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    No I’m not looking for a matching Bucket to go with my water butt so I can out do Trev. Lol (But I am jealous of his garden).

    Im also very envious of Glosguy, who has just returned from seeing the Nothern Lights, which I’m told is one of the destinations or must do things on a lot of people’s Bucket list!

    This in turn got me thinking, with our modern technology’s/VR/the Web etc we can get to see and do so much from the comfort of the sofa. But like the Northern Lights surely some things are just a must to see or do in person.

    For me The Great Wall of China would be a must see, countless books/documentaries/ and recent drone footage all just leave me wanting to experience it for myself.

    whats yours ? Or have you done a Not to be missed! Must Do ?


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    Mine was swimming in the sea at formentera island off Ibiza with a beautiful woman the sea was crystal clear and warm in July and as we got to the white powder illitis beach we met Peter stringfellow it really was paradise ! Jill Dando said at the time on the holiday programme this had been voted the best beach in Europe it really is amazing

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    I’ve been on an 18-30’s holiday, surely everyone’s wanted to do that? lol

    Been to New York and stood on the top of the WTC just 3 weeks before it came down.

    Been on a cruise. Best port of call was visiting Rome and St Peters Square – would love to go back. Also Sardinia, beaches were breathtaking.

    In a couple of weeks time i’m going to be jumping out of a plane from 14,000ft.

    Have always wanted to go to Jerusalem, i’m not overly religious, more curious.

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    I don’t understand so many people have jumping out of a perfectly good plane on their list no just no. It will not be going on mine.

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    Glos Guy

    I was stood on top of the World Trade Centre 6 weeks before 9/11 Trev, but you had an even closer shave than me. I was also in London on 7/7 and could well have been on the exact tube where the first explosion happened at that precise time had the location of my meeting not changed the night before. Hope it’s not 3rd time unlucky!

    My bucket list includes India and the Far East, which I intend to do in a few years time when I retire.

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    Wow.. close shave for you in London then, couldn’t believe what i was watching on Tv at work when the towers came down – story was it was mine and the ex’s last day in NY and we hadn’t done the WTC and Empire state, only had time to do 1, so flipped a coin and WTC it was… an amazing experience looking down at the helicopters below, even braved the glass floor with the benches on. The whole complex was so vast, the shopping mall underneath, the subway under that…. i do need to go back one day to pay my respects….. we had an icecream at the ben and jerry stand there and spoke to the bloke who’s name was ziggy…. until i see the memorial with all the names on i’ll never know if he was an unfortunate victim of it all.

    On a brighter note, we we were staying in the pennsylvania hotel opposite madison square garden, the day the taxi came to collect us to take us to the airport we couldn’t move, the circus was on, and they were parading the elephants who were walking trunk to tail outside the hotel…. only in america lol

    Yes, i would like to visit india, vietnam as well, in truth if i won the lottery i would be off – love to experience different cultures – bet the northern lights were amazing btw.

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    Glos Guy

    Much like you, I was in New York (on business) and was keen to do the Empire State Building but was outnumbered by my colleagues who fancied the World Trade Centre. So glad I did it now. I have often thought of the lift attendants and staff that we spoke to there as I suspect that most are no longer with us. I am going back for the first time since 9/11 in September along with my wife (her first visit) and we shall be visiting the memorial.

    Yes the Northern Lights were fab. We were very lucky as an 800,000km long ‘gash’ in the sun spewed a vast solar wind towards Earth which ‘hit’ whilst we were there, so we had a good display on 3 of the 4 nights we were within the Arctic Circle. They are mostly white to the naked eye, with a slight green and sometimes red when most intense, but all the photos you see are massively exaggerated as the camera lens has a longer exposure than the human eye and shows them as almost luminous green.

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    Glos Guy

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    That’s one amazing photo Glos, you were very fortunate to be there at the right time, must have been an awesome experience.

    Yes we went in to both (well the 2 highest) roof on one, and the other tower to the restaurant, can’t remember it’s name but the flooring was staged at different level so no matter where you sat you had a fantastic view. Remember the lifts being very fast. Sadly my ex got custody of all the photos from our trip, and there was no social media or ‘cloud’ storage back then so have to rely on memories. My wife has never been, so will have to make the extra effort one day, though next year we are considering a med cruise, again something i have done, but not the wife.

    Please report back in September, would love to know your thoughts of returning to the wtc.

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