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    anyone please with view to buying vehicle at end of term. Do they like personal lease cars have a guaranteed value/purchase price already set or do they value individual vehicle at end of term? Or is it trade price they would offer to dealership or other


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    I think the pace at what new cars come up with new technology and electronics Just look how far skoda has come in three years although not one of my favourites.I would rather lease again you have to go some to get a better deal when you don’t have to pay for servicing,tyres and insurance.

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    Joe london

    Motobility. Will give a book price at the end of lease, like you find in parkers guide. I found the price I was given for my basic audi Q3 was too high, I could get a much better specification car from a dealer for the price offered, Others with higher depreciation values, may get better value and be happier they know the history of the car. If you know you want the car after the lease, get a high spec as possible, so it is better value, as extras don’t really add to second hand values.

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    Getting a high spec car is getting more difficult or should I say expensive..

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    The little taffia

    The asking price by Motability can be fairly high but you have to balance this by knowing your car’s history, the way it’s been serviced and if it is reliable. Because of my advancing years I could very well end up by buying my car which is currently on order.

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    you can’t buy your car any more they have stopped that about 6 months ago.

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    really , I hadnt seen that , and that makes putting the options on a car a bit of a waste if you don’t get option to buy at the end of the lease. you can spend 3 grand on options , making it better value when resold, and if there is no option to buy – that’s lost money

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    The little taffia

    Motability were happy to give me a quote to buy my current car. Just had to ask when there was less than three months of the contract left. The price was fixed. Almost did just that because of the poor choice of good automatics until I took a Golf GTD out.

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    Is the GTD Golf a smooth ride over bumps ? I’ve had 2 Golfs 1.4 tsi DSG and so smooth over bumps and quiet I’m looking for another car with suspension like the Golf ? Any help most welcome thankyou

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    Can I get a car through Hire Purchase?

    No, Hire Purchase is no longer available through the Motability Scheme. Instead we are focusing solely on our all-inclusive, worry-free Contract Hire lease package.

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    The little taffia

    Mike, I’ve ordered tge GTD with the adaptive chassis control an option at £830. I had it previously on a Scirocco. It has three settings, comfort, normal and sport. In comfort it is very good indeed, maybe not as soft as a non sporty Golf but not harsh by any means.


    Paul. You can still buy your car at the end of the lease but you have to finance it yourself. Your statement that you can no longer buy your current Motability car is wrong.



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    Which Mobility Car

    Motability used to run a Hire Purchase scheme to enable customers the option to buy the car instead of the Lease scheme that they solely operate now. The HP option was used by so few customers that they dropped it completely. The opportunity exists to buy your car at the end of the Lease, as mentioned you simply phone Motability to ask for a (realistic, but not bargain) price.


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    If you are wanting to keep your car one way would be to hand it back then attend the auction it goes to and buy it.

    If you ask the notability rep at the dealer you give it back to they should be able to tell you which auction house it goes to.

    Not ideal as you would be without the car for a short period.

    As a guide the trade column in Parker’s is auction price obviously plus any auction fee.

    Low mileage doesn’t tend to add much but higher mileage above 10k a year can drop it quite a bit.

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    Not all vehicles go to auction,  they are offered to the main dealer first! so most 3 year old low mileage 1 owner full service history cars on their forcourts are motability, the ones they don’t want go to auction. So dealers should take note and treat us better they DO make money out of us. We pay the AP we pay for the EXtra’s they also get  the service money and commission, then they get to pick the cars they want and put a nice mark up on it. ££££. Salespeople should love us walking (or wheeling in).

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    Or limping in as I do

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    As within 3 month till contract end, curiosity got the better of me and I phoned motability today. I can confirm you CAN purchase your vehicle. I ve had a quick look on Internet and to be honest apart from knowing the vehicle, the price they gave is similar to garage forcourts infact found a few cheaper and private sales even cheaper. I didn’t expect thousands off but for the same money  I could wait to dealer buys it at auction  valet it etc and buy it of them with security of buying from motor trader, for about £300 less they offered me for direct. Doesn’t figure

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    Might make more sense if its been adapted ‘ my adsption is probably one of the simpler and cheaper but with fitting etc its still £1000

    In this weeks autoexpress there are two guys with adapted cars whose adaptions were in excess of £60000 – which would make it a good option for them at the end of the lease

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    So did a price check on my vehicle correct model and mileage:

    retail £8,505

    private good £7,695

    prive average £6,935

    private poor 6,315

    part exchange £7.415

    trade £7,072

    Im sure they would only be getting the base  trade price £7,072 from dealer as good condition I would of been happy to pay £7,384 (average of trade/private)

    Seems fair motability get around £300 more I save around £300 on retail price

    No No No

    on top of the £199 Advance payment and £9,165 in payments for last 3 years

    they will let me buy the vehicle I have kept in good condition for the grand sum of £8,650

    yes correct £8,650

    how kind of them

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    not surprised that its the same as retail – its basically the same kind of deal as PCP – I believe though that motability give a full warranty – not sure what other benefits you get that might be extra from a dealer – might be worth exploring

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    No benefits the car goes in for mot and service if required the £8,650 has to be paid in full by policy holder no payment by 3rd party allowed, and vehicle is sold as seen, no extended warranty unless purchased through dealership.

    As lower mileage  they did offer that we could keep the car for upto another 2 year period paying full allowance so another £6,110 total. I didn’t even bother asking if we would be able to purchase  then

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    Having bought my own car from Motobility, you wait till you see the shock when you find out you have lost all your years of NO CLAIMS!!

    Ive never, ever had a dent on a car in 40 years, and Im being quote £800 to £1,100 for fully comp when I come off the scheme. NIGHTMARE

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    Gazza phone rsa they will will give it in writing your cover history of being covered but making no claims. Not all but most insurance will take it into account, I had when went self employed, I had been driving company vehicle for years, got it in writing from company I had vehicle with on advice from new insurers and they gave me equivalent to 3 years no claim discount. I’ve read on here someone asked rsa and they were more than happy to supply confirmation

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    Does anyone know (not being morbid, but it is a situation we might face) if a named driver would be allowed to buy a car if the person who has it dies??

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    Gazza RSA will give you 3yrs NCB.  They will try to sell you the insurance, but it will be expensive from them. Go onto the price comparison sites and find a cheaper quote.

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    The option to buy your mobility car at the end of your lease still exists. The only thing that changed is the finance. You now have to provide your own means, before the change you could arrange finance through the scheme.

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    Job a few months ago I put forward an idea that in the event of the death of the motability customer the car should automatically go to the next of kin/spouse. This idea had virtually no support on the forum so I now suggest that there be an option to take out insurance, in addition to our monthly payment, to  allow those left with a means of transport.

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