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    anyone please with view to buying vehicle at end of term. Do they like personal lease cars have a guaranteed value/purchase price already set or do they value individual vehicle at end of term? Or is it trade price they would offer to dealership or other


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    Claire Mac

    Yes you can still buy your motability car, as I was offered this option a year ago, but then got back on the scheme..

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I lost my entitlement at tribunal in December I only had my juke for 6 months. I was born with a spinal condition not glass back. This new system hurts the wrong people unfortunately. I was offered my juke at a good price but in such shock could get the cash together for it. I’m looking into one for my mom but it’s so complicated being named driver and own use? My inc excepted my letter as no claims, wasn’t called no claims just a letter to say history was clear for 5 years. I was advised just to</p>
    ask if they excepted it so just shop around

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    Who are rsa re applying for confirmation for no claims during period of mobility rental?  I’m about to get mobility vehicle. Ty.

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    Hi Abi,

    RSA are Royal and Sun Alliance. They provide insurance for Motability. You may be more aware of their other brands, such as More Th>n.

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    Hector Cerdeno

    Hi everyone,

    Im on my 2 year of having my motability car, a lovely BMW Grand Tourer and look after it as if were my own, in other words, wax and clean as much as i physically can 😀

    I would like to buy it after the lease not for myself even if it has all the modifications, but for my wife . Would i still be able to lease another car after or will motability say if you can purchase a car you don’t need another.

    Might sound like a silly question but need to continue with this amazing charity for some time until im not able to drive, hopefully for a long time yet.

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    Hi Hector.

    As far as I’m aware, yes you can buy your current car and get another car on Motability.

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    Its two separate transactions, so if you buy the car then so long as your eligibility for the scheme remains, then you will be able to enter into a new lease if you want to

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    Sounds like a good idea Hector, just make sure you check current prices at the time as they tend to charge top money to try to keep you on the scheme.

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    One other thing Hector, if you buy the car rather than hand it back, you are still eligible for the 3 year £500 Good Condition Bonus.

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    Hector Cerdeno

    Thankyou guys. its helpful to know, really appreciate these forums.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I didn’t know that Trev, is this new as I have asked about buying in the past and they have never mentioned this.</p>

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Not sure if it’s new or not Brydo, but is quoted in their website.


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    I actually think there is a one year rule on purchasing, you will need to check (meaning if you buy your not allowed on the scheme for 1 year after purchase).


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    It was six years ago when I wanted to buy our car, they didn’t say anything about the good condition bonus. It could be it was included in the price they gave me but they certainly didn’t mention it and to be fair I don’t think I asked.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    You say paul we at motability i thought this site had nothing to do with motability i have been told on here? on first page when talking about hire purchase?

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    Paul’s WE comment was a quote from Motability from thier Q&A page. We the Forum and it’s Moderators are not affiliated with Motability.

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    Wayne lorenzo

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Actually you can buy your mobility car any info you hear about you cant buy your car after the leave is all false because you always have the option to buy it if you want or get a brand new next year model</p>

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    I am really struggling to find the upfront payment on a replacement all wheel drive vehicle. I have had my current Mitsubishi for 5  years and now of course it has to go back. I need a 4×4 or all wheel drive larger vehicle.

    Can anyone suggest anything please?

    Many thanks


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    Is it a manual or auto you need, also is it an suv?

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    That is not true my wife had a mobility car and passed away,I was able to buy the car ,from Motability.this was in 2018.

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    ‘It is possible to buy your current motability car.

    For further information call this number ; 0300 0379899 – The Motability pricing team.

    I will be buying my car in February. They have offered the car at a fantastic price plus if you are buying you automatically get the good condition bonus of £600.

    If you intend to get another car on the scheme, as I do. You must buy the car 21 days before your renewal date for your next car. Apparently that time allows dealers to decide if they want to buy the car before it goes off to be sold at auction.


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    My wife had a Motability car and got an extra 2 years lease due to the low mileage,unfortunately my wife passed away when she had the car for 4 years. I decided to buy the car as it had only 10,000 miles on the clock,it is a VW Tiguan with all the extras..The car was in immaculate condition no scores are supermarket dents.I had the car for eight months when the trouble started,I had a problem with the throttle body,which cost me £406 pounds,I put the car into the dealership where the car was bought,to get it checked for the MOT.The dealership sent me an email that there were worn bushes in the front and rear suspension and would cost £486 pounds to fix,they also suggested I get a new timing belt cost £399.pounds.When I phoned Motability they said it should have a warranty for one year through the dealership.The dealership said there was no warranty on the car,I asked them to phone Motability who told them a different story than I was told.I refused to pay what the garage wanted and told them to put it through the MOT the way it was and see what they say.At this minute I am waiting for the car to be returned to me after the MOT today.The car cost me over £12,000 pounds absolutely no warranty at all .If anyone can give me any information on this matter I would be obliged.James Mckernon ps I am 75 years old,if that counts for anything

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    Dave h

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>When u buy car off motability it is bought sold as seen no warranty you said the car had only done 10000 miles was that off roading that’s pretty poor to have all them problems with so few miles on clock</p>

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    .Hi James,

    Sorry to read that your wife passed away.

    The car I am buying will be sold as seen.

    Motability have told me to MOT the car at their expense. They also told me that any faults or repairs needed will be fixed at that time – no charge to me. I just got the 2 front tyres changed – no charge.

    My car is just a Renault Kadjar auto. With the good condition discount it will cost £8500. I feel that is a really good price for my car. I will as Renault if they offer a further service warranty, say 2 more years, just for a little peace of mind. I know I will have to pay for that service. Parts wear out. It would seem that you got your Tiguan at a very good price. Motability can not be responsible for a car after they have sold it and I know, As our second car is a 2018 VW UP, that Volkswagens guarantee runs for 3 years unless you look to extend it which will cost more.

    If you feel that the parts are damaged or wore out to quickly then raise that concern with VW. Maybe they will agree and offer some sort of discount.


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    James Mckernon

    The post about buying after 3 years is not from me.I don’t know who posted it.I have a post about my late wife’ but that is not it.

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