Buying new is stressful

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I am new to the scheme and for the past week or so have been looking at getting a kobility car, but I am finding this process very stressful.</p>
    Firstly, establishing a list of vehicle that suit my needs then having to test drive the vehicles to ensure its suitability.  This was initially a pleasure but after a few test drives and the hard sell that comes with it, the enjoyment disappears rapidly.

    Then there is the added stress of deciding whether to wait until Q2  Q3 and hope for a better AP deal or indeed a bigger dealer contribution.

    Then throw into the mix the desire to go electric, with the very limited EV cars on the scheme at the moment and the anticipation that 2020 will see a huge rise in new EV entering the market by all manufacturers, this dilemma is only adding to sleepless nights pondering over all these options and consideration.

    Think the next 12 months is going to see huge changes in development of all vehicles  is it worth hanging on for them??

    I welcome anyone opinion in this matter or other experiences.

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    I don’t know – I think it is too easy to slip into overthinking the whole process. I certainly have in the past.

    Try to remember what it is like having to deal with commercial finance, organising your own insurance, etc! Or not being able to access the new market at all and having to traipse around used car supermarkets with their properly slippery salesmen.


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    Don’t be taken in by dealers hard sell, you’ve made it clear it’s a test drive not a buy drive so just enjoy it.
    I still test drive vehicles as they come on the scheme even though I’ve got 20 months left on my lease at least.

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    Hi Carl I have just read your post and you do make some interesting points and I think roly. is probably right we can all tend to over think it. This is amplified when we take into account other opinions ,views etc. Just remember it’s what suits you and what you can afford, we all want the best deal,the lowest advance payment but you could end up waiting for q3,q4,etc for the best deal that does not happen what matters is the deal available when you need it which is now while on your mind.

    its easy to get caught up in worrying about BHP and other stats it’s about how the vehicle drives and how it feels for you.i have found some of the posts on here invaluable but must say when I first started looking on here my first thoughts were what was everyone pulling or dragging around to warrant needing so much power when the most some will do is the school run or the shops, and i don’t know where you are but where I live  it’s hard to maintain a 40mph average. I don’t know for sure but suspect the general average BHP on the roads is around 120 but some on here would have you believe that 220 BHP is not enough

    as for EV you surely are right but a lot of it is hype ,I think it’s absolutely the future weather we want it or not but the tech is not quite there yet but changing buy the month,year so choose your car and in three years things could look quite different on the scheme ,I am saying this as I have had a Toyota CHR hybrid (Prius in a different dress) for three years now and it has been superb but don’t think it’s the answer to all I have averaged 45-46 mpg which is good but not groundbreaking

    so best of luck in your search,enjoy it,don’t get bogged down by what others think


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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Carl, I understand your dilemma as it’s a big commitment.

    Try to think of it like this. Enjoy the shopping and be aware that whatever we buy in life, be it a new t.v., laptop or even garden shed, within a few months something better will come along. The trick is to stop window shopping once you’ve committed.
    Motability is no different so stay focused on your needs/wants/budget and whatever vehicle you go for, spend your time enjoying your choice and not regretting/window shopping.

    On a lighter note, if you’ve found a Motability sales person who is even half bothered, let alone bothered enough to try and make a sale, you’re doing well! 😂

    Do you have any family/friends who have a make/model of car on your possible list? If so, how about asking them if you can sit in it to get a feel for it? It then takes away the stress of going to a dealer. I’ve done this a few times.

    Good luck and remember, any questions you may have will probably be answered here.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Carl make a shortlist, starting with you budget, then you need to consider running cost, do you have access to off street park, and if so could you consider a PHEV/EV, space are you a wheelchair user or have kids etc.

    Once you got some sort of idea it comes down to personal preference, looks, comfort, etc, have fun and if in doubt take a step back don’t be rush by pushy salesman, they need your sale and business to achieve there sales performance figures.

    I have a secret weapon I let the wife loose on them.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I don’t think I’ve ever experienced “hard sell” from a Motability agent, usually they can barely be arsed to get up from their desk!

    I think a lot of people would be quite happy to have the “stress” of deciding which new vehicle to have for the next three years.

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    I find salesmen stressful so I merely ignore them until a salewoman arrives.

    If no saleswomen then no chance of me choosing their cars.


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    I appreciate all your comments. I think my anxiety levels peaked last week as I was trying to fit to many viewings into a short space of time.  Think this was due to trying to source a vehicle ready for the new march 20 plate.

    I’m assuming sales are slower in south wales so they are more eager which from what many of you are saying makes a refreshing change!!

    I was out all day today and actually enjoyed it.  Narrowed my search down to two cars at the moment.  But I am keen to explore the electric vehicles so intend looking into this next week.   I have already been to the local peugeot dealer and their only E2008 EV which is one week old is already broken….in the sales exec words “the electrics are fry’d”.  The citron dealer doesn’t deal innthe ds crossbavk EV – so although it’s a citron they aren’t allowed to sell it?? Oy a specialist ds dealer apparently.  That leave the Hyundai iconic EV which came back on the scheme today!

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    Re, comment by BionicRusty, “…be aware that whatever we buy in life, be it a new t.v., laptop or even garden shed, …”

    The difference (at least for me, and possibly Carl) is that other home items don’t normally come on a 3-year lease, and at a total outlay of up to around £13,000 plus fuel costs.

    It’s a massive decision, and not to be taken lightly; especially the first time around, and sales-people are there to sell – and probably sell you what they want to sell, not necessarily what you want/need.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Tony, I absolutely agree.

    I was saying that in the hope that it would help Carl put it in perspective and hopefully help him take a step back. I’m going through exactly the same thought process and am due to change from my first Motability car in Sept. The stress it causes can give me sleepless nights and can easily mount up to a sickening level…, and I’m seven months away form changing!

    All here suffer enough so a new car decision should be, at the very least, an experience to help ease our woes.

    If I caused you any offence, I apologise.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I have been looking at all sorts of (automatic) cars on the Motability site for years, but have never taken the plunge.

    For me, not only do I need the right car; but it’s all about value.

    Smaller cars are better value on PCP (browse from, but ‘my requirement’ would come with a big AP. My best option currently would be the Toyota RAV4 Excel, but not sure about the CVT drive.

    Although good value when you can get a fully insured and fully maintained car for one-third of the RRP, but I would hate to be stuck with a car I found I didn’t like after just a few weeks/ months.

    That’s why, when my Skoda Yeti lease was up nearly two ago; I settled on buying a 10-year old Lexus RX350 for £6,750. It came from a main dealer and with 18 months warranty, and so far it’s cost me servicing costs and not much else. Insurance at just over £300-a-year, and registered as disabled saves £555 in road tax. For the mileage I do, 25mpg will suffice.

    Again, I still keep looking, but (a) do I need a brand new car, and (b) what compares to my current car?


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    I’m 3 months away from my lease ending. I want to go full EV as I can save money on petrol, and my car of choice is the Mini Electric which isn’t on the scheme yet…

    If I extend my lease to say, 5 years, could I pick a new car at any point over the next 2 years?

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    If you extend your lease to 5 years you can order anytime in that period. We extended and ordered after after 48 months, you need to get permission to extend from Motability, Good look.

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    Thanks for all your comments, these are much appreciated,

    I’m glad I’m not the only person this affects.  I was definitely getting overwhelmed in this process and having a few sleepless nights which was making feel quite poorly.  so I have taken a step back for a week as in all honestly there is no eed rushing or making hastly decisions.


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