Bulldog glos guy trev etc please read

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    The guy on here may be a troll just calling VWs Golf etc every comment I have put about my new Golf he has said the opposite he says his Golf was rattiest car he ever owned now says enjoyed driving it read his posts ! Was great until this person came on if it contunues I will leave the forum thankyou so much for saving me £500

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    Glos Guy

    Keep calm Mike. I don’t think he’s a troll. There is someone on the main site called ‘nispie’ who I think is one as he posts rubbish about the scheme and then when I challenge him he edits his posts and removes the comments. The person you refer to has voluntarily offered up that he has some health issues which may effect his thinking. We are all here to help and support each other but, of course, we won’t all agree on everything – including our choices of cars. Sometimes we post in haste and what we say can be misinterpreted. I have been guilty of that myself.

    Stay with us and ride this out. Your posts always make me smile and you add colour to this forum. As for the Golf, everyone knows it’s a great car but, as with all cars, some are duds. We’ve all owned them. I’ve had loads of BMW’s and like them, but I had a 525i once which car buffs adore, but mine was definitely built on a Friday when everyone was keen to get to the pub!

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    Thanks Glos Guy the Golf he says he has a 1.4 tsi act with 2 cylinder mode I’m sure wasn’t on the scheme 2 years ago I’m trying to find old VWs prices ?

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    Don’t you dare leave Mike, a part of me will die if you do!

    May i suggest if you feel he is trolling you just don’t reply to his posts. He probably is unaware his posts were making you feel like this and this was not his intention.

    I’ve flown off on one a few times since my time here which must have made me look a right dick, but that’s a result of my inadequate wiring. Guess i’m saying we are all different and when we are posting about something we are very passionate about we can get blinded and not take in to consideration how the other person meant to communicate and we interpret it wrongly.

    Not saying you’ve done anything wrong Mike, love you man.

    What would be good is if we had a link or something where we can notify a mod about something that troubles us, and let them deal with it behind closed doors – but that can’t happen as they don’t want private messaging.

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    Cheers trev I love yours and glos guy comments thankyou

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    Yeah it was Mike, had it in my seat for 2 years and it was in the golf beforehand…. although at 30mpg it must have been driven stuck in 2nd gear or had a fuel leak or something… but hey as long as your’s ain’t doing that it’s all good. I’m keeping an eye on your figures as you know it’s the replacement for mine which won’t be available next year when i renew. I’m wondering what it would be like in the tiguan, as it seems to be performing well in the heavier kodiaq.

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    i prefer glos’s comment, his posts are worded so perfectly, if it had been there for me to read before i posted mine i wouldn’t have bothered to type all that lol Takes me ages posting as i read it back, delete loads, retype, delete again, etc, etc lol

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    Mike I don’t think he’s a troll as I agree with What Gg has said anyhow here’s a picky you’ll love…..?



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    I agree with the guys Mike but just think how he will feel when he reads this, you suspect he is doing something dodgy but if he is not and he reads this he will feel really gutted.

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    Sorry for delay I’m own a mobile device at present and it’s very awkward reading the forums etc.

    Great advice guys and chin up Mike it can be annoying when someone attacks your precious new member of the family (I get it from glossy guy all the time lol) yes typed in humour.

    Reading the written word is as we all know at some point we have all got it or wrote it in not the way it was meant or taken,
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I will keep an eye out, but I’m sure it’s a case of miscommunication, I hope you don’t mind but I will edit the name from your post as as glos guy has brilliantly pointed out we have to consider  health conditions. We are working on a direct link but for now any issues can be emailed to the enquiries email sorry if makes no sense it difficult using mobile I’m not used too.</p>

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    That photo of young Ann has cheered me up I will try to go a week without mentioning carol kirkwood or Louise minchin !

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    So you’re going to start giving things up just as lent ends! brilliant Mike lol

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    I’d forgot Esther Trev !!!

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    Hey Mike,

    Talking of Esther, gotta say i completely agree with her on this one…..


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    nick gray

    mike you cant leave who will give us the weather updates lol. I’m not too sure if you was around last year when I went mad at our old friend teabag who was starting world war 3, he got booted  and barred so remember the mods and which will always look after the users and remove if needed those making trouble. you got a lot of friends in here mike, stay strong mate.

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    Thankyou Nick I noticed Helen Willets doing bbc weather this morning on bbc breakfast very nice indeed mmmmm

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    Just goes to show how far politicians are away from the rest of us. While I agree that kids gain a lot from Saturday jobs, Esther has probably not walked down a high street recently. All that’s left is charity shops, banks and Brighthouse. not many places for Saturday jobs anymore. talk about the Westminster bubble.

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    And coffee shops

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