Business insurance for care workers

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    Is that possible to get business insurance

    no point in getting car if can’t get insurance

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    I’m sure the RSAM insurance policy cover named drivers for Social, domestic, pleasure and business use. Motability will be able to confirm for defo over the phone.

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    Yes thank u

    bit worried as heard they can refuse people

    I don’t claim any milage or anything thou

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    its on a one to basis and depends on Business use, its not included in the standard cover but they certainly do allow it in certain cases,  more info and phone numbers can be found here, click on whats not covered.

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    Thank u

    I’m careworker for council  and travel to few clients four days a week max of 10 miles a day
    I’m named driver as be my car also I can’t walk far so if can’t use car can’t work ,I’m bit nervous to ask incase they say no


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    The car is for the benefit of the disabled person. If you are not the disabled person and only a named driver i doubt  you will be given permission.  This question has been asked many times before.

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    I apologise I wasn’t aware had been asked before as I’m new member sorry,I’m the disabled person on the car if that helps


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    In that case there should be no problem. I no of members who insure and use there car for business.   A quick call to RSA will sort the problem for you,  just explain your situation .

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    you shouldnt have any issue if you are the Motability customer, and its actually still possable in some cases even if your the named driver, the criteria is slightly different but still possible, both RSA and Motability are a friendly bunch, ring Rsa stating your thinking of joining the scheme, its all quite straight forward and nothing to worry about. and your more than welcome to ask any questions you might have to our friendly bunch of users.

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    Thanks for that it’s put me at ease a bit 👍I’ve a car in order and should be pick up next Monday if ready is it possible to do insurance before pick up

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    whilst looking for something else the other day i came across this,and im sure it was worded buisiness insurance will not start untill a revised certificate is in place (ill try and find it) but you will need to talk to RSA as im sure the dealership can not do anything apart from initiated standard insurance so if you need it in place for pick up you will need them to contact the dealer. as the dealer will not put the vehicle into insurance until the Pin is entered.

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    oh its actully in the link i gave above. and states.

    Business use cover
    Business use is not included as standard in the insurance policy. If you need to use the car for business purposes, other than the journey to your usual workplace, you will need to contact RSAM to request this. Business use cover will not begin until you receive a new, current Certificate of Motor Insurance showing this cover. Please note, business use cover will only be provided for the current agreement and you will need to contact RSAM to reapply with each new lease agreement.

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    Mike Patra



    its just a matter of ringing RASM & telling them, they will then amend the cover.

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    Great 👍

    I can use standard insurance at moment as off work with shielding at moment as in Scotland and no date to return so far

    I suppose I was just nervous of them saying no and I wouldn’t be able drive to work as work enquires a copy of my insurance thou I’m claiming mileage etc think it’s cos I’m working few clients ,but saying that  I won’t return to my clients in community right away due to virus and my health issues I be working at local care home instead as they think it be safer for me at moment but have pop local office twice week as well Hence still business insurance so not sure exactly what To say to Insurance that I’m working in community or carehome 🙈🤔,sorry it’s long winded



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