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    anyone please with view to buying vehicle at end of term. Do they like personal lease cars have a guaranteed value/purchase price already set or do they value individual vehicle at end of term? Or is it trade price they would offer to dealership or other


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    This May Help.

    I guess the question remains “Does Motability Purchase an extended Warranty” when someone extends ?. This I’m personally Not sure on. Buisiness and controllable cost risk wise I would of thought Not. With over 600 cars a day coming to the End of Contract even with a low percentage being Extended the renewing warranty costs would be thousands a day, and the risk and percentages of the ones that may go wrong and costs involved out-way paying the set costs.

    Interesting Question, I would love to know the official reply. Tte best thing is to phone motability and ask for a written/email reply.

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    James Mckernon

    My latest post has nothing to do with buying a three years,it was a reply to someone who asked a question about the 10,000 miles on my car.would you please amend this.James

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    James Mckernon

    Just to let people know,my car passed the MOT without doing anything the car retailer said needed done.The same dealership picked my car up at my home,checked it over and took it to the MOT centre then brought it to my home,they also paid  the MOT fees,this cost me £90 which I thought was reasonable.pity about the other things they said needed done.I live in N.Ireland where all MOT centres are run by the government. James


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    hi i’m just wondering if still to this day you can purchase your motability car after the 3 year period?


    thank you.

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    Dave h

    Yes just done it

    car will be sold as seen

    they will give you a non negotiable price you need to pay for it 3 weeks before you pick up your new car if you are still going to have a motability car as well

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    ‘Buying my car on the 11th of January.

    call this number but once they give you a price it is non negotiable. They can give you a price immediately if you are within the timescale which is 3 months before your lease comes to an end. I guess the closer you leave it to that day they less you will pay for your car. 0300 0379899


    Remember that the car needs to be purchased 3 weeks before the contract end date. This is because at that time, if you decide you don’t want to buy your car, then it will be offered to dealers before going to auction.


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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Hi,</p>
    I’m  coming to the end of my lease. I have 3 months left. I was considering purchasing the car I have golf gtd.

    What is the pricing like? Is it discounted?

    I have done 17000 miles.


    Do they inspect car and mileage etc before purchase?

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    Give them a ring, its the luck of the draw, when I asked, I could have got a better model on the forecourt than the price I was given, but some think its worth it, as they know the cars history.

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    I thought I was offered a fantastic price compared to dealership or even private sales.

    I suggest you look at autotrader.

    Find a car the same as yours, make, model, year, mileage and previous owners. Once you have an idea of the price call the team and you will know if you have been offered a great deal or a dud – simples! 😊


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    Dave h

    I purchase my GTD last month It had done 34500 miles motability wanted £15,150

    get them 18000 miles up on your motor so you can get it serviced before buying it

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    Andrew Smith

    I currently have a mobility car which is only 6 months into its term, in June the main person who is disabled would like their daughter to take over the mobility who is only 23 so cannot drive the car until 25 so will need to be handed back early.

    Ignoring any fees and penalties that might incur, if I wanted to continue paying for the car on a PCP or something would they consider that?   Or do you have to pay for it outright?


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    James Mckernon

    You can still buy your Motability car at the end of lease,I should know as I bought mine,

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    Seamus Mckernon

    My wife had a Motability car,unfortunately she passed away.I decided to buy the car as I was the driver (my wife did not drive) and had looked after the car very well.I phoned Motability for a price,which they gave me.Forgot to say we had the car for another 2 years,due to very low wife died after the first extra year,so we had the car for 4 years.motability asked what the mileage was ( 1o,000 miles) The price I got was very high £12600.The better you look after the car the more you pay,so be very careful.i could have bought a similar car in a garage for less.The company I bought it from tried to buy it for me ,but they said the price was too high.I did buy the car in the end The car is a VW Tiguan match with sat nav,phone,and self park.I,m giving these details as a guide for other buyers.All the best to everyone. James

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    Has anyone bought a golf gtd in the last year or 2 after having it as there motability car for the 3 years just interested to know what price they offered it to you for, Thankyou

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I got offered it for 16k at 18k miles in December</p>

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    This might seem like a silly question but if you buy the car could this be on finance? Or will it need to be paid in cash?

    if it is finance is it 0% interest?



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    Bills it’s up to you, as long as it’s paid for in full you can arrange your own finance or loan if you need too.

    motability don’t offer finance.

    Tiguan fan boy

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    If the dealer does not want to buy the car because it has loads of miles or if they have many in stock it will be sent to auction. If you can find out which auction it goes to then you can go and bid on it, you should save hundreds if not thousands. You will need cash of course.   Just a thought !

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    Lyndsey Hughes

    Is this true? I’m due to come off the scheme this week, after 14 years on the scheme, from my son being 3 years old to now when he is 16 and getting his own Motability car on the scheme.
    I have been incredibly worried about things like insurance, having been on the scheme so long – and now reading this, I’m filled with dread.
    I should have 14 years no claims history to take with me – will that be the case when I leave the scheme and go to get my own insurance?

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    I should have 14 years no claims history to take with me – will that be the case when I leave the scheme and go to get my own insurance?

    You can request a “good driver” note from Motability / RSA that will give you a 5 years NCB type of letter that many insurance companies accept.

    No chance of 14 years I’m afraid to say.

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    I am on pip and my renewal is in April. My VW Golf will be just under 2 years old. If they stop my allowance can I purchase the car even though its not at the end of my lease agreement term of 3 years.

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    I am already on pip so dont qualify for the Support package they are offering people going from DLA to PIP

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    If dealer doesnt buy car ,and its sent to auction,will the dealer or even motorbility disclose when and where if you asked?

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    not many of them actually make it to to public auction, for a vehicle to make it to auction they have either not passed the criteria for Motability to sell through its own used trade Arm of the company, so high mileage/damaged etc, these vehicles go straight to auction but are probably not the ones we would want to be buying back. the other route for a vehicle to come available and go to Auction would again a high percentage will probably not be the ones we would want to buy back as they have already been passed up by,

    firstly by us the Customer.

    then the supplying dealership who can use the “buy your own back” scheme giving them first dibs if customer has not brought it.

    then if still not brought its made available to the over 5500 used vehicle traders that are members/account holders with Motability used sales Arm via website.

    after a short time of availability those that have been passed up then go to Auction.

    so you can see its very risky hoping to buy you own vehicle back via Auction. over 80% are sold internally via Motability.

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