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    Hi Trev

    I have to say if It was me I would steer clear of companies like that.

    I found my laptop through HP renew which is a way HP sell some of their returns,  or refurbished units, at a lower price than normal, but still give their HP full warranty on the unit.

    Another company I have used is laptops direct, they also do AIO computers.

    I would also see if I could get one OS Free, so that I can install my own OS rather than having windows pushed onto me.

    I know that there is a piece of software that you can install on a chromebook, that will allow linux to be installed on it, that may be the way I will go when this HP laptop gives up the ghost.


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    Thanks for the info guys very interesting

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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    I’ve not used the company before, my chromebooks have all been purchased preowned by private sale. But that company gets mentioned a lot and is well reviewed.

    I mentioned this for Brydo as a couple of weeks back he mentioned he was looking at AIO’s, and he wanted the windows os.

    Personally for me i will be sticking to chromebooks and the chrome os, does everything i need so easily. The wife has a windows laptop, lenovo all in one thing, and it now confuses the hell out of me that i’m so used to chrome.

    It’s nice to be in position where i’ve had chromebooks for a couple of years now, and haven’t had the need to even think about upgrading, they are just as fast as the day i got them, never been any noise. They just keep doing what i ask of them.

    To be fair the missus’ laptop has a ssd, so starts quicker than laptop’s i’ve had previously, but you still hear fan noise, and the need to keep an eye on malware, anti-virus, etc

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    Hi Trev

    I guess that Chrome OS is similar to Android, as they are both designed by Google. I also wonder if Chrome OS is virus free and you do not need software to keep it that way.

    When my HP laptop broke one of it’s hinges, I did wonder if I should get it repaired, or look at another laptop depending on repair price. I was looking at an Asus Chromebook at around £200, but I did get a local IT company to repair this HP laptop for less than £80.00 so I was happy with that.

    If at any time in the future this HP gives up, then I may look at Chromebook, as long as I can use it to access the internet and do some office work on it, and view some clean videos and my sd cards from my cctv and dashcam, thats all I need it for.


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    Yes it can similar to android, especially with the touchscreen chromebooks. The chromebooks i have 1 is touchscreen, the other not – but both have the play store so i can download and use the android apps on them. No software to keep them virus free, it’s all built in and gets regular updates. It downloads in the background and when ready a symbol appears asking you to restart which takes less than a minute.

    I can view my dashcam footage no problem, either by sd card or connecting the dashcam itself via cable.

    I had cctv myself at our old place, but that was not the new ip cctv’s, i had a dvr with a hard drive but was also wireless so could view it on my mobile and my chromebook, so imagine you could do the same with the ip ones if that’s what you have.

    My chromebooks as i say were purchased 2nd hand, there are a lot out there as people buy them thinking they are laptops, and they are not, they work differently so end up selling them on as good as new for a fraction of the selling price. If anyone asked me about going from a laptop to a chromebook, i would advise them to buy 2nd hand, that way if they don’t get on with it they can sell on with minimal loss.

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