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    So hoping someone might help me out. I’ve checked my council website and no info so have emailed them and waiting for reply. So 3 years ago in the land right behind me they started building 36 new 2 and 3 bed houses yes 3 years ago. They so far have built 15. All of which have been moved into the rest are still being built. Told it’s a case of built 1 sell it build another as no money. 7 days a week 7am until gone 7pm banging and building. Anyways I’m sure the law says no building work before 7am and after 6pm and nobe allowed on Sundays and bank holidays. Every other council says that on their websites but I can’t find anything on my council. Thoughts please as Its getting a joke now with no piece and quite on any days.

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    Sorry to hear this Nick, what a nightmare!

    I don’t know what council you are under, but i found this article which states what powers the councils have when it comes to noise and construction sites.

    From what it says there i would get a complaint in writing fired off to the environmental health department of your council, make it official rather than just an enquiry to get the ball rolling quicker.

    Must admit we have a pub nearby being converted to a Tesco Express, and they were working, making all manner of noise from 8am last bank holiday monday just gone.

    From that document it seems each council will have its own set of standard rules, but also each construction site can have consent from the council to have those terms relaxed. Only when a complaint is received must the council investigation and review the noise conditions.

    Good luck

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    Here you go Nick, I know where you are coming from…. this is a streetview image of where i live taken a few years ago –

    And this is a recent satellite image of what it’s like now…… at least they’ve run out fields so can build no more….

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    Call the local planning department they should be able to tell you times etc, environmental health should also help. There should also be a clause in the contract outlining exactly when they can work and the maximum noise levels they can generate.

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    Looks and sound like bad news for both of you.

    A similar site is being built in our village, but luckily only 12 homes; and on a square plot of land with existing homes on three sides.

    If you go to your local council website, and search for Planning Applications; under ‘conditions’ (or similar) for the relevant Approval, there should be a statement such as:-

    “Demolition, clearance or construction work and deliveries to and from the site in connection with the development hereby approved shall only take place between the hours of 08.00 and 18.00hrs Monday to Friday and 08.00 and 13.00hrs on a Saturday. There shall be no demolition, clearance or construction work or deliveries to and from the site on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Reason – To preserve the amenities of the locality. This is in accordance with saved Local Plan Policy GD2.”

    If the site management is in breach of the Approval notice, then contact the Planning Department of the council.

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