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    Dave G

    My goodness stay right AWAY from Europcar guys. My vehicle required further investigating and fixing so the dealership requested a hire vehicle to get in contact and book myself in. Great service from RAC with in an instant I receive the call to book the hire vehicle. 10/10.

    So I receive my hire vehicle from Europcar (terrible vehicle) with a delay on the same day. The guy who delivered it was being honest that the fuel tank was used in terms of delivery fuelage by a pound or two short, I didn’t mind. So after a week my actual vehicle is finally repaired and handed over back to me so I called Europcar last Friday and said you can take your vehicle back incase you guys may need it to meet customer demand and I have got my own car now, to which they said the rental agreement does not end till the following monday but we’ll collect it the next day if so for 8am (Saturday). First, they didn’t even bother turning up on the alloted time to which I had to wait around wasting 4 hours of my time. They finally take the vehicle bearing in mind it is all filled up and ready. Now today I just casually check my bank acc to which astonishgly they’ve taken £50.00 out!! Rung them up and the lady turned around and said I used 30 litres of fuel, my god the lies that came out of their mouths. I said I have the receipt, which states the time/date on the fuel receipt and perhaps they should have a word with the person who collected the vehicle!! She now said she will look into this but it is absolutely APPALLING to be branding the customer a liar!

    It’s getting to a certain time and age now where we must take pictures of everything we do and record any conversations to not be branded as a liar! I should’ve not let them collect it early, guess sometimes a good act can back fire.

    How do I take this further if she calls back saying I am at fault?? When clearly I filled the vehicle up to the very top and I also have the receipt, I even washed the vehicle for them. How rude of them! Absolute frauds.

    Anyone else experience horror story of vehicle hires?

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    That is a shocking story Dave G.

    In this day and age these hire companies will milk the customer for every penny they can. Very shady practises by some in my personal experience. My Daughter was moving back home from living in York. So we hired a box van for her belongings to bring them home. The van was brand new Renault. We hired the van from Saturday morning to Monday Morning.

    On returning the van, we stopped at a garage 300 metres from the hire premises, and Brimmed the tank with fuel. When hand the van back they walked around it with me and marked no faults of the return paper work. He checked the fuel gauge which shown full. I told him we filled up just down the road and he noted that and asked if he could photo copy the receipt.

    Come Tuesday morning and checking bank account £50.00 had be taken by the hire company. I called in and asked why they had took the money from my account. Yes you guessed it ” I had not filled up the fuel tank to full” they had to add £25.00 worth of fuel. I stood there and said no way. and asked to see the return document. Missing was the copy of the receipt for fuel the guy copied, and full was scribbled over and £25.00 to fill added.

    Lucky for me the guy who did the hand over walked in. I asked him did he take a copy of my receipt and was the fuel full. He said yes it was full and yes he had attached receipt to return form.

    I said to the lady you will refund my money now please. She did so with out an other word.

    In future record every detail you can.

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    I have mixed reviews about them.. they couldn’t get a car, ok that’s understandable, but when the car arrived 2days later it was filthy, paperwork said it was clean.

    After going back and forth they took the car back after a few days but in that time all the damage I noticed on the car i reported to head office just incase they tried it, head office said I don’t have to fill it back up due to inconvenience, result as I’d finished the tank of petrol

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    We had a Motability Europcar hire a couple of years ago, car delivered on time, tank just under full, but depot 25 miles away, so no drama. Used it for 3 days, filled it up, they collected when they said they would, never heard another word.


    But yes, car hire firms can be a nightmare. Europcar said No Dogs under any circumstances! Which is an issue when your wife has a guide dog…actually, its not an issue, its illegal. But still they insist.


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    I get why they refuse dogs, my daughter is severely allergic to dog hair

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    but exceptions should be made

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    Dave G

    @Joss, Goodness me not you aswell, atleast it turned out to be a positive response, i’m still awaiting mine. I’ve also just found another receipt of mine which I full tanked it let’s see what they have to say about that on Monday!

    , yes even the scratches and as little as dust marks they blame anything on you. Motability need to part ways with these frauds! When I used to use Enterprise, i’d never had a problem with them with Motability, 10/10 service. Europcar need to seriously restructure themselves.

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    @Dave G

    Back in 2009 my first Motability car was rear ended and the stand in car was delivered by, what I could make of it, a company called “Rent-a-Wreck” who delivered a car that had just come out of a body shop because the engine compartment was covered in body filler dust, that, or it was cocaine.😁

    I complained to Motability about the state of the car who in turn must have told the renting company because the cheeky so and so who collected the car made a remark along the lines of “at least you don’t have to worry about scrapes, dents and scratches to the body work with a car like this” but yes you do need to worry because had I not complained no doubts the finger would have been pointing my way.😢

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    Don’t know about no dogs. We had a Europcar vehicle last year that stank of dog. They replaced it with another that stank of cigarette smoke. Neither had been valeted. They didn’t have anything else suitable so I drenched the second one with Febreze overnight – that helped!

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    Dave G

    @ChrisK, wow how rude and unprofessional. Thr cheek of some of these hire companies but something like yours being rear ended is crazy! We should get an option to choose and hire vehicles are just horrible cars that have problems as if we don’t have problems of our own vehicle to deal with!

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    Dave G

    So I ring Europcar, the lady I dealt with decided to huff and puff when she knew I was on the phone and told her about a full tank receipt I also had and thr fact that I also washed the vehicle and I had the person’s number who collected the vehicle. She turned around and huffed and puffed again and decided to end the case to as “I shall ring Europcar to authorise the refund that was taken out of your acc within the next 2-3 days”. No words to be said there.

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    Well Dave you know the hardest word to say is sorry.😁

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    I thought “flockynockynihilipilification” was the hardest word 😁

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    Lou lou

    Iv had this a few times and the only way to get the money back is photographic evidance was fuming they took over 100 out of my account but I had taken pictures of the whole outside and the dash so there was my proof as I had the car cleaned as was filthy also been charged for damage what was there from the start which I had picture evidnave

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    Dave G

    @Lou Lou, sorry to hear that, sadly I didn’t take any pictures of the vehicle or the dashboard to which I should of. Luckily my mrs told me to keep hold of the fuel receipts for another purpose we were attending but thank goodness I did! As mentioned before, there is no more trust left in the 21st century especially when we’re bombarded with technological advancements to which we now must watch our own backs! Definitely won’t be going through Europcar ever again!

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    Lou lou

    @dave g

    Its not the first time its happend to me and I doubt it will be the last the first time they got away with it as I had no proof but I was told to take photographs and keep them until they take it completely off hire.

    They get away with so much did they refund you

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    Dave G

    Lou lou, they finally did mate. You should’ve heard their reaction when I mentioned that I have proof. They just easily gave up and decided to refund it.

    After all that hassle, what I don’t understand is why they can’t keep tabs on their employees who pick/collect/deliver their vehicles. I mean they must’ve taken the extra two days hire payment off Motability. I wasn’t having it!

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    Lou lou

    @dave g

    I totally understand what u mean most people don’t check bank statements and stuff so wouldn’t be none the wiser

    Glad to hear u got the money back the stole absolute idiots they are

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