Britains Diesel Scandal on Tv

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    Dispatches tonight channel 4 8pm

    it may interest some, it seems it may focus on lorries but never the less another blow for Diesels. Or maybe they will defend it, most Dispatches documentaries are interesting and informative so hopefully this will be too.


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    Cheers JS, just added it to record, looks like it’s concentrating on hauliers using cheat devices and computer hacking to disable vehicle emission controls….. interesting for sure.

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    Hi Everyone

    Did anyone watch this programme last night, and if so was it worth watching, and what information if any did it impart?


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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    I have it recorded and will watch it this afternoon… will report back.

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    If you want to beat / join me lightbodyae55, you can watch it here

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    I missed the first 10 minutes but was mainly on lorries overriding the adblue system in various ways, interesting and worth watching although they crammed a lot of info into a short program, with vehicles kicking out upto 10 times there reported pollutants and no short term fix, we may see our cities looking more like China and everyone wearing masks (I think I would if I lived in a big city)

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    Although the programme was about the cheating of the adblue, it certainly didn’t do enough to show just how much adblue reduces the harmful nox gases, instead showing just how harmful diesel is that it is killing 23,000 in britain each year. At no point did i feel they showed just how good adblue is at reducing these harmful gases, the fear factor was very prominent throughout the programme using an old person to show how the effect of nox gases was affecting her, and a mother on how it is affecting her 2 children.

    Next week is one for Brydo questioning just how green, our green energy supply is.

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