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    Bren Mac

    I’ve been given a build date of week 30 (starts 26th July) by the main dealer.Does anybody know the approximate time scale from build date to delivery or does it depend on the manufacturer? Kind regards

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    what car have you orded?

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    Bren Mac

    Hello,I’ve got an Audi Q3 35 TFSI Black Edition S Tronic on order,kind regards

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    Did the dealer not advise an approximate timescale?

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    When did you order your car? I’m still waiting on a up to date delivery time too.

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    Bren Mac

    Hello,my order was placed on 24th April and I had an email from dealer on Friday confirming the build date but no time scale on delivery was given,kind regards

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    I do not know exact delivery with a build date but I ordered mid March with a end of July handover date.

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    Bren Mac, ask your dealer, he should know from experience how long it’s likely to take. My guess would be from a European manufacturer not more than about 3 weeks. That was the case for our cars in the past.

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    John Newton

    I would suspect longer wait times because of the semi conductor shortages

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    Bren Mac is asking how long it takes to get the car AFTER it’s built.

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    At the moment it is how long is a piece of string

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    These ships/car carriers carry around 5000 cars,and if not fully loaded stays in dock as not cost effective

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    Most of the vehicle carriers plying the Emden port to UK routes are smaller types. Unit numbers range from 778 to 1826.  The bigger carriers tend to go to the American and Asian ports.

    In normal times it’s approximately 4 to 5 weeks from factory to dealers for VAG built cars, but due to a 2 week backlog at Emden port, things are a little behind.

    From factory to port, usually 3 days to be accepted at port. 10 to 14 days awaiting a ship. 17 to 21 hours sea voyage to UK port. UK port to dealers, 7 to 12 days, and then 3 days for dealer PDI checks.

    If you ask the dealership for the 8 digit SLI/order number, you can ask Audi customer service for updates along the way. You can even follow the car on its sea voyage when the tell you what ship its on by going to

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    Just what i did from Vw out of factory to dealer 28 days exactly,that was in Feb 2021 Carrier had 4800 vehicles on board, had the name of carrier so could track all the way to Grimsby, but now will be, as Markymate says  a little longer

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    Bren Mac

    I had an email from the dealer today  informing me that my car build date has come forward 6 weeks from week 30 to week 24 (starts the 14th of June) and the car normally arrives about 4 weeks after being built.So fingers crossed that all goes well!

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but it’s my first post. I ordered a Q3 myself on the 5th Jan. The dealer has been telling me it’s going to an April delivery, then May, the June. I have an email stating it would be built the last week of May for a mid June delivery. Today I revived an email stating it would be an end of June build for an end of July/Mid August delivery. Can I cancel this agreement? The dealer has been terrible and I would have no update at all unless it was me chasing.

    I’m just disillusioned and no longer wish to go ahead with the car.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Hi cliffy, yes you should be able to contact the dealership to tell them you would like to cancel the order. Motability will then remove the application so you can start again 👍 Hope this helps

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