numerous headlight bulbs

    It’s currently waiting to go back into the garage for a whole new idrive system costing between £1500 and £3000

    Today the battery decided to give me a discharge warning.

    Thats what a German car gives you.

    Luckily I took the extended warranty which will cover the idrive.

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    They’ll have to increase the cap because if not, in a couple of years time, only small hatchbacks will be available. As for increasing the cap for hybrid and electric, I strongly disagree. Not all of us live in a place able to take advantage of that and I don’t see why we should be disadvantaged compared to people who can. Due to the substantial personal and company tax benefits available to company car users choosing hybrids, most are run as normal cars and the charging facility is never used.

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    Littledave I’m not sure how lifting the cap for EV’s would disadvantage you so maybe you can explain a bit further.

    I am happy for the cap to be removed completely, as allowing those who have the finances to pay for a more expensive car with a higher AP will ultimately put more money back into the scheme.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I can’t find the current 2019 price cap details can anyone help?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Little Dave,

    There are self charging hybrids available therefore any one can drive a hybrid. I think you are thinking all hybrids are PHEVs which necessitate a power source to plug them into for charging.

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    @brydo I don’t think the caps or restrictions changed in 2019 as far as I know it’s the same as the last time it changed, which was:

    under £30500 if automatic or £29000 if manual

    under 200 hp if petrol/diesel or under 225 hp if hybrid/electric

    models over the price cap but under 35k can be considered if they have features that would help motability customers but the vehicle already has to be on Motability and under the existing price cap.

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    I spoke to Motability this week, they confirmed no changes to the cap or max AP’s this year.

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    Good to hear from you again fwipperie

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    If that’s the case, and the Cap isn’t increased, I assume the choice on the scheme will reduce further.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    The cars you are thinking about are the Outlander PHEV’s. These have been subject to a £5000, the £2500 government grant which companies have taken advantage of. Please read newspaper headlines with an open mind and don’t believe everything in them.

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    I’ve had 11 BMW’s and I can happily report that I’ve had no problems with any of them, same with VW and Audi. My son has a Golf on the scheme and that runs like a dream.

    I’ve also had other cars such as Ford, Vauxhall, Hyundai etc and can report that every single one of them gave me problems especially the Vauxhalls.

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    I think like with anything we buy nowadays we can all get a “duffer”  like the new mobile phone I just bought for 900 bucks that’s been faulty since day 3 and has been replaced… Twice now

    I guess that’s the world we live in with Mass Production

    But in general I tend to believe that the German cars are a class above in terms of quality, I would include Volvo in that category aswell

    Everyone has their favourite brand, taste on looks, and opinion on style etc

    But I’ll stick with Ze Germans

    I too would like to see the cap abolished or at least doubled to what it is now

    I could never afford an AP of over £5k but if PIP is not a means tested benefit then why not let those who can afford a much more expensive vehicle and AP have one?

    Like Brydo says it putting more money into the scheme

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    It’s impossible to pick a brand like that, saying german cars are the best is really hard as a lot of them are made in other countries by non germans, same as japanese, some of those are made in good old blighty!

    It all depends on the law of sod!

    Current car is german but made in Portugal and I’ve had loads of problems with it and it has a dozen rattles and bangs when driving, not the famed german build guality, the 2 previous french cars I had were impeccable, no problems and strange noises!

    Just goes to show it’s all down to luck.

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