Brace yourself – incoming.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Friday sees the National Audit Office (NAO) publish its report into Motability Operations.

    There has been some reports in the press relating bonuses paid to directors. I am not going to post any links. Sorry.

    Expect TV and Print to take up the story.

    Heavy sigh.

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    Honestly I don’t care that a charity makes money, but when government dept make a profit like ATOS, who take any investment in IT and infrastructure,out of there expenses first  before tax. I feel that is wrong.

    Im genuinely sorry about your friend Rapster and I do hope he appealed.

    Ive only dealt with pip one and goy the higher rate on both straight away. But as you say others who you see worse or as bad as yourself get rejected by a dental nurse.

    At least I got a paramedic, but it’s all pot luck as to how smoothly it goes.

    As said I’m lust about to join the scheme for the first time and I’m hoping if to be first class, although they wouldn’t intervene with Honda uk, when I lost my cr-v months ago?

    And I still received no answers or help from motability.

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    Phil, I met someone who was assessed by an acupuncturist once. ?

    (No offence to acupuncturists intended or implied.)

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    @Oscarmax – “…Mobility Operations (who is a profit making company solely for the benefit of 4 Major banks and shareholder)” – that’s not quite true mate: all of the profit is not taken by the 4 banks.

    Let me explain…

    The four partner banks that own Motability Operations receive a return of almost £700,000 each (from owning nearly £10 million worth of preferential shares which pay out a dividend of 7% per year), plus management fees and interest. The management fees are £150,000 per bank per year and the interest they earn (1.2% in 2017) is on the money they loan to Motability Operations, which amounts to about £400 million as of September.

    Let’s do some math (as I understand it)!

    £700,000 dividend + £600,000 (£150,000*4) management fees + £4,800,000 interest (calculated at 2017’s 1.2%) = £6,100,000 per year goes to the partner banks.

    Okay, that’s a lot of money for generally not doing all that much but it is far from all the profit generated by Motability Operations as you thought.

    There is another fly in the ointment for your statement; they (the 4 banks that own Motability Operations) are not allowed to remove any profit and neither is Motability Operations allowed to pay out any dividend from the profits generated by them. The profit, or more accurately, the reserves generated have to be used by operating at a loss or paid out via donations.

    “Motability [the charity] states that “any amounts [surpluses] not required are transferred
    to Motability or to the Motability Tenth Anniversary Trust”.”

    All this is in the ‘The Motability Scheme’ – First Joint Report of the Work and Pensions and Treasury Committees report which was published on 21st May 2018.

    As for who you thought you signed your agreement with, all I can say is that you should read what you’re signing before you sign it…as you’ll find that your agreement was actually signed with Motability Operations and not with the charity Motability. It is very clear who purchases the vehicle (Motability Operations) and who it is leased to (you) on the agreement document you sign at time of ordering and start of lease.

    It’s not as cloak and dagger as you think. ?

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    Sounds like that guy who got assessment by an acupuncturists copped the needle. ?

    Shouldn’t laugh really as I’ve been through the mangle myself and it ain’t funny. ?

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    Phil, ATOS is a private company that has been employed by the DWP to carry out health assessments. They are not a government department.

    You are right though, they do fund investment in IT and infrastructure before tax is applied but they will also set some of the profit aside for future investment into these areas as well. Call it saving up for big upgrades, if you will.

    I understand your resentment at them making a profit, especially when it’s linked to some of the practices they have allegedly been accused of, but a private company still has a right and need to make a profit to remain a viable business. I really, really do understand why it makes you angry though, Phil.

    As for my mate…yeah, he got what he deserved (both enhanced components, like you) after I wrote to the DM (Decision Maker – no, not the Daily Mail ?) on his behalf during the Mandatory Reconsideration period asking them to reconsider before we went to Tribunal and they agreed that he should’ve been put on the highest awards. All done in the end but he was stressed as anything (he’s a worrier anyway) for the whole episode which caused his MS to flare up.

    Yeah, I remember your CR-V woes… Dunno mate. Maybe because the contract hadn’t gone through at their end yet, dunno. They once offered to help me reject a car on pick-up day once though. I was assured it would have an electronic handbrake when I ordered and when I turned up on pick-up day, there was a manual lever instead. I phoned Motability up to ask for advice and to the dealer reps dismay they sided with me and said I could reject the car. I took it in the end as my shoulder wasn’t as bad as today but it was a close one. lol

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    “Sounds like that guy who got assessment by an acupuncturists copped the needle.”

    Hee hee…@ChrisK  ?

    I said to him, the least she could’ve done is cured your Erectile Dysfunction to which he replied by way of causing me pain… ?



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    Sorry Rapster I still trying to get my head around this and don’t fully understand what you have stated but thanks for trying to explaining

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I have to make an apology I have suffered a brain injury and do try to read them and become confused and get things very wrong, sometime my post are made out of confusion and frustration for this I apologise.

    On the 8th December post 67037 I made some comments regarding some remarks I made about Mobility and Mobility Operations my remarks are inappropriate and would like to ask the moderators to remove my post.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    As you wish @oscarmax i have removed your post.

    We had no problem with your opinion at all, and please don’t feel the need to explain yourself. When i first joined the forum, i got in to a debate and said things – but when reading them back wish i hadn’t – the mods kindly removed my posts at my request – it happens to us all at some point.

    Please remember you can contact us via email if at anytime you want to discuss something with us away from the forum. We’re always glad to help where we can.

    I’m keen to know if any changes to the scheme will be implemented in Q1 next year, if there are we normally catch wind of them around this time.

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    Thankyou Trev I have sent email to enquires.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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