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    Hopalong Cassidy

    I know that there are no camper vans available on Motability at the moment. However, there might be a genuine need for them and I don’t mean just for holiday breaks.

    In my own case I can drive about 100 miles then I really need to rest my back until the pain goes. This is best done lying down on a bed, not in a reclining driver’s seat.

    There is also a more important reason. I won’t go into the gruesome details but it’s not possible for me to use a public toilet, even one that’s designed for the disabled. Nappies are not an option.

    What is required, in my case, is a bed with the equipment needed to carry out a clean if not completely sterile medical function. When that’s completed, sanitation is need.

    Under the rules of PIP/AFIP, whichever applies in my case, I’ve been told I can have a Motability car. That’s nice because apart from a 999 ambulance journey two years ago, I haven’t left the house for about six years.

    Short journeys would at least get me out for an hour or so but longer ones, for example a day at the seaside, would need a camper van.

    Can I use AFIP to buy a second hand camper on credit? My only other income is a small government pension.

    Any advice would be welcome.

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    It is your allowance so how you use it is your choice also remember if you go for finance your road tax is free

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    Can I use AFIP to buy a second hand camper on credit?

    If, as you say, you are in receipt of AFIP (Armed Forces Independence Payment), then please do get in touch with one of the veterans’ charities, such as the Royal British Legion or SSAFA etc who maybe able to help you both finanicially and in other ways as well. Receipt of the AFIP, proving you were injured whilst serving in the Armed Forces, is a ‘door opener’ to a great deal of other support as well.

    Veterans charites such as the Royal Star & Garter can provide short breaks for veterans with full nursing care (funded from other veterans charities if need be) which at least can give you break from your usual routine with full nursing care support.

    If you make contact directly with one of the veterans charities (who all work together nowadays), or contact the Veterans Gateway on 0808 802 1212 or contact them via their webchat via:

    I am sure some help and support can be arranged to ensure you can get out and about more whatever it takes.


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    I have had both caravans and a motorhomes, I am disabled and find getting on and out of campervans can be very difficult with a bad back. My wife is not claim or classed as disabled she has spondylitis at the top of her spine and found climbing in and out of the motor home cause pain in her spine.

    Can I make a suggestion Romahomes do some small coach built motor home based on the Citroën/Peugeot car range, they are car like to drive so no difficulties climbing in and out, but they also come with a built in toilet, handwashing facilities and on board tanks, plus cooking facilities.


    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    i would go with mikes suggestion and contact the veterans agency or one of the military charities. i think they would be able to assist with what sounds like an excellant plan. i am ex mob myself and am getting more and more restricted in what i can do esp at the moment as a disc has decided to rogue and is playing havoc with my sciatic nerve. ive found over the last few years ive become more and more reclusive and your idea of a camper sounds like a good idea just to get out and about.

    hope it goes well for you.

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    Another option would be to go for the VW shuttle, There are many 3rd party options available for adding a bed & or kitchen facilities in these. A porta potty qube or similar would satisfy the toilet requirements possibly?

    You can even spec a Diesel parking heater for keeping toasty warm.

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    Hopalong Cassidy

    Thanks for all the advice. My mortgage only has one year left to run so I’ve arranged an extra mortgage that kicks in when this one finishes. It’s only for two years but it gives me enough to buy a decent second-hand camper that should last a while. I haven’t driven in over six years so I’ve lost my no claims bonus which is fair, I suppose, but very annoying. The main attraction of Motability was that they took care of the insurance.

    I was told that the disabled in my area would soon be transferred to PIP but it seems that doesn’t apply to those on AFIP, which is a relief. I don’t want to go through the Spanish Inquisition all over again!

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    Try Shield insurance for Motor home and Campervan custom built or self build, great for insurance just be sensible on your mileage per year and you can get a fair price.

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    Hopalong Cassidy

    Excellent, Carl. Thanks.

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    if youve signed up for the defence discount service check out what they may be able to offer on insurance,ive just got 20% of a mobile broadband contract with ee. its easy to sign up for if youve not got it yet.

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    Hopalong Cassidy

    I hadn’t heard of the defence discount service but their website looks good. Thanks, Mitch, for telling me about it. I’ll send off for a card.

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    i think its relatively new i was put on to it by p&o as they changed there discount/extra on board credit they only accept defence discount service membership numbers as qualification.basically to save themselves the hassle of confirming service details as if youve got membership of dds its been done for them. i check it whenever i need to renew any major purchase or contract. 20% off any ee contracts was the latest.i think some motor manufacturers give a discount too if you were buying rather than using the scheme. also got 15% off household contents insurance.

    it varies who and when they offer discounts but its easy to search either by company or service.

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    Another shout out for the Defence Discount Card.

    It has saved me a lot on my travels from Airport car parking to ferries etc. The British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offers are quite decent, as is the ihg/Holiday Inn discounts as well.

    Motoring wise, the 20% off blue badge ‘anti-theft’ devices was very handy for when I occasionally have to leave my car in somewhat untrustworthy areas. Also the 10% off in Halfords stores  – albeit you need to print off a voucher first (I generally leave a couple in the car anyway) and show the DDS card.

    Another decent DDS motoring offer, if you live near to or regularly use an Esso fuel station, is the Esso Fuel Card which is currently giving me 6p per litre off the pump price of diesel locally (plus you still get the Esso Tesco clubcard points).

    So, all in all it has been well worth the paying £5 for the DDS card.


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    Thx Mike.

    I have DDS card but didn’t know about the Esso card or the Halfords 10% off.

    Must try and keep up with offers and things.


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    It’s amazing we don’t have suitable toilets on service stations these days.


    If if I were you I’d plan my route via hospital A&E and say you need to use the facilities of a adult changing and washing facilities explain why.

    But it’s a disccgrace to have to be trapped indoors that long.

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    Mark Strugnell

    Bit of a long shot compared to the other advice but the new Peugeot rifter and citroen berlingo 7 seat vehicles on motability are big enough to put a mattress in the back and a camping toilet with the seats folded down.

    The windows can easily be covered up temporarily for privacy


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    Hi Hopalong.

    I can empathise. because of pain I have to lie down after even short drives and can not rely on public toilets. Also I can not sleep on a mattress, so can’t use hotels or guest houses without dragging in my, always used, 3 inch Hypnia mattress topper for use on the floor. All also due to problems with my back.

    So I now drive a Seat Alhambra as it is much more comfortable to drive than van based MPVs, can take a hoist, a 2ft 6 inch wide 3 inch deep Hypnia mattress topper (6ft 6 inch from front seat to tailgate), an E-Foldi powered auto folding wheelchair, and a bivvyloo (collapses flat when not in use). The Xcellence Alhambra also has sliding electric back doors and powered tailgate. The bivvyloo takes large bin liners and I use Vernagel sachets to absorb the liquids. The back windows are tinted and as well as the factory fitted blinds I use Autoshade blinds on all back windows and fit a temporary curtain above the front seats. All this, as well as food and drink, mean that I can take my necessary rests and even sleep in the car without even having to leave the car for anything. All this is a lot cheaper, and vitally more comfortable to drive and access, than a campervan.

    I hope this helps, without this set up I would be virtually housebound as well.

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    Good tip about the DDS card, I’ll be sorting that out tomorrow.


    The Ssangyong Turisma is a good option, under £30k with 5 year warranty.

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