Bristol wants to ban diesel cars

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    I do find this worrying, not because I go to Bristol much, but it could be the thin edge of the wedge and another nail in the coffin for diesel engines.I have no doubt if Bristol does this then other places will follow suit. We have had diesels for several years on the scheme, and are seriously considering the diesel Tiguan Allspace as our next car, but this has put me off a bit.

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    I wouldn’t worry too much just now, as it won’t pass till 2021. It’s not a complete ban.

    The irony is that they are happy for petrol to get through, but not diesel. Petrol is far worse for co2 then diesel.

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    Charles G

    Diesel does produce less CO2 than petrol, the problem is that it produces a lot of other waste that is more harmful making them worse overall. The focus on CO2 only was a result of lobbying from (mainly German) car manufacturers as it was easier to produce diesel cars than to bother to do any real research to tackle the unsolvable problem of pollution caused by combustion engines.

    I think diesel will still be around for a while yet but it’s days are numbered in the types of vehicle that don’t really benefit from a diesel engine.  Not sure how a ban makes sense though, might as well just let the market dictate it and car sales already show it is happening.

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    I live in Bristol and love the fact that the Labour council and mayor are now going to punish their voters who under the last Labour government were told to get diesels to help cut CO2 and global warming.

    It’s only fair that Labour voters pay for there mistakes but for myself I stopped going into town 5 or 6 years ago because using Amazon and E-Bay for everything is just so much more easier and I don’t even have to pay for parking with my Blue Badge so can’t think what those that do think about it.

    Anyway lots of new charity shops opening in the down town shanty town shopping centres now where all the big names used to be but it’s unfortunate for those who have to work in town but who knows we might see a government one day making it worthwhile to go to work.

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    The whole thing about diesels being worse is rubbish.

    When the government started their anti diesel campaign many many scientists and experts spouted up and totally dispelled the data they where basing it on.

    Even in the US they have large diesel pickup trucks with dual cats producing little more than water vapour.

    The figures go awry when they base pollution levels on quantities produced per litre of fuel burned.

    This process is biased towards petrol as diesels tend to to travel a lot further on that litre of fuel thus use less. It should be pollution per mile travelled for an accurate result.

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    The new Euro6.2 spec diesel engines give out way less co2 and particulates than petrol cars, their argument is based on out of date information but they never admit this and think we’re all stupid and unable to read.

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    A better compromise would be to ban older non Euro 6 diesels, but allow newer diesels into town.

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    It’s a purely political decision in Bristol, to satisfy the beads and sandels brigade.  I strongly suspect it won’t happen.

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    I also heard they are going to do the same thing in most cities across the UK. Birmingham Manchester Leeds etc

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    If one does it, they all will.

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