Calling All Fellow Tiguan Lovers?

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    The boyo

    Having just logged on to this fantastic forum I see that the new Tiguan is now available. I must say I’m personally buzzing and can’t wait to order mine in the new year.!!! I had a few questions and was wondering could you share your thoughts please.?


    I’m 99% sure I’m going to go with the R-Line. I’m just not settled on a colour  it’s currently between soild white vs mother of pearl white. However because solid white is non metallic am I right in assuming that motability require you to choose metallic paintwork.?


    Finally which petrol engines will be available.? I can only see the 150 bhp model but someone mentioned the 2.0 tsi is available also. As I’ve always driven 2.0 diesel engines, how have you found the overall performance? 150 bhp appears a little underpowered on paper so would really appreciate any opinions on this along with the questions above.


    Sorry for the novel length post, and thanks for taking the time to read it.


    Look forward to hearing from the VW BRIGADE / POSSE 🤣🤣🤣

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    Hi there, the 2.0TSI is NOT available and it was mentioned in this forum by mistake.

    1.5TSI is plenty, I had the Karoq 1.5TSI auto for the past 2.5 years and the car was fine on the motorway and A-roads as well. I was also getting really excited with the new Tiguan and went to see it at the dealers last week but I like my toys and it was either the Elegance with all the toys (but there’s too much plastic on the outside) or the RLine that looks great but then you need to pay even more for extras and you can’t get the Massage seats 🙁

    In both cases we are talking either £5k or £7k (AP and extras). Finally, very limited colour choice for us, the gorgeous blue on the website and brochure is not available 🙁

    So back to my shortlist, going to see the GLA 180 (underpowered but has got everything) and B Class 200 (not an SUV but decent power and all the toys) as well as the XC40 (may be too high for my wife to get in and out safely) and maybe the X1 that looks its age now but a nice car.

    So decision due by Christmas and after Jan 2nd when the new list is out.

    Good luck with it!!!

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    Menorca Mike

    Chris what was your average MPG in the Karoq did it have 2 cylinder shut down on the motorway etc ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Hi Mike, yes they all have the 2 cylinder de-activation. To be honest it’s all about how you drive it. I never had it on ECO and was always putting my foot down 🙂 so I was getting high 30s MPG, you could easily get mid-40s if you had it on ECO, no heated seats or Air-Con on and drive more sensibly…

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    Menorca Mike

    The t roc sel 1.5 tsi dsg is a bargain at £495

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    It is indeed but the boot wouldn’t take a proper wheelchair

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    Hi Chris. I ordered a ‘standard’ Rline.

    And yes it is really lacking in the toys of the old tech, once you add all the little touches the AP really adds up. I ordered Rline tdi 150 dsg 4motion in white. And hopefully having it in 12 days time. Cannot wait.


    What colour did you see in the showroom?

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    Mike 700

    Each to his own of course, I have the SEL Tiguan with the 190 engine and the DSG 7 speed box, in 2wd format, and I find the performance more than adequate , and in my honest opinion ( as a former 5x Volvo XC AWD driver of over 450,000 miles ) it seems to have a better, smoother ride than any of my previous SUV’s, and better than my mate’s BMW X1 , 2 L. Petrol 4×4 or another mate’s Disco Sport , and I have recently driven a 21 m. old Evoque 4 door and in my opinion, the Tiguan has a better ride and appears to be considerably larger inside and with the opening panoramic roof , certainly is very much brighter inside?

    The performance is perfectly adequate for most people, although it does take a fair bit of downward pressure on the accelerator to get the best out of the car, and sports mode does not provide the same sort of response I am used to in the Volvos, but using the paddles on the steering wheel usually provides an instant response for overtaking etc!

    As far as the dynamic headlights are concerned, they did seem a bit sluggish to react to oncoming traffic at first, but I had the dealer take a quick look, and I rarely have a problem now!

    I don’t have leather seats in this car, but the plus side to that is that the heated seats work almost instantly, and frankly are too hot on the 3 setting for both of us.

    I have had four XC Volvos and a V60, all with heated leather seats, and from memory, they took longer to heat up than in the Tiguan.

    The electrically adjustable lumbar control on the driver’s seat as well as the electric massage function have been used a couple of times, and there is a lot of seat adjustment available.

    The adaptive cruise is much much better than normal cruise, especially on the motorways, and when linked with Lane control, and driver alert and emergency assist its almost like your just monitoring the systems ( almost, but not quite ) .

    However, neither the SatNav nor the reversing camera are anywhere near as good as those on a Qashqai that I had for 18 months, but the sliding reclining rear seats are very very handy when needing a bit of extra room in the boot, and even when in the forward position leave adequate leg room for most people

    I still haven’t used Park assist , but it should be ok when I get around to using it- it certainly worked fine when I tested it a couple of times.

    The full auto tailgate is an absolute must in my opinion – well worth the extra payment, I would say.

    Btw, I have now covered 19000 miles in 29 months & I’m getting around 48 -52 touring mpg and around 38 mpg overall, but I use sports mode more often than not.

    If I can, I will extend the lease to 5 years, or until the new Skoda Enyaq iv ev comes onto the list, “at the right AP”?

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    Clipped wings

    One of the R line’s features that would not suit anyone with my condition is the touch pad steering wheel controls that replace buttons. As with the awful low set touch sliders for the climate panel, the motoring press have greeted these as the motoring equivalent of herpes. I’m pleased that the Allspace sticks with tried and tested buttons and knobs. Top Gear magazine, amongst others, is worth a read on the subject, IMHO.

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    Clipped wings

    Right, let’s get it out of the way first. For this facelifted Tiguan, Volkswagen has done away with the easy-to-use, buttoned climate control panel of old and has replaced it with a completely unintuitive touch-button panel that provides no feedback at all. Great. The new panel is also set so low that you’re always taking your eyes off the road to either check the temperature you’ve just set, or to check whether you’ve actually pressed a damn button at all. It’s bad, really bad. Oh, and R-Line cars also get a sports steering wheel with similar touch buttons rather than real ones. Nightmare.

    top gear

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    Sounds great I love gadgets and uncluttered interiors.

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    @mike 700

    just for your information the dynamic lights on your Tiguan will not work if you have the car in eco mode. They will dip but not do what they are supposed to do, If you change the mode to normal at night you will be amazed at the way they do work.

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    I picked up my B class 200 on Monday,

    The engine has effortless power and the gear changes are smooth (obviously I Havnt tried harrying it ).The tech in premium plus spec is mind blowing and augmented reality navigation which shows a live feed of the road with blue arrows telling you where to go is more than a gimmick.

    One other thing I had heard about but couldn’t tell if it was on the car from the brochure is that you can slide the whole rear bench forward to give you an enormous boot.(60/40 split).


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    Thanks Andrew, test driving the B200 and trying the GLA200 for size (not on the scheme in premium plus) but gla180 not out yet…

    see which way we will go! I’ll keep you posted

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Philjp,

    so do I but only when it improves the UI and minimises distraction. I have not experienced the latest VAG touch controls, but a former colleague has the latest Audi Q7 and dislikes the touch screens compared to his excellent previous Q7 UI. He is a retired 747/777 captain well versed and trained in highly sophisticated UIs. Each to their own, but my neural and motor limitations would render VAGs creation a definite no no. Fortunately, the Allspace remains excellent in this respect, as are all BMWs, IMHO. MB MBUX seems much better thought out although have no experience.

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    Andrew ,you say you got a sliding bench, as in the seat bases slide forward and back or just the upright part of the set changes angle, or both? It was mentioned over a year ago that it’d have a sliding bench but never came to fruition. Hope this is available as going to mercedes tommorrow and this would definetly seal the deal.

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    John Newton

    I wish my B class would just turn up lol and if it doors have the rear sliding seat then my guide dog William will be happy

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    Stav and John

    You can adjust both.

    There is a lever under front of bench  to slide rear passenger side forward and middle part and another lever to pull drivers side rear forward.60:40.

    you also have a pulley to recline or move forward on both outer seats.

    few small things which I thought were in but arnt are no sunglass holder ,no plug under rear air vents which showed on all videos I watched and you can’t lock glovebox.

    They are minor and don’t bother me just things I remembered from lots of video watching.

    Different specs in different countries.




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    If anyone has any questions on B200 premium plus I will be happy to reply as I’ve spent plenty of time just sitting in it this week and been like a child at Christmas.

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    The tiguan has sliding rear 60/40 split seats too like many other cars

    clipped wings you’d get used to it and prob find it easier personally i never fiddle much with controls anyway while driving.

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Philip,

    10 years ago I probably wouldn’t have given them a second thought.  My condition has changed all that as with many other aspects of life. As this is a forum for people receiving higher level PIP, I thought it was worthwhile pointing out technology changes that might result in unexpected difficulties as spec changes in a new model range are not always apparent or beneficial. Like you, I try to make inputs only when stationary or assign to my co driver. Never use hands free or listen to music despite my love of hifi at home. I find distractions harder to manage and aim to stay safe by mitigating them as far as possible. I have ordered the Allspace as near identical to the excellent Touran to operate, but adds helpful tech like electric tailgate, Kessy and intelligent led lights to make life easier while retaining the big boot.

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    Hopefully I’ll have mine in a few days time. I’ve gone for the Elegence model.

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    What colour Tim

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    Nightshade Blue

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    If dealers are knocking 3 or 4k off RRP off the New Tiguan, does that indicate that there could be prices on AP could be dropped/deals?

    I just had a look on Autotrader and brand new Tigs and there’s loads of offers on there.

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