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    Daniel Coombes

    Anybody on here opted for an EV and rather than having a home charger gone for the BP Pulse? If so how does it work do you still have to pay anything or do motabilty  cover the whole cost of charging?

    any help from someone who’s had experience in this area would be amazing

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    Yes, I’ve gone EV and can’t have a home charger.

    BP Pulse should contact you to discuss once you place your order.  If you can’t have a home charger, they will give you a code, that when entered in the BP Pulse sign up, gives you 3 years subscription to their network.

    This enables you to use any of their chargers at a reduced rate:
    AC Chargers 12p kWh (Although, many of these are free, like the Tesco ones)
    DC Fast (up to 50kWh) 15p kWh
    DC Ultra (up to 150kWh) 27p kWh

    The app shows you the prices, and you sign up to direct debit for monthly payments.

    It’s not a bad offer to be honest, I originally planned to charge at the girlfriends on a granny charger, but her electricity is just under 17p kWh, on a BP Fast, I can charge the Kona (64kWh) from 20-80% in an hour or so.

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    tina ribena

    so i have  an ev off motability and am finding bp to be very unhelpful motability operations told me to emal them for the code  as i was mistakenly put down for the home charger but so far all ive got off them is the run around and no code so am using pod point

    any advice on who i need to contact to get things sorted greatfully recieved


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    Fill in the complaint for on Motability website, once you get thru to them things get sorted. It was them who allowed me to source my own charger (hypervolt) & they’d pay

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